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As Detective Nikki Beaumont came back to consciousness she rolled her stiff shoulders, she'd been tasered before and didn't like it any more the second time around. Of course the first time was during training and the taser had been set on a much lower setting. Cursing her current predicament she took stock of her situation, her arms were cuffed behind the chair she was sitting in and she had a cloth tied around her head so that all she could see was black. She could feel the dampness in the air and smell the mildew, she assumed she was in a still abandoned Katrina house. With that information she determined screaming wouldn't do her much good.

After a few seconds of coming to she could hear footsteps coming toward her, "I don't know what you are planning..."

"Don't worry Detective," a male voice cut her off. "I've already called daddy. You'll be out of here in no time."

"Money?" Nikki asked in disbelief. "The fact that I'm a police officer didn't deter you?"

Nikki could feel the man's breath on her face. "The money is just the icing on the cake," he whispered in her ear, making her shiver as she took in what that threat could mean. Then she heard him walking away and a door closing so she assumed she was once again alone.

It felt like hours before Nikki heard someone enter the house again, this time the footsteps were many and frantic. Suddenly the blindfold was taken from her face and she looked up into her father's smiling eyes. "Thank God," he sighed as he threw his arms around her.

"What happened?" she asked as her lieutenant moved behind her to remove the cuffs. "Did you catch the guy?" She glanced around the room as she stood, "where's Nora?"

Dan glared at Beaumont before looking at Nikki, "she delivered the money."

"So where is she then?" Nikki asked as concern started to sink in.

"We don't know." Dan admitted reluctantly.

"You didn't track the drop?" Nikki asked in an accusatory tone.

The Lieutenant didn't take offense to Nikki's question, he instead turned his attention to her father again, "we didn't know until it was done."

Nikki easily picked up on the anger that was directed at her father although she tried to keep it out of her voice. "Daddy?"

Arthur Beaumont reached out and took his daughter's hands. "I got a call this morning asking for two million. The man on the phone said to call no one except Detective Delaney and that she was to drop off the money."

Nikki pulled away in frustration. "And you just let her?"

"What was I supposed to do?"

"Nora should have known better," Dan said through gritted teeth.

Nikki couldn't argue, although she also knew she would have done the same if the situation were reversed. Wanting to rein in her emotions Nikki tried to focus on what had happened to her and not what could be happening to her partner. As she tried to focus on her captor her mind went directly to the one thing he said to her. "Oh my God," she exclaimed.

"What?" Dan asked, slightly startled by the outburst.

"He said the money was just the icing."

"What?" Dan queried as his concern turned to confusion.

"I commented that it wasn't smart to kidnap a cop for ransom, no matter who my father was, and he said the money was just the icing on the cake. I thought he meant something else." Nikki looked at Dan as he began to understand. "This was never about me."

"It was about Nora." Dan agreed hesitantly. "Dammit why did she go alone on this."

"I'm her partner, she would've done the same thing when you were her partner." Nikki knew it went deeper than that for them but that didn't make the statement less true.

"That and she's more stubborn than a mule." The Lieutenant added.

Nikki couldn't help but smile, "that she is," she said as the tears filled her eyes.

"I'm sorry Nikki."

"It's not your fault Councilman. Your concern was for your daughter, it was Detective Delaney who should have known better."

"Dan," Nikki exclaimed. "Now is not the time." She couldn't believe Dan was playing politics with Nora's life at risk. When he turned to her she calmed her tone, "sorry Lieutenant." Trying to compose herself she took a deep breath and ran her hands through her hair, she was having a hard time separating the worried partner from the frantic lover. "But shouldn't we head to the station to pull Nora's old files, find out who has a grudge."

"I understand that you are upset. We will find her," Dan said with conviction. "Before you go to the station I think you should get checked out."

"Yes Nikki, maybe I should take you to the hospital."

"I'm fine, he didn't hurt me. I just want to find Nora." Nikki said with the same conviction in her voice.

Nora groaned as she came back to consciousness, she'd been tasered before damn Bobby and his NCAA bracket bets. Why her brothers couldn't just make monetary bets she couldn't understand, although she did once make Bobby ride up and down the street in front of the station side saddle so she guessed the taser was his retaliation.

Nora rolled her shoulders and her neck then tried to move but soon realized her arms were cuffed behind the chair and her legs were taped to the chair legs. She lifted her head and glanced around the empty warehouse not sure if she was relieved that Nikki wasn't there.

Since she seemed to be alone Nora tried to test the strength of the chair, if she could fall backwards the chair may break although she could break her arm in the process. May be worth the risk, she thought to herself. Before she could marshall up the energy to make her attempt she heard the door open and watched as a man entered.

A shiver of fear skittered down her spine at the fact that she was allowed to see his face, he wasn't expecting her to leave here alive. Determined to deny him she studied his face as he approached, "William Landry?"

"Nice to see you remember me Detective."

"Where's Detective Beaumont?"

"I kept up my end. You brought the money I told her daddy where to find her."

"I'm supposed to believe you let her go."

"I don't care what you believe," Landry said as his fist connected with the side Nora's face. "I want my money."

Nora looked up at him in confusion. "I brought your money."

"You stole two hundred thousand from me when you arrested me. I want it back." He emphasized his point with another punch to the face.

Nora shook her head, her tongue licking the blood from the side of her mouth, "I brought you two million from Beaumont and you are going to this trouble for another two hundred thousand?"

Landry leaned in, his face inches from Nora's, his hand resting on the back of the chair. "It's the principle of the thing," he said as his fist connected with her stomach.

Nora took several short breaths. "I didn't take any money," she gasped.

Landry straightened up, "well somebody did and since you're here I'm getting it from you. One way or another." When Nora glanced up at him he pulled his fist back and punched her with enough force to make her again lose consciousness.

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