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Harry Potter and the Slayer Dimension

Summary: Thrown into a parallel dimension during the final battle with Voldemort Harry finds himself stranded in a world where Demons exist and the world is protected by a young girl; The Slayer. Will he be able to return home? Will he want to? HP/????? (No Slash)

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Chapter 1 – Through the Veil of a Hellmouth

(Transcript taken from the prologue of: The Journal of Harry Potter)

My name is Harry Potter and I am a wizard. It sounds simple when said like that but it couldn't be further from the truth. I write the beginning of this journal on the day I know I'm to die. The fact itself, my death, is no surprise, I've been outrunning the Reaper since before I was even born. The only thing I didn't suspect was, without a doubt, that I'd know I was to die half a day before the event took place. It's an indescribable feeling.

Know that the events written in this journal are not entirely the way they where when they happened. Memories were changed, reality altered any number of times and as such, the events are recorded as I remember them, not just how they happened.

This will make sense to you soon.


(Ministry of Magic – Saturday, October 7th, 2000)

Multicolour lights lit up the large room. Hundreds of people ran, ducked, attacked, fell and died. No one stopped. Everyone fought. The large room was filled with people, one group dressed in black, the other in red. Neither side would give up, knowing they were most likely all fighting to the death. Only a large golden statue of a man, a woman, a centaur, a goblin and a house-elf separated the two groups. One member of the red group swiftly made his way onwards, avoiding the coloured lights that crashed around him, focused on his goal.

Harry Potter ducked and rolled underneath the blasting curse that a masked Death Eater aimed at his head. Snapping to his feet before the masked man could retaliate Harry responded in kind with a dark cutting curse, "Caedes!" He shouted, not even trying to hide his spell. He slashed his wand diagonally downward.

A shield shimmered in front of the black robed man, but the spell over powered his protection, removing some of the power behind it. It wasn't enough to save him. The shield fell and the sharp burst of magic cleaved the man in half from shoulder to shin. Harry didn't even spare the man a second though, ducking and spinning to left, "Caelestis Aegis!" A golden concave shield shimmed before him.

Three stunning spells crashed into his shield. Harry smiled at the spell's being used. The Death Eater's were under strict instructions not to kill Harry. Those that had tried previously whilst under direct orders were made examples of. They wouldn't try and Harry knew he was moderately safe for the time being, despite the magnitude of the situation.

Four stunners and two blasting curses hit the area where the stunners arrived from. Harry glanced towards the blood red robed fighters that had come to his defence. The Order of the Phoenix, a group created 30 years ago by the late Albus Dumbledore to deal with the rising threat of the Dark Lord Voldemort. They were his backup here and under strict instructions from Harry himself to clear his way.

With his left hand Harry summoned the wand of the Death Eater he had cut in half and placed it in a pocket on the side of his dragonhide trousers along with several more wands he'd picked up during the fight so far. He continued quickly onwards, keeping an eye out for errant spells that came near him. Blue, red, green, yellow, white and black lighted spells crashed around him as he kept low. He had his goal and the Order had theirs. The Order had to fight the Death Eater's and give Harry clear passage. Harry, well, he had to kill Voldemort

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

Those had been the words that had dictated Harry's life since before he was born. Those words had lost him his parents and those words now had him fighting for his life and the safety of the magical world. A prophecy, created by the granddaughter of a legendary seer had cost him everything.

Harry ducked a stunner, causing the red light to slam harmlessly against a wall behind him. With a brandishing wave of his wand Harry sent back three stunners in response, dropping what Harry assumed to be a rather new Death Eater; certainly not an Inner Circle member. He summoned the man's fallen wand, snapping it cleanly in half before throwing it back to the man. He continued onward along his path, ducking stray spells and avoiding those that nearer him. He had his mission and this wasn't it. He entered an empty corridor and made his way quickly forward.

He felt 4 people coming up quickly behind him at a slow run. Harry stepped to the side, twisting sharply, wand pointed at head height. A blasting curse was already on his lips before he saw his companions. They were all dressed in the standard deep red Order robes. He saw his best mate Ron Weasley at the head of the group. Through the shadowed hood Ron wore Harry saw him smile. Harry narrowed his eyes, "Do you want to keep in one piece Ron?" he asked as he lowered his wand slightly as they approached him at a walk.

Ron grinned at him, "I'm in more pieces than you are mate, I could probably spare a part or two."

"Your head?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ron still looked amused, "Well," Ron said, considering Harry's question. "'Mione always use to say I didn't use it. It might not slow me down much and who are we to argue with her logic."

Harry let out a laugh, pleased his mate was able to keep his sense of humour in a time like this, especially considering things that had happened in the past. They'd both had hard lives but they could still joke around with each other, even if it wasn't the appropriate time. He looked across at Ron's companions, "Remus, how were things in the Atrium?"

Remus, also under the cover of a charmed shadow hood rolled his eyes, "Had you not rushed a head you'd already know." His tone was reprimanding but Harry knew it was mostly said in jest. Remus was the adult in the group and despite the fact that he still acted young at times, tried to act the adult when situations called for it.

Harry narrowed his eye's again at the old werewolf and Remus continued, "There's still fighting in the Atrium but the main force is pushing them back. We have 3 people guarding this hallway." The sound of spell fire caught their attention. The iris of Harry's right eye switched from emerald green to a bright glowing neon blue, leaving the white of his eye as well as the dark black pupil unaltered. For a brief second as he looked towards the direction the noise came from.

"We've got to keep moving." Harry said quickly, his tone ensuring that no one argued with him. They five Order members turned back down the long corridor and began to jog, doing so as silently as they could. Silencing charms on their feet ensured that almost no noise was made. As they reached the corner that led to Ministry's main elevator, Harry's right eye glowed again. He picked up speed, as did the four Order members following behind him.

Harry burst round the corner and caught sight of the elevator as well as five Death Eater's standing guard. He died firing two stunners before the five even realised someone was there, dropping them before they could react. "Avada Kedavra!" Three separate voices cried. Harry threw himself sideways, avoiding one of the killing curses by inches. One Order member was not so lucky.

Harry dived into a roll, getting back onto his feet but keeping low. Slashing an X shaped pattern with his wand Harry mentally cast, "Caedes! Caedes!" The Death Eater blocked the first spell but the second spell, milliseconds behind the first cut him into two. Not losing focus Harry turned to the Death Eater that Ron was trading blows with. His mask had been removed and Harry recognised Alecto Carrow one of Voldemort's maddest and most dangerous followers. He hadn't been all that well known until his sister, Amycus had been killed by Remus. After that his reputation came close that of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry quickly fired upon Alecto. Whilst Ron could hold his own, Harry knew Alecto was better. Unfortunately for the Death Eater, Harry was better still. Seeing the lethal spells that Alecto fired at Ron Harry responded in kind, sending a blasting curse towards his legs. He shouted the curse, causing Alecto to turn. The spell was shielded but it gave Ron the opening he needed. A cutting curse to the neck ended Alecto's life.

Harry turned back to the fight just in time to see Remus stun the remaining Death Eater. "Thanks mate." Ron said from behind him. Harry looked over his shoulder and gave him a nod. "You three alright?" he asked his Order members. Whilst it may seem disrespectful not to acknowledge the fallen member of their team, there would be a chance to mourn their losses later.

"All in once piece." Remus said.

"Never better." Ron said.

Emmeline Vance rotated her shoulder a few times, "Bit of damage but nothing life threatening."

Harry nodded and summoned each wand from each Death Eater individually. He pocketed the wand of the Death Eater he had killed and offered the wand of Alecto Carrow to Ron. "You keep it mate. You're the one who collects them."

Harry snapped the wand and threw the pieces on Alecto's chest. He snapped the remaining wands. "You know I only keep the ones of those I kill Ron," Harry said evenly, having discussed this before.

Ron shrugged, "He was as good as yours."

Harry shook his head. Some people though that Harry collected the wands from the Death Eaters he killed as a trophy of his victories. Only those who knew him knew that he kept them to remember how many people's lives had ended at the tip of his wand. He would make sure to never forget what he had to do.

Harry summoned the masks off the Death Eater's, looking at the faces of each one. Aside from Alecto there was Yaxley as well. Harry was thankful that he'd stunned the other Inner Circle member before the fight broke out. He turned to Remus and Emmeline, "I need you to guard this lift. Ron and I are going on. Secure the ones that are stunned, Imperio them to fight for you, I don't care, just guard this lift."

"Harry…" Remus said, starting to protest. Ron moved over to the elevator, pushing the button that called for it.

"No Remus," Harry said, cutting him off. "We've got two Inner Circle members here. That means that there won't be many more on the way to the DoM. I need you to make sure no one can come up behind us."

Remus looked ready to protest, but he restrained himself, "Alright Harry, but be careful."

Harry grinned at the man, "When am I not?"

"You'll forgive me for not answering that?" Remus asked, amused by still obviously worried.

Harry grinned, "Buy me a pint and I'll forgive you."

Remus smiled at the fact that Harry saw himself coming out on top of the fight he was looking for and that had been what Harry had intended. "Oi, hurry it up" Ron called from behind him. Harry turned and saw that the elevator had arrived. Harry nodded towards him.

"Give them hell Harry," Remus told him.

The look on Harry's face promised just that, "It's what I do Remus." Harry held his hand out to Remus and they clasped them together. "See you soon." With that Harry turned and strode towards the open elevator. He turned back to Remus just as the doors closed. Remus gave him a short nod.

The doors shut and the elevator began to descent. "Who do you thinks waiting for us?" Ron asked.

Harry repaired a small cut on the chest of the robes that covered his dragonhide armour whilst he considered Ron's question. "I've not seen either Malfoy so far so odds are good we see one of them, probably both."

Ron grinned, "I'm looking forward to that. I've been looking forward to the end of the Malfoy line for years."

Harry chuckled, "I'm sure we can arrange that." He went quiet for a moment. "I'm guessing we see Rookwood as well, it was his department once upon a time after all."

"That all?" Ron asked, clearly still looking for a fight.

Harry nodded, "Voldemort wants me there Ron, I know he does. Those he set between here and there are only meant to weaken me, not kill me. There will be no more than four, I guarantee it."

"Is this another one of your hunches?" Ron asked, sceptically.

Harry sighed in Ron's direction. His friend could fight but he rarely listened and rarely absorbed information. "You know I've been dreaming about this for weeks. I know there will be four, I just don't know who."

Ron shook his head, "If you say so mate."

Harry cleaned off some soot from his robes and armour. Since he'd been able to finally close off the connection Voldemort had shared with him due to his curse scar he'd been having prophetic dreams of a sort. They were sporadic at best and rarely came in use until moments before the events actually happened, but they were still useful. For the last few weeks, during what little sleep he was able to get, he had been watching this fight in the Ministry. It had been mostly blurry, showing only enough detail to show Harry the fight taking place in the Ministry. The day before however he'd had a similar dream to those that he had during his 5th year when Voldemort constantly thought about the door that allowed those to enter the Department of Mysteries.

That dream had ended the moment they'd entered the Department of Mysteries, but he'd seen enough to know that four black cloaked figures guarded the door. Ron had never been a firm believer in divination of any sort, and therefore just decided that Harry was…

"Mental…" he heard Ron mutter to himself. He looked up at what floor the lift was one and knew they'd reach their destination momentarily. "Ready?" The grin on Ron's face was enough to ensure him of that. They both moved into position, moving just behind the walls of the elevator making sure they wouldn't be seen as the doors opened.

The lift stopped. A bell rang. "Department of Mysteries," a cool female voice rung out. Harry's right eye shone blue for a brief moment. He turned towards Ron and held up four fingers with a triumphant look. Ron scowled at him. Harry made a series of arm movements, not wanting to alert the Death Eaters at the very end of the long corridor to the fact that people were in the elevator. He'd wait for them to get closer first. Ron nodded to him in understanding.

Neither could see what was happening outside the elevator but the footsteps moving closer to them. Harry's eye shone again and he held up three fingers to Ron. He dropped one, then the other, then the other. As one they both stepped into view and called, "Avada Kedavra!"

Green light burst from their wands and two of the Death Eaters, one unmistakeable Rookwood, dropped to the ground. Harry summoned Rookwood's wand with his left hand and pocketed it quickly. Harry glanced towards Ron who was frowning slightly. Most Order members avoided using the three Unforgivable curses religiously, commenting that using them made them feel ill afterwards. Harry had never experienced this after-effect and it had been rationalised that his link with Voldemort stopped him from feeling the side effects. Ron was not use to it.

"Alright mate?" Harry asked quietly as they walked side by side toward the remaining two Death Eaters. Both hooded figures had their wands out but currently had them pointing downwards. They were almost 200 meters ahead and the corridor was extremely narrow. Firing a shot at that distance and getting a hit would be difficult. They needed this next duel to take place somewhere else.

"I'm just hoping one of these is a Malfoy," Ron muttered. The Death Eaters had yet to make a move. They stopped when they reached 30 meters away. All four of them stood, waiting silently.

The tallest Death Eater moved his left hand and reached towards his hood. Harry was ready to cast an unforgivable at the earliest moment. The long fingered hand pulled back the hood and Harry knew without a doubt who the first man was. His long platinum coloured hair was tucked into the robe but he was still unmistakeable. "Lucy?" Harry asked with a smile. "How are you?" He had a serious score to settle with this man.

Lucius Malfoy smirked at Harry, but he could see the anger at the butchery of his name. "Your little games won't work on me Potter," the man said. "You won't be alive long enough."

"Lucy, Lucy," Harry said patronisingly, tauntingly. "I'm afraid I'll be living far longer than you will."

"Are you so sure of that?" Lucius asked, his fingers tightening around his wand.

"Yes." Harry said, adjusting his wrist slightly.

"How's the eye Potter?" Lucius asked, his smirk increasing a notch.

Harry gritted his teeth but didn't comment. The remaining Death Eater laughed slightly. "Who's your friend Lucy?"

The second Death Eater removed his hood and Harry could practically hear the smirk on Ron's face. "Potter, Weaslebee." The younger Malfoy said with a sneer.

"Looks like we get to end the Malfoy family today after all." Ron said to himself but loud enough to travel. He sounded very eager. As Harry had a vendetta against Lucius, Ron had a similar one with Draco.

Harry looked over at Ron, completely ignoring Draco, "Did I not tell you?" Harry asked. "Did I not tell you they'd both be here with Rookwood and someone else?"

Ron looked over at Harry, ignoring Draco who had gone a little red due to being seen as nothing, "Yes, you did." Ron said reluctantly. As Harry's expectant look Ron rolled his eyes, "Fine, your stupid dream was real. Still doesn't explain the other one you keep talking about though."

Harry smirked at his win, even though the other dream Ron had mentioned was still a mystery to him. He'd been having the same dream, in between nightmares for over a year and had no idea what it meant. He turned back to the Malfoy's. He feigned surprise at seeing them, "Draco? I didn't see you there! Sorry." Malfoy turned slightly more red, which only pinked his pale skin. Harry could see the young Malfoy had clenched his teeth hard. He felt somewhat bad for Draco. The idiot was 20 years old now and still acted as though he was 11.

"You're going to die today Potter!" Draco spat menacingly. Well, Draco must have thought it was at any rate.

Harry turned to Lucius again, still ignoring Draco. It was something of a sport, fun for both participants and spectators. It had the added bonus of angering them to such a point that they'd do something stupid. "Lucy, I didn't know it was 'bring your daughter to work day'. You should have said something." Lucius narrowed his eyes.

"Still hiding behind your daddy Malfoy?" Ron asked with a smirk.

Draco raised his wand but Lucius placed his hand on his son's arm, stopping him, "Now, now Draco," Lucius said silkily. "Our Lord has requested Potter alive and we can't afford him stepping in front of your curse to save his pathetic friend."

"Have something in mind Lucy?" Harry asked as though they were discussing where to go on a night out.

Lucius waved his wand-free hand towards the door behind him, the one that led into the door room of the Department of Mysteries. "I propose we enter a slightly larger space before we kill your friend Potter."

Harry smiled pleasantly at Lucius, glad for the suggestion. He nodded, "Excellent idea Lucius. After you."

Lucius nodded towards his son and Draco opened the door. Lucius took a few steps backwards, entering the room but never taking his eyes off of Harry. Draco followed behind him. Harry glanced at Ron and received a nod in return. He walked forwards, summoning a second wand into his left hand as he did. Harry walked into the large black round room. Lucius stood at what would be the northern point of the room from Harry, with Draco at the eastern point. Harry moved over to the west and Ron stood just by the entrance, shutting the door behind him.

Immediately the wall began to spin causing Harry to lose track of which door they'd entered in, just like what happened last time he'd been here when he was 15. They stood in silence as the room worked its magic. After 20 seconds it came to a slow halt.

Harry faced Lucius as Ron turned towards Draco. "Shall we bow?" Harry idly.

Malfoy responded just as Harry predicted, "Crucio!" he shouted, followed by a similar cry from his son.

"Avis Congestus!" Harry shouted in return. A swarm of dark coloured vicious looking birds burst from his wand, the leader of them taking the curse whilst the other six descended on Malfoy. Harry quickly followed up by aiming several destructive curses at the elder Malfoy's feet.

Malfoy fired a wide area cutting curse towards the sky as he leapt backwards to avoiding the explosive spells . Feathers rained down upon him. "Aequa Frons!" Harry shouted as Lucius was distracted. Harry flicked his wand upward.

"Adflictatio!" Malfoy returned with. Harry dropped to one knee to avoid the pain curse.

"Depulso! Confringo! Depulso!" Harry shouted back, using both wands. Lucius blocked the first two curses but the third hit him in the left shoulder, throwing him backwards in a spin. Harry didn't give the man a chance to stand again, "Defodio!" The spell was aimed for the elder Malfoy's face but he managed to roll to the side in order to avoid it. Harry muttered several spells, transfiguring the rubble around Lucius into a pair of panthers. With a slight compulsion charm they leapt at Lucius.

"Sectumsempra! Sectumsempra! Reducto!" Malfoy called out with. The transfigured animals caught the first curse and dropped hard to the ground. Harry immediately conjured a wall of steel to intercept the second curse. The conjured wall took the brunt of the attack but a small amount of the spell cut through, hitting Harry's left arm, cutting through the dragonhide drawing blood. The blasting curse struck him in the chest, throwing him back several feet. Thankfully the armour reduced the effectiveness of the spell.

Lucius jabbed his wand towards Harry before he time to react. Knowing Lucius would get a serious hit on him he prepared himself. "Reducto!"

Thankfully for Harry the spell didn't come from Lucius. Lucius dropped to the ground as the spell struck him giving Harry a chance to get to his feet. He looked over at the battle with Ron and Draco and saw Ron give him a nod. Incidents like that were the reason he would always fight with Ron at his back, despite his best friend not being the best fighter in the Order.

"Caedes!" Harry shouted getting back into his fight. Lucius, who had regained his footing, shielded the attack with practiced ease. His left arm hung limply by his side.

"Crucio! Crucio!" Malfoy shouted back. Harry barely avoided the spells, throwing himself backwards to the ground in order to do so.

"Expulso!" Harry shouted out several times. Malfoy shielded the attack but Harry could see him weakening quickly. They both knew who was about to win. "Avada Kedavra!" They both shouted in unison. Unfortunately for Lucius Harry had had cast a second spell with the wand in his left hand, "Avis!"

Harry's killing curse struck Malfoy in the chest whilst Harry's flock of birds intercepted the curse, reducing them to feathers. Lucius fell to the ground, dead. Harry smiled slightly, he knew he would win. His wand wouldn't let him lose. He summoned the black wand from Malfoy's grip. Feeling the power of the wand in his hand and smiled again. Whilst it was nothing compared to the wand in his right, it was the second most powerful wand in his possession.

Harry turned towards Ron and Draco who were still fighting tooth and nail. Both were near even in fighting skill but Harry could see that Ron, despite a heavily bleeding cut on his left arm and cheek, he was pushing Draco back. Harry stood aside, letting Ron fight his own battle. Ron would be pissed if he interfered and one did not anger a Weasley.

With the wand in his right hand Harry healed the damage done to his arm. He traced his wand along the gash, slowing closing it. Whilst healing wasn't a speciality of his he was fairly skilled at battlefield medical magic to heal most wounds that simulated damage done with a blade or blunt object. The 'Sectumsempra' spell was technically far more difficult to heal than most, but focused intent and the wand in his hand made easy work of it. He held his wand to his chest, doing what he could to limit the pain through his armour.

Harry didn't even look up as he heard a body hit the ground. He could sense that Ron was the one still standing, "Have fun?" he asked, now repairing his armour.

"Was come and go for a second but nothing I couldn't handle." Ron said.

Harry looked up, pleased with his repair work on his left arm; there was only a small scar left. "Thanks for the help back there," Harry said to him. Whilst Ron was usually looked down by the wizarding world due to not being that powerful or that intelligent, there was no one Harry trusted more at his back than he did Ron. Ron nodded at the thanks "How's the shoulder?"

"Shouldn't you, you know, go find Voldemort now?" Ron said, conjuring a bandage for his arm.

Harry looked at Ron's left hand in which he recognised Draco's wand. He looked at Ron in amusement and raised an eyebrow.

Ron smiled sheepishly, "This one I'm keeping." Harry chuckled darkly, not all that surprised. "You ready?" Ron asked, his smile turning serious.

Harry nodded, "It's going to end tonight and I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"Kick his arse mate." Ron said, holding out his hand in a similar way that Harry and Remus had done. Harry clasped his hand and they pulled each other into a one armed hug. They parted.

"Fall back to Remus. One way or another, you'll know how this ends soon." Ron nodded and turned. The door they had entered opened, showing the way out. "Ron," Harry called. His friend stopped and turned back. "You've been a good friend." Ron only nodded and turned back. They both knew that it was very likely that Harry was going to die soon.

Ron exited the disk room. The door shut and the walls rotated. When they stopped Harry spoke aloud, mentally commanding the room to show him which way to go, "Show me to Hell."

A door to his north-east opened and Harry walked through. He immediately caught sight of Voldemort in the very centre of the room, drawing patterns in the air with his wand, directed towards the large object before him. He knew Voldemort had sensed him enter but he still hadn't looked up.

Harry took a moment to look at the object Voldemort was trying to activate. He'd seen it once before, but seeing it again was still somewhat painful for him. The 'Veil' that Sirius had fallen through, the one that the Ministry had used to execute prisoners many years ago stood before him. He could hear the voices talking to him as they had before, calling him.

His godfather, Sirius Black had fallen through the Veil almost four years ago and was never seen or heard from again. After it happened Harry had asked Dumbledore what the Veil was and why no one was seen again. The old Headmaster had informed Harry that he didn't know. His trust in Dumbledore damage from hiding the Trelawney Prophecy for so long, Harry hadn't believed him for a moment and a year of research, including trading letters with an Unspeakable finally got Harry answers. It had been when he got them that he understood why Dumbledore had tried to protect him from the truth. He hadn't wanted to know.

The Veil as Harry and his friends had taken to calling it had another name; Bucca ab Abyssu. The name translated into English easily enough and it had left Harry feeling cold. Bucca ab Abyssu meant Mouth of Hell, or more commonly referred to as a Hellmouth. The Veil was a one way ticket to the underworld.

Despite being horrified at finding out where Sirius had been sent Harry continued researching. Finding information on the Hellmouth had been far easier than the Veil, despite the lack of it. He quickly found that over the world there existed seven Hellmouths, located in California, Ohio, Egypt, Rome, Moscow, Sydney and of course, England. A war had been fought many thousands of years ago, the exact times lost to history, where wizards fought against demons for control of the earth. Slowly, the magic users had pushed the demons back, creating the Veil's around the central Hellmouth spots. A near infinite amount of protection spells had been cast, making sure that nothing could ever come through the Hellmouths again.

Unable to seal each Hellmouth completely the Veil was placed over it, allowing objects and beings to pass through, but never come back. There were seven Veils across the earth and each country had a major magical building placed on top of it, guarding it. Researching it had been the first real job of the Unspeakables.

Harry took a few steps forward, noticing said Unspeakables dead around him. They didn't seem to have put up much of a fight. At Harry's approach Voldemort turned to face him, "Harry Potter," he said, his voice high and cold. "I was beginning to think you wouldn't show."

"I wouldn't want to disappoint you Voldemort." Harry said, adjusting his wrists, both wands prepared.

Voldemort sneered at him, "No, you Gryffindor types never do." He looked around behind Harry, "You didn't think to bring any of your friends to die with you Potter?"

"Shall we just finish this now?" Harry asked, swivelling his left foot backwards and moving into a duelling stance. Voldemort laughed.

"I will have time for you momentarily Harry." Voldemort said, turning back towards the Veil. Harry now noticed that 5 runes were glowing near the top of the black stone structure. Harry suddenly had a very bad feeling. The Order had known that Voldemort had some plan for the England Hellmouth but not what. It seemed that he was trying to open it. From the glowing runes atop it, it also seemed as though he knew how and was rather close to succeeding.

"You're opening the Hellmouth?" Harry asked aghast, knowing that he had to beat Voldemort now. If he opened the Hellmouth, well, all hell would break lose.

Voldemort chuckled, "A legion of demons would serve me far better than my Death Eaters would."

"You expect demons to obey you?" Harry asked, not quite believing it. He knew Voldemort was insane, his soul ruined and destroyed by the dark magic he had used, but this reached a whole new level. Harry honestly expected better from the… man.

"I am Lord Voldemort and they will obey me!" Voldemort snarled, his crimson eyes seemingly trying to burn Harry out from the inside.

"What the hell did you want me here for then?" Harry asked, slowly moving to a better vantage point. "You know me, I always screw up your plans!"

Voldemort chuckled, "It was not you I needed Harry but that wand in your right hand."

Harry stopped. "You need it why?" he asked.

"An Unspeakable informed me, after a great deal of torture, that your wand was the one to close these portals and as such, the only wand that can open them again."

Harry glanced down at the wand in his hand.

The Elder Wand, taken from the cold dead hands of the man who murdered Albus Dumbledore, the man who had once been the master of the ultimate, unbeatable, legendary wand. Harry's grip around it tightened. He had been using the wand for a little over a year now and knew just how much power it held.

Information on the wand was scarce, its identity only appearing several times through recorded history under several names. 'The Wand of Destiny' and 'The Death Stick' were the most common. The age of the wand was completely unknown and there were rumours of it being used as far back as the times of Ancient Egypt, 5000 years ago.

Rumoured to have been created by Death himself, the wand was indestructible and most users of the wand had been murdered in their sleep so that the murderer could win the wand's allegiance. Harry was not letting Voldemort touch this wand.

"Caeles Vertex!" Harry shouted, trusting both wands forward towards Voldemort. A blinding vortex shot from both Harry's wand. Time for talking was over, Voldemort needed to die now.

Acting so fast it bordered on precognition Voldemort slashed his wand upward, dissipating the spell before it struck him. "You think you can stop me?!" Voldemort snarled.

"Abrumpo Aboleo!" Harry countered, beginning to fire spells as fast as he could. Any one of them would kill Voldemort should they touch him. Voldemort shielded the destructive spells and began firing them back in equal force. Back and forth they traded spells, neither getting the upper hand on each other. Whilst Voldemort was for all intent and purposes stronger than Harry, Harry's wand was special.

They fought with equal intensity, using spells that would cause the most damage. Voldemort wasn't playing with Harry this time, but fighting for his life and taking it seriously. Harry knew that Voldemort wouldn't mock him and wouldn't play with him today.

"Oceanus Clades!" Harry shouted, sending a torrent of water towards Voldemort. A clear blue light burst from Voldemort's wand in retaliation, freezing the water from Harry's wand before it reached him. Harry kept up the spell, pushing with as much force as he could. A spell from Voldemort struck him in the chest and Harry was pushed back several feet, his concentration slipping and his spell stopping.

"You wish to play with elements Potter?" Voldemort snarled. Without verbalisation a stream of fire burst from his wand heading towards Harry. He ducked it and the spell struck the door he had entered from. He knew what that spell was and he knew the end was near now.


The spell whilst not particularly difficult to cast was damn near impossible to control. Most magic users having being recorded casting the spell died shortly afterwards, consumed by their own demonic flames. Harry saw the spell begin its work, saw the creatures of fire rise up and begin to consume the room, slowly working towards him. If he didn't end this soon the fire would be too out of control to stop.

He began firing spells against Voldemort again, keeping careful watch over the flames that were slowing expanding and circling him. Voldemort was unrelenting, seeming not bothered about the large creatures of fire approaching him. They were now trapped in a ring of fire that was slowly closing in on them. Harry was certain he'd won now. Of course, he would burn to death, but as long as Voldemort died and the Hellmouth stayed closed, nothing else mattered.

Harry began firing a repeating spell trying to push Voldemort backwards with the sheer power and force. Voldemort switched to defensive spells, reflecting Harry's back at him when he could. Harry didn't give up, firing back harder and faster. He was beginning to get dizzy. With the magic being used and the lack of air that now resided in the room, this fight was about to end.

Voldemort struck Harry in the arm causing him to drop his left wand. With an unarticulated cry Harry fired a spell with as much force as he could. "DEPULSO!" He dropped to his knees and his wand buckled at the force of the spell. Voldemort cast a solid silver shield but the banishing spell past through it, a gong sound echoing around the room as the shield fell. Voldemort was thrown backwards, dropping his wand as he went, vanishing into the demonic fires behind him. Harry heard a scream that last for only a moment before it died down. Harry knew Voldemort was dead.

He looked around the room and knew that he was dead as well. He summoned Voldemort's wand, wanting to have it in his grasp before he died. He returned Lucius' wand to his hand as well. Knowing he needed the Order to know he focused his remained strength into a Patronus messaging spell and sent it towards Ron, "Voldemort has fallen and so have I." The blinding white spell flew from his wand taking the shape of a stag, and leaving the room. He dropped to his knees, exhausted.

He pushed himself up and backed away from the fire that was slowly approaching him. With a look behind him he saw the Veil, inches away. It now left him a choice, stand where he was and be burnt to Death by Voldemort's spell, or step backwards through the Veil, into Hell itself. The fire neared him and Harry could feel the skin not protected by armour begin to blister.

His decision was quickly made. He wasn't going to stand here. No, that meant giving up. That would mean that Voldemort's spell had killed him and he wasn't going to have that! The added knowledge that he knew he was going to spend the rest of eternity in Hell for what he'd been forced to do in this war, Harry took a deep breath stepped backwards, through the phantom curtain of the Veil, vanishing, not noticing the wand in his right hand glow a glorious white as several runes activated on the stone body of the Veil.


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