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Summary: Buffy and the Buffybot have a short heart to uh, wires...?

A Gift From the Other Buffy

"Can I get a minute alone with... it?" asked Buffy.

Willow gave Buffy a questioning look but nodded and left the training room.

Buffy pushed a button and watched as the machine came to life before her eyes.

"Hi, I'm Buffy!" she exclaimed.

"No, I'm Buffy. You're..." Technically it does need a name... or something it can respond to anyway. "You're Buffybot"

"But, why?"

"Cos I'm Buffy and things will just get even more complicated otherwise"

"Okay" she responded cheerily. "Do you know where Spike is? I really need to find him"

"Buffybot, you can't see Spike right now"

"But I love him. I need to find him"

"Listen, I need you to fight as hard as you can tonight, and to try and act just like me okay?"

"Okay" replied Buffybot, an artificial grin on her face.

"Good. I have some things to do so we'll go over plans when I get back"

Buffybot nodded, the eerie grin still fixed in place as Buffy turned towards the door. Suddenly Buffy paused and faced the robot again. "Do..." Buffy stopped and sighed. It was a question that had been playing on her mind for a while and still burned within her.

Buffy took a deep breath. She needed to know the answer. "Buffybot, do you know why Spike had you built?" she asked, folding her arms over her chest.

Buffybot frowned, apparently in thought. "He told me once to not mention programs, and to just be Buffy. I think he wanted to be with you. Whenever we had sex he kept his eyes closed and when I asked why he wouldn't tell me, but he was always comparing me to 'the real Buffy'"

Buffy was slightly stunned. It was still wigging her out that Spike had had sex with something that looked exactly like her. Then the last part registered. "Wait, what do you mean he compared you to the real Buffy?"

Buffybot closed her eyes and said "Play recording"

When Buffybot spoke again, her voice didn't sound like Buffy. It sounded very different.

"It's not you, luv. I just... I can't do this righ' now. I wan' Buffy. The real Buffy. I thought I could do this and it's been more than great, pet, but... you're not her. You look like 'er and you're very agreeable, but I wan' the snark, the fight... the life. Jus', leave it for now, yeah?" There was a pause. "Hey, tha's cheatin'"

Buffybot's voice returned to the perfect match of that of the girl in front of her. "End recording" Her eyes opened again.

"He really said that?" she asked quietly.

Buffybot nodded. "He thought I didn't hear him but he also said he just wished he could be with the real Buffy because nothing could ever compare to her. That it was all superficial. I didn't mind though, I love him"

The Buffybot shrugged and walked out to the main area of the shop, leaving The Real Buffy stood there with a bewildered expression.

Blinking and shaking her head, Buffy followed after her. She could worry about all this when the battle with Glory was over. For now she had weapons to collect, a robot to clothe and a God to beat. Spike could wait. They'd have time afterwards.

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