Chapter five, part 1: That butler; Game

Ciel had an extremely comfortable night, being in Sebastian's arms was delightful. His smell, his warmth, his overall beauty – were just keywords of something far more lovable. But the warmth were gone, Ciel opened his eyes in surprise. No Sebastian. His hand traced where Sebastian had been before he had fallen asleep. Ciel took his feet closer to his middle body. He continued to stare at the empty space. 'I did not order him to stay with me until I woke up...' Ciel remembered.

The door opened and Sebastian stepped in the room.

"Oh, I did not expect you to be awake, young master." He said and placed the boy's breakfast on the table next to the bed.

He went over to the window and pulled the curtains away, the sunshine came into the room, enlightening everything. Ciel's left eye glistened in the light; he lifted a hand to shield his eyes from the sudden blinding brightness. It was hurting them.

"And I did not expect you to be gone either." Ciel said slightly angered. He took his hand away when his eyes had adjusted to the light.
"I am sorry, my lord," Sebastian said. "I had to prepare your breakfast."

He went over to the boy and bended over him, kissing him on his soft lips, as an apology for being gone when Ciel woke up. Ciel was silent while he ate. The scratchy sound the cutlery made when it touched plate, was the sound that filled the silence along with his beating heart and breaths of course.

"Candyman will not come out tonight... So what would this day be like?" Ciel asked after he was finished eating.
"We were supposed to have a guest today, but he got sick, so you have the day free," Sebastian said. "You have worked very hard, you deserve a day off." He smiled.
"A day off, huh..." Ciel said and relaxed.

A day to do as he pleased, it had been long since last time. Last time Lady Elizabeth had dropped by unexpectedly and left him a present before she ran off again, but today he hoped he would not be disturbed by any people from the outside.

"Do you have plans for what you are going to do today?" Sebastian asked. "Candyman does have a day off too, according to Grell," He added.

He stood still, looking down at the boy for a while.

"I should go and do some work, a butler never has a day off." He said and opened the door just in time to hear Maylene breaking something.

"Indeed you should..." Ciel said not too happy to hear his belongings become destroyed. "Later let us play a game." Ciel smirked. He had a game in mind and a bet that would make it even more fun to play if Sebastian was up for it.
"Yes, my lord." Sebastian said before he went out.

He had left the window open, so that some fresh air could come into the room.

"I bet the Queen is disappointed by you."

Grell sat in the window looking at Ciel; he was not smiling at all. The wind made his long red hair dance around his beautiful face. Ciel's smirk fainted while his eyes placed themselves towards the voice.

"Why are you here, Grell?" Ciel asked emotionless and did not bother to get up from bed. "Got some more leads or are you just here to annoy me?"

Grell was smiling.

"I'm done helping you, soooo, I'm just going to annoy you," He began. "You know, Candyman took another child after the one you saw... and that child was very dear to your Queen." Grell was enjoying this.
"What? He took six yesterday!" Ciel said startled. "What is the boy's name?!" Ciel asked anxious and curious. 'Bloody hell, I let it happen again! How can I give up so easily? Tomorrow I will not let anything come in my way from catching Candyman.' Ciel thought determined.
"I have no idea what his name was," Grell said. "I only know that he was taken extremely hard by the Candyman, and then he was ripped apart and killed with a spoon," Grell laughed. 'He is creative, a spoon.' He stopped laughing. "Too bad you went before you could save him."
"Did you mistake me for an idiot, who would believe something like that, seriously a spoon? How do you kill someone with a spoon?" Ciel asked disbelieving.
"IT'S TRUE!" Grell said. "He killed the boy with a spoon, the boy couldn't get away, so he just had to watch while his stomach was opened with the spoon and when his intestines' were taken slowly out with a spoon. If you don't believe me go and visit the police." He said with a huge grin.

Ciel sighed; he did not want this discussion to continue. It was too pointless.

"He will still not come out tonight, right?" Ciel asked to reassure himself.
"Nope," Grell said. "How is it going with you and Sebastian? You two sure are in love, I bet it's hard to concentrate on the work with him around." Grell was not smiling anymore, his green eyes showed a glint of anger, he hated the fact that Ciel had taken away HIS Sebastian.

'Talking about love again... Love, I ponder about that.' Ciel thought.

"What, are you jealous? It was you who had me cornered to do something, do not forget that." Ciel said with ease. 'Even though I probably would have done it eventually, considering my body's behaviour lately.'

Grell made an angry sound.

"You just wait." He said and jumped out of the window, disappearing before Ciel could say anything to him.
"Stubborn Death God..." Ciel muttered before he went out from the white covers. His arms stretched and he moved closer to the window to feel the breeze.

Hours passed and Ciel found himself getting more and more bored. His servants were too busy with work so they were not fit to entertain him. Ciel sat in a chair in one of the many rooms in this labyrinth of a manor. The bell jingled as he rang to his butler.

"You called, my lord." Sebastian said when he entered the room.

He had been working like hell the whole day, and the other in the house did not make things easier for him.

"Play chess with me." Ciel demanded. "I am extremely bored and need entertainment." He added to give Sebastian a reason for his request. "You are probably the only one in this house that can match up against my skills."

Sebastian smiled.

"Yes, my lord," He said. 'I do not really have time for this, I still have a lot to do,' He thought. 'But on the other hand, it would feel good to have a break.' "Do you want me to make you some tea before we start the game?"

"Yes, Earl Grey would be fine," Ciel said. "Bring some sweets too."

It would give him some time to think about the bet he would propose to Sebastian when he got back. Ciel gazed at the chess board in front of him, it had been standing here ready to use in some days now. It was a classic black and white board. The black side was towards him; he always used black and pictured himself as the black king.

"Yes, my lord," Sebastian went out of the room, and returned after a few minutes.

"Here is your Earl Gray tea, and the sweet I brought to you is French Strawberry Cake." He said with a smile.
"Good. Before we begin I have a bet that would make this game more fun... and it will probably give a little pressure." Ciel said. He had the perfect idea in mind. "If I win... you are going to show me your true self." He smirked. "But of course if you do not want to have the bet it is fine with me. I am not going to force it on you since it would be too much to ask for."

Ciel waited patiently on Sebastian's response.

"But what happens if I win?" He asked, he really did not feel like showing the boy his real form, it would scare him. He sat down at the other edge of the chess board, looking down at the white chess pieces in front of him.
"What do you want to happen? I want to see your other side, so if you want me to feel the same pressure you must find something with equal weight." Ciel said and took the dessert spoon and took a bite of the cake. "Or you could just simply ask for something, like a day off..." Ciel suggested indifferent.
"Hmmm," Sebastian had to think for a while to find something Ciel could do if he lost. "If you lose, then you will have to do my job for a whole day. Make breakfast, clean the house, and make sure that everything is ok, and so on." Sebastian smiled.

Ciel looked at Sebastian to see if his butler had learned how to make a joke.

"Alright..." Ciel said after seeing Sebastian had meant it and accepted the term; there was no way he would lose to his butler. "Then the game can begin." Ciel said and waited for Sebastian to make the first move. White always moved first.

Sebastian moved one of his knights forward, the game had begun. It was a close match, a very close match. The butler was smiling the whole time; he even smiled when Ciel's rook took Sebastian's queen out of the game.

"You should be more careful when you move your rook and queen around." He said and knocked Ciel's last rook out of the game with a bishop. "Check."

Now Ciel would have to sacrifice his queen to save his king. Ciel stared at the board. 'What, check? How on earth did he become this good?!' Ciel thought discontented. 'He is my butler of course, I cannot expect any less from him.' His mind had become very frustrated after the latest moves. Ciel moved the queen; it was a shame to lose that piece. Sebastian took the queen out of the game. They kept playing in silence.

"Checkmate." Sebastian said and after placing a knight so that it could take out the king.

If Ciel moved the king it would be taken by either a pawn, a bishop, another pawn or a rook. 'A knight huh?' Ciel thought before he sighed and forced a smile to show, he did not look forward to work.

"Well played, Sebastian." Ciel said and laid the black king to rest.
"Calm down. I will watch over you while you are working to make sure that you do not destroy anything or hurt yourself." Sebastian said and leaned over the chess board and placed a soft kiss on Ciel's forehead.

Ciel dragged Sebastian's black, silk necktie, preventing him from moving back. He had to stretch a bit to give Sebastian an eager kiss on the lips. Today he had waited patiently on Sebastian, so his lusts had been suppressed and were released yet again. Ciel moved closer to Sebastian, avoiding crashing right onto the chessboard while he moved his feet, and placed himself on Sebastian's lap, still holding the kiss and the tie. Sebastian smiled into the kiss. 'You are so full of lust, young master.' He thought. He placed a hand on Ciel's waist and the other on Ciel's cheek, pulling him deeper in the kiss.

"You have been waiting for this the whole day, I assume." Sebastian whispered while breaking the kiss for a few seconds, then he placed his lips against Ciel's before the young boy could answer him.

Ciel blushed slightly, a little embarrassed of his needs being so obvious, and kissed back. His hand let go of the tie and stroked over Sebastian's chest instead. To get more closer, Ciel pressed himself against Sebastian. He blushed deeper, since he felt how much he liked the body contact. It was about to become too hot to wear as much clothes as they did. 'I want to… but I cannot, it is best to keep my clothes on, or I would make Ciel think thoughts he should not.' Sebastian thought.


Sebastian broke the kiss and turned towards the door. 'Oh no.' He thought. In the open door Elizabeth stood.

"Kawaii, kawaii, KAWAIIIII!" She screamed while she jumped up and down.

Sebastian looked confused at the young lady, before he turned his head toward the young boy on his lap. 'There is always someone who comes in the middle of the act.' Sebastian thought. Ciel looked scared and at lost to understand. He stared at Elizabeth with his body completely frozen. Elizabeth's visit was certainly uncalled-for and her reaction was puzzling. Lizzy was Ciel fiancée which made her outburst of joy even stranger, normally a fiancée would be disgusted and unforgiving in this kind of situations. Ciel could not form a word, his mind was too fuzzy.

"What?" Elizabeth looked confused by Ciel and Sebastian's reactions. "You look cute together, so just continue, I shall leave you two alone." She said with a smile and left the room. They could hear the girl sing while she was walking away.

"I do not understand..." Ciel mumbled when he could move again. "How could you not sense her?!" He yelled angry at Sebastian. 'My life could have been ruined just now!' Ciel thought frustrated by the fact that Lizzy saw the two of them like this.
"I am sorry, young master," Sebastian said, smiling friendly like always. "But my mind was busy with something, or someone, else," He said and placed his lips against Ciel's. "I promise to make sure that it will never happen again." He whispered.
"How can you protect me when you cannot have two things in mind at the same time?" Ciel asked bitterly.

For a small boy he sure had a temper. Some said he looked cute when he was angry but that was up to discussion – each has a different view on things. Other meant he was a bit scary... in a charming way.

"I can, you want me to prove it?" Sebastian asked while moving his lips down to the boy's neck. "You are cute when you are angry, young master."

Ciel made an annoyed sound and his expression changed into a flawless mix of arrogance and boldness.

"If you are sure you can then prove it." Ciel's words where harsh, but Sebastian had it coming by calling him cute.

Sebastian did not answer; he knew he was annoying the boy.

"Just calm down, we will not be seen like this by anyone, again." He said. His voice was soft like silk. He placed a hand on Ciel's chest, letting it slide down and over the younger male's stomach before he stopped at the hips.

'What is he planning?' Ciel thought. The anger in his body drifted away in some seconds, he was gaining control again. Ciel looked curious at Sebastian, wondering what was going on his amazing butler's head.

Sebastian stopped.

"Lady Elizabeth is on her way back to us." He said and kissed Ciel carefully on his lips.

Ciel sighed, why could not Elizabeth just stay in one place? His fiancée and niece were frustrating to a nerve-racking point sometimes. Whatever she wanted, Ciel felt it was best to behave normally in front of her – like nothing had happened. All she had seen was just in her imagination. Ciel was uncertain if she really had accepted the relationship he had with his butler, in just matter of seconds. He did not want to get off Sebastian, but his head had him convinced. So after one kiss, he stood up and waited for Elizabeth's return. Sebastian was on his feet just in time to see the door open and Elizabeth walked in.

"Let us do something together, Ciel. I do not want to walk alone here anymore. I saw a scary redheaded man with glasses in one of the corridors." She said.

'The parasite is back.' Ciel thought annoyed before saying anything.

"Sebastian, get Grell out of my mansion! I am sick of that Death God. He is like a boomerang – throw him away and he will return." Ciel said while looking at his butler, the second he was finished he turned his attention to Elizabeth. "Lizzy," Ciel started, calmer than before. "I am sure you know I am in the middle of a big investigation, so I do not have time right now, I am sorry. Can we take it some other time?" He had to lie to get her to believe him and leave.

"Oh, yes of course, I understand, Ciel-kun." Elizabeth answered sweetly, "We can do something together next time." She smiled and gave Ciel a kiss on the cheek before she happily went out.

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