A/N: this is a poem I wrote in Edward's POV. He is talking about Bella after the first time he meets her in chapter 1: First Sight of Twilight. It is a sonnet. I own this poem not Twilight. Stephenie Meyer is the legal owner of twilight. I would appreciate it if anyone wants to use my poems that they ask me first so I can give you permission and I get the credit for them since they are mine. Thanks!

Emeralda violeta

New Girl

The new girl, Bella, torments me so

Her mind is silent, how it frustrates me

This little human, as fragile as a doe

What she thinks of us, I can't even see.

Chocolate brown eyes so bright and expressive

So pale and delicate she seems fragile

The way she holds her own is impressive

Shy and quiet, that is clearly her style.

Blood in her veins is like a drug to me

Her scent alone drives me out of my mind

A demon from my hell to ruin me

But I won't kill like others of my kind.

She makes me want her more than others

I hate her, the good in me she smothers