Sorry! It pisses me off too when authors do this but I have an extremely good reason for posting this! It's really the only way to tell everyone this without resorting to putting it into the summary, and since there's a 255 character limit on that damn thing, I can't go into any detail whatsoever, 'cause, seriously, people, how else are us authors gonna get your attention anyway?!

Basically, my news is that my dad still has my old hard drive with all the drafts for XCIS, Secrets & Surprises and A Midsummer Night's Daydream, among other things. He has to take it to this shop to get all the files and stuff taken off it but, being my dad, he's forgotten... Again. This mean I can't update this, or most of my other stories, for a while. I haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth, though, I've just been busy studying for my Int2 prelims and exams (prelims are over, though, the exams are in May) and the little plot bunny that told me to write Mississippi Blues and The Beach Chronicles went on strike because I wouldn't double his wages (but since he was paid nothing in the first place it was kinda redundant to double 'nothing'. Here's a challenge: try to explain to a plot bunny with the emotional maturity of a two-year-old that nothing times nothing equals nothing so there's no point in doubling nothing (aka his wages). Honestly, explaining basic maths to the little bugger's like explaining to Gibbs that head-slapping kills brain cells and he should, therefore, stop doing it, or to Logan that violence doesn't solve anything (except crossword puzzles where the last word has the clue: 8 letters, another word for anger and destruction). It's a complete waste of breath... Oh, I got side tracked :)

Yeah, so, anyhoo...
Mississippi Blues will be updated soonish
I am emailing my dad now to tell him to "get a bloody move on"
And I've got an idea for a sequel to this which will, hopefully, be so much better!

Again, just to clarify:
I am not dead, merely trying to get some things sorted out

See y'all soon! :D