We all miss you, too. And you'll be home. Soon. I just know it. I've put up your pictures in the lab and started keeping track of the days you guys have been gone. I know Gibbs has seen it, but he hasn't said anything. I'm working on him. He won't let this go on much longer. I just know he won't. The temporary Gibbslings are still driving him crazy. Even after months he still doesn't have them trained. Not that he has you trained.

Have you heard from Ziva?



You Abs-olute Doll,

You've made, week, year, life. You pick it, you made it. Cannot tell you how much I needed that care package. I'm still homesick, possibly more so, but I can face it with a big smile, again.

The bomb squad wants me to be sure to tell you that they read your message loud and clear and to assure you that all 12 X-Rated "Butts and Boobs" cupcakes are all untouched and accounted for. You always did know how to cheer me up. Do I want to know why they stressed I had to tell you that?

While the accompanying phallic lollipops are really not my thing, their presence has oddly made my asshat roommates (I'll call them "Horatio" and "Grover") decide to spend as little time in our quarters as possible, giving me almost private quarters, so they may be the best gift yet.

Yours in an I'm-not-done-but-out-of-space-so-you'll-have-to-bear-with-card-number-two sort of way,


You didn't think I'd let a postcard go by without mentioning the weather did you?

Abbracadabby, (Postcard, Take Two)

I promise I will take good care of Screaming Superfly Pig until I can hand him back to you personally. You're right, I do need him more than you or Bert. And keeping him out of Gibbs' sight (and hearing range) does sound like it's probably a good move.

I'm sure you know nothing about this, but thought you might enjoy the story. It seems that someone has hacked into the onboard speaker system and it now pipes The Village People's "In the Navy" every hour on the 13 minute mark. Somehow Cyber Crimes has been unable to stop it, and unable to track the culprit. It's driving everyone completely bonkers and crime aboard the ship seems to have tripled since it started, but it keeps me busy and makes the time go faster. I may just complete this assignment yet.

Yours in a completely-and-utterly-awed-and-forever-grateful sort of way,


Wish you were here. "In the Navy" is playing again and you'd get a kick out of the complete and utter havoc it's creating. (See weather comment on postcard#1)

Oh, and no, I haven't heard from Ziva. Should I be worried?

Dear Tony,

Two cards from you in one day? How does a girl get so lucky?! Oh right. Bribery! I'm glad you liked the care package. You sounded so down, I was worried about you! There won't be need for any more of that. (But if there is, let me know and I'll work my magic. {{Spiritual Hug}} )

About Ziva, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Tim just said he hadn't gotten email from her this week, but he figures she's out on assignment or something.

You don't want to know anything about the bomb squad. Plausible deniability is good. Not that there's anything to deny.




Afraid I have to keep this short. Seems there's always someone looking over my shoulder these days. Literally. Like right now while I'm writing, there is someone (hi "Grover") reading this. Careful what you reply, I think they're reading those, too. Much as I hate to think it, it might be better if you don't write for a while. I know you'll keep sending me those psychic vibes.

Much love in a deep-steamy-passionate-erotic-enjoying-this-"Grover"?-I-knew-you-would-you-perv sort of way,


Weather's here. Wish I was nice. But not really. Nice is boring.


Better for who? If you think I'm going to leave you out there all alone (except for Screaming Superfly Pig; he's okay, right?) you better think again, Mister.

Not that it matters because I swear if Gibbs doesn't do something soon, I'm giving him an ultimatum. You have to come home. It's been almost a 3rd of year and that's just not right. I can't believe he hasn't done something. I mean, he's Gibbs, right?

Stubbornly yours,



I REALLY REally miss you.



Dear Abby,

Seems like your ultimatum must have worked. By the time you get this, I'll be home.

Thanks for trying to keep me sane all these months.

Love in a complete-and-totally-unabashed sort of way,


Who cares about the weather? I'm coming HOME!

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