This is my second fanfic and first crossover: X-Men: Evolution and NCIS.

For those of you who haven't heard of NCIS, it stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service, in other words, CSI for the Navy.

This is set after the Season 4 finale of X-Men: Evolution and after the episode of NCIS called 'Chimera' (Season 5 Episode 6). I own neither NCIS nor X-Men, an extremely disappointing truth. I do, however, own my OC's so there is an upside.

The mutant seemed terrified, that was good. These things were scum of the Earth, something we could do without. It rounded a corner and the Marine followed. He smiled, the mutant was trapped at the end of an alley, and pulled a gun from its holster and pointed it at the mutant. There was a loud bang but the bullet stopped in mid air. It spun around and flew straight at the Marine's head. The girl screamed. She ran out of the alley and down the street.


Another day at the Xavier Institute began: Alia yelling at Kurt for taking her notebook filled with stories that she was hoping to get published. Kurt, instead of teleporting his blue, fuzzy self to another part of the mansion, was trapped in a bank of solid, immovable air. Alia grinned at Kurt in her cheesy, freckled way and grabbed the stories. It was rather a lot of fun being a mutant now, yes, people were still protesting about them and yes, they couldn't go to school without having abuse shouted at them, not that that prevented them from going, but there were some good points: Magneto had joined as an instructor after the victory against Apocalypse and everyone was starting to settle down. Having said that, the six new recruits, particularly Laura, could be a little temperamental and it did take a lot more than just seven instructors to keep everyone in check, especially with jokers like Kurt and Bobby around, even they did lighten up the mood just a little bit.


Tony tossed another peanut into the air and caught it, grinning, in his mouth. Ziva shook her head at him and hit her computer screen again.

"C'mon, Ziva, I've told you a hundred times that attempting to assassinate your computer never works!" McGee said.

"Did you remember Gibbs' coffee?" Clare asked.

McGee's mouth formed a perfect 'O'.

"You're doomed, Probilicious!" Tony called.

"Thanks, Tony," McGee said.

"Speaking of Gibbs..." Ziva whispered.

There was a flurry of movement as the team scrambled for case files to make it seem as though they had been working.

"Coffee." Gibbs said by way of a question, picking up his phone.

"McGee was on the coffee run, boss."

Gibbs looked up. "I asked you to get it, DiNozzo. Gear up: dead Marine in New York. Apparently it's a suicide."

The four agents rummaged in their desks, collecting their guns and ID's. Clare grinned at Tony.

"You're doomed, Sex Machine."

Tony glared at her. "I told Kate not to call me that, what makes you any different?" he hissed.

"Sex Machine?" Ziva asked curiously.

"His college nickname," Clare said, ignoring Tony.

Ziva smiled evilly at him.

And that's the first part! I've introduced the NCIS team and some of the X-Men. Clare and Alia are OC's of mine, as is another mutant that I'll introduce in the next chapter, although you might know her if you've read my first fanfic. This will probably be my only NCIS fanfic since it's difficult to make interesting crimes... I CAN'T COMPETE WITH THE WRITERS AT BELLISARIUS!