Hi!!! So, after read your opinion I decided to post my new story...I really hope you like it!!!! Like you already know, Jeff Hardy will be one of the main characters...In this first chapter you will meet the other main characters and you will read some references about the old WWE students (who are now in WWE University)

Title: Troubles: A New Generation!

Rating: PG 13

Summary: New students entered on WWE High School and it means: MORE TROUBLES!!! Jeff is the new trouble maker...Shannon is his best friend...Maryse is the French Bimbo...Michelle is the sweet angel with a crush on Jeff...Will they survive?

Characters: Read to find out


- Wake up Sleeping Beauty! - Shannon said throwing a pillow to Jeff's face

- Just more five minutes! - Jeff said. Jeff and Shannon were in their second year in the WWE High School

- The classes start in five minutes - Shannon said

- What? - Jeff said very confuse and looked to the clock and saw it wasn't working - You must be joking…I could swear it was working last night

- Jeff, hurry up! - Shannon said and walked out of the bedroom. Very quickly Jeff walked out of his bed and changed his clothes.

"I'm going to be so late" he thought to himself and ran from out of the bedroom to the classroom

- So, you went in a date with him, but just because he didn't want to kiss you, you thought he was gay? - Natalya asked to Maryse while the two were walking to the classroom

- Yes - Maryse said and Natalya started laughing - Why are you laughing?

- Well, you thought a guy was gay because he didn't want to kiss you - Nattie said - Don't you think that that is a lot of confidence on yourself?

- You are supposed to be my friend - Maryse said a little mad letting Nattie to enter in the classroom. When she was entering Jeff passed at her front - Hey! - Maryse said very mad to Jeff who ignored her and sat in the last row - When will the Hardy boy grow up?

- Why are you always complaining with him? - Natalya asked while the two were sitting in their places

- Maybe because of his hair? - Maryse said very laud so then Jeff could hear - Some people should learn good manners

- And some of them should learn how not to act like a w…- Jeff was going to say but in that moment Teddy entered in the classroom

- Mr Hardy, look out with your language - Teddy said entering in the classroom and a smile appeared in Maryse's face looking to Jeff

- I was going to say that she needed to learn how not to act like a weasel - Jeff said and Maryse lost her smile - I wasn't going to say anything bad!

- You know I remember the last time I saw a two students fighting so much - Teddy said looking to Maryse and Jeff

- Did they end up killing each other? - Shannon asked

- No, they end up dating - Teddy said and all the class started laughing. Maryse and Jeff looked to each other

- Who were they? - another student asked. His name was Kofi Kingston

- Mr Hardy you should know them - Teddy said and Jeff looked to him - They are friends of your brother, Matt

- Well, the only person that Matt presented me was Amy - Jeff said to Teddy - You know Amy Dumas?

- Yes, Mr Hardy I know who she is - Teddy said

- But who are they? - Natalya asked - Who were those students?

- Miss Keibler and Mr Cena - Teddy said and looked to the backboard - Yes Mr Cena is the one that is helping the football coach

- Now you know why he didn't want to kiss you - Natalya said joking to Maryse who looked to her a little mad

- Even your friends can stand you - Jeff whispered to Maryse who ignored him

- Now, if you don't mind I want to start my class - Teddy said and turned to the blackboard

- So, you and Maryse will end up dating - Shannon said when they walked out of the classroom but Jeff ignored him - C'mon, it wouldn't be so bad!

- I'll never date the French Bimbo - Jeff replied and the two walked to the football field to meet Evan and Bryan

- Never say never - Shannon whispered but once again Jeff ignored him

- Everyone knows he likes you - Nattie said to her best friend Maryse. The two were in the bathroom - Tell me you don't feel anything for Jack Swagger?

- I don't want to date a guy who spends more time in the mirror than I - Maryse said fixing her blonde hair

- I guess it will not be hard to find - the two heard a voice saying. They turned around and stayed face-to-face with Michelle and Brie Bella

- Je ne parle pas avec ecum - Maryse said in French and walked out of the bathroom and Nattie followed

- What did you say? - Nattie asked confuse

- I don't talk with scum - Maryse said with a smile in her face - Let's go meet Nikki before she gets mad with us

- How I hate them - Brie said Michelle - I don't know what my sister sees on Maryse…She is such a bitch

- Did you heard about the Halloween party? - Michelle asked and Brie nodded with her head - Should we go?

- I heard Jeff is going - Brie said and a smile appeared in Michelle's face - Why don't you try to make him invite you?

Before Michelle could answer they heard the door being open - I have been looking for you - Eve said entering in the bathroom - I hate when you let me alone

- Sorry - Michelle and Brie said at the same time

- Help me convince Michelle to go talk with Jeff and make him invite her to the Halloween party - Brie said

- I saw him and Shannon walking to the stands - Eve said

- C'mon - Brie said and grabbed Michelle's arm and then pushed out of the bathroom

- You will not convince me to use a costume - Jeff said to his friends

- You paint your hair with three different colours - Brian said looking to Jeff's hair which was paint with blue and green and it could be seen some purple - Why do you care about the costume so much?

- You can wear a costume…I'm not going to use a costume - Jeff replied

- Fine - Shannon said and looked to football - Our little friends are coming to here!

- What the hell do they want now? - Evan said and looked to the same direction Shannon was looking and saw Jack Swagger, Chris Masters and Tyson Kidd walking to them

- Hello ladies - Jack said with a smile in his face

- Do you wish something? - Shannon asked them

- You heads a in a stick - Masters answered and then looked to Jeff - We didn't forget what you did last year

- You are talking about what? - Jeff asked - Oh, change the blood results? I just wanted the people know the truth…they needed to know you use steroids

- Look out with what you say - Tyson said mad

- What will you do? - Brian asked - We are four…you are only three

- No, they are only two - Evan said and everyone looked to him - You can't forget Master's brain doesn't count

- I'm going to kick your ass - Masters said walking to Jeff, but Jack grabbed his arm

- I'm so scared - Jeff said laughing

- You are just like your brother and his friends…you never know when shut up your mouth - Master said very angry and then a smile appeared in his face - I guess it is a disease because even the little whore of his girlfriend doesn't know when to shut her mouth

- What did you say about Amy? - Jeff asked putting on his feet. He didn't wait for Masters repeated again and punched him in the face.

The football coach who was passing in there in that moment saw the seven boys fighting - What is going on here? - he yelled and the seven boys looked to him

Any of them answered and shared looks between them

- Come with me to Vince's officer - the man said very mad with what happened

- Sorry for be late - Nattie said Nikki when she and Maryse sat at her side around a table in the cafeteria

- Jack was looking for you - Nikki said looking to Maryse - He gave me a message to you

- What does he wants? - Maryse asked

- He wants to know if you want to go to the Halloween party with him - Nikki answered - And he wants the answer today because the party is this weekend

- Je ne crédite pas (I can't believe) - Maryse whispered to herself and the other two looked to her

- What are you going to do? - Natalya asked

- He is hot - Nikki said

- I'm not going with him to the damn party - Maryse answered to her friend and in that moment they saw Jeff, Shannon, Brian, Evan, Jack, Masters and Tyson with the football coach walking to Vince's officer

- What have Tyson done now? - Natalya asked looking to her boyfriend

- I guess they had one more fight - Nikki said looking to the seven boys and in that moment saw her twin sister, Michelle and Eve appearing from the school hall

- Why they spend the most part of their time in Vince's office? - Michelle asked looking to the boys

- Because they start punching each other in the middle of the school - Eve answered and in that moment the bell rang to the students back to the classrooms - I need to go or Bischoff will kill me if I get late

- You lost your opportunity - Brie said Michelle

- I have three more days to talk with Jeff - Michelle said and Nikki, Natalya and Maryse passed at her side

- Loser - Nikki whispered to her twin sister

- Your beloved Jeff is in troubles - Nattie joked with Michelle who looked to her surprise

- Au revoir (Goodbye) - Maryse said and sent a kiss to the two girls

- How do they know I like Jeff? - Michelle asked very concern

- Maybe I said something to Nikki before she go to their side - Brie confessed with a little smile in her face - I'm sorry!

- Oh my god - Michelle whispered "I'm so death" she thought to herself looking to Maryse and her friends

Hope everyone liked the first chapter. I know it hadn't a lot of "action" in this chapter, but I only wanted to present the characters who will be involved in the story

Sorry for the grammar mistkaes and I need to say sorry for my french...It has already been a while since the last time I wrote something in french (I understand french a lot better than I write) so, I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes!!!


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