A/N: Hey guys! Btw I am still working hard on "Never Knew What Waited" There is no way I'm done there, I just started!

I literally JUST had this whole plot for another fic pop into my mind in 2 seconds and I fell in love with the idea, please work with me. I want it to be really moving and touching, I'll be working on this one and Never Knew back and forth.


Song Theme: It's a short chapter but I can never imagine reading something without music, I'm sorry some people think it's extremely difficult to concentrate with music but I kinda just needdd it when I read or write. So if you dont mind reading it with music here is the song for this little chapter snippet. "Loosen Your Hold" by South :)

The Way You Loved Me

I sat on my bed, waiting for the darkness to consume me once again. I checked the clock on my nightstand.

12:00 a.m.

The tears running down my face had yet to come to a halt. But I knew they wouldn't for a long time. Not tonight.

I lay in bed, quietly weeping as I remembered the events that had put me in this deep depression. I did this every night and although I told myself that it would get better, that the huge, angry hole in my heart would heal, every night it hurt more and I got worse.