The final Instalment to 'why?', released EXACTLY a year after its first installment.

In fact - this was the first fanfiction I ever wrote, so i hope you like it.

This is a nice, short and sweet finish, so please enjoy, and review.


This will be my final resting place…

Through the darkness I could hear the cries of the wronged, all of them, calling out to me, to be changed...

Made right.

But I couldn't do it – how could I?

I was pathetic, I had failed...

I had allowed the dark to consume me, and now I couldn't even breathe, I was being suffocated so much.

Being smothered by the hate that I had dished out to the others...

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

I could hear the whisper throughout the whole of the woods, each time getting louder and louder, until all I could do was sob out the words, anything to get the pain in my heart to stop.

I'm sorry...

And then, when the feelings were about to reach their peak – when I could almost feel them destroying me, they stopped.

I felt warmth, driving out the coldness that was consuming my soul, blocking out the pain.

A strong pair of arms wrapped around me, keeping out the agonising thoughts that kept trying to consume me.

But I knew that he too would hate me if he knew what I had done – just like everyone else does...

"I'm sorry..."

"I know, my dear Akito..." The deep baritone voice spoke into my ear, its calmness soothing me as I relaxed slightly.

"I-I didn't mean to... I just... wanted it to stop..."

"The pain..." He finished, moving to my side, crouching, before facing me, letting my dark eyes see into his beautiful brown ones.

I wanted to turn away, to make sure that he wouldn't see the taint that was in my very being, but he wouldn't allow it.

He wanted to see all of me.

To know everything about me.

He was the first to ever want that.

To want to know me.

I sat there, in his arms, thinking, deep down...

And praying.

I didn't need them all... not really...

No one could have everything.

There will always be something out of my grasp...

But maybe I can cope with that.

I don't need them, not now.

If they come back, then I'll accept them, but I won't force them to do what they never want to.

It would only hurt me further...

As long as I am in these strong, safe arms, protected from the world freely...

As long as he stays with me of his own free will.

As long as he wants me for who I am, rather than because I force him to.

Then I can cope without the love and adoration of the others.

I can cope without the bond.

I can release them from the curse that has consumed us all.

As long as he's with me...

"I always have been - you just never realised it..." He whispered, and I could feel something within me feel lighter, happier than it had ever been in my life.

Because for the first time, I was wanted.

And that was what had always mattered to me the most.

To love, and be loved in return.

Despite what I did to them all.