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- This Spring Break is the worse we already had. It is completely ruined - Shannon exclaimed very angry. All those people, he didn't want to handle during those days were there. - You know Jeff it's your entire fault.

- My fault? - Jeff asked without feel surprised. Something told him that since Maryse and her friends decided to appear, everyone would blame him.

- Yes, it's your fault. If you hadn't dated Maryse this would never happen. She's here to make your week a hell. And while she makes your week a living hell, she is making our week a living hell too - Shannon replied keeping his voice down - Why the hell did you have to date her? I don't care anymore if she is hot. Just tell her to get the hell out of here.

- Wasn't your girlfriend who told Maryse and her friends where we were? - Jeff questioned Shannon. Such words only make Shannon's humour worse - Stop blaming me because if she hadn't opened her mouth, none of them would be here.

- Don't try to blame Milena for something you did - Shannon advised Jeff and turned around ready to leave the tent he shared with Jeff - I just hope when I get out of here, they had already left.

- C'mon Shannon - Jeff tried to speak, but Shannon ignored him and walked out of the tent. "I'm going to kill the French Bimbo" Jeff thought to himself.

- Take your hands out of me - Maryse told Jack, who had dragged her out of the camp to have a particular conversation with her.

- I like when you are rough - Jack exclaimed making Maryse angry. Playing with Maryse's personality wasn't a good idea - You didn't answer my calls.

- Really? I didn't notice those calls were from you. I guess that was why I ignored and deleted them - Maryse replied showing a smile - What do you want Jack? I don't want to lose my time talking with you.

- After our kiss, I thought something was going on between us - Jack said getting closer of Maryse, who pushed him away.

- There is nothing going between us and it never will - Maryse advised Jack. To her surprise, he was smiling - You kissed me, I didn't kiss you. Never more do it in your life.

- Really? Why? Are you going to hit me? - Jack asked with sarcasm - No offense, but you don't have the force necessary to hit me. Probably you would end up hurting yourself and we don't want it.

- Get out of here Jack. No one wants you around - Maryse was getting ready to leave when Jack stopped her. Pushing her to him, his lips crashed against hers. Very angry, Maryse bit his lip.

- Ne me baise plus jamais (Don't kiss me ever again) - pissed off, Maryse ran away from there, leaving Jack behind with a smirk on his face. Touching his lip, he noticed some blood.

- It seems Maryse doesn't want anything with you - he heard Michelle's voice. Turning around, he saw the blond walking to him - Kissing her, won't make her fall in love for you.

- If it wasn't me, you wouldn't be here with Jeff. I helped you getting what you wanted, you should help me getting what I want - Jack replied.

- It's not my fault, if you can't get Maryse. We only agreed to make Maryse and Jeff to break up. We never talked about helping each other getting Jeff or Maryse. And even if I wanted to help you with Maryse, I wouldn't be successful. Probably you don't know, but Maryse hates me and I hate her too - Michelle told Jack smiling.

- Did you already get Jeff? - Jack asked Michelle and saw the smile disappearing - I thought that too.

- At least I'm not forcing Maryse kissing me all the time - Michelle replied in her defence.

- At least I'm doing something that if Jeff hears about it, he will never more want to look to Maryse - Jack exclaimed and realized the smile backed to Michelle's face - Don't tell me you have a plan.

- And you have no idea how great the plan is - Michelle said getting ready to tell Jeff. What they didn't know was that someone was hearing them.

Last Spring Break Day

- Next time you decided to bring a bikini, please bring one who gives a lot to the imagination - Natalya exclaimed sitting at Maryse's side, who was sunbathing on the lakeside.

- I would never waist money in something I would only wear once and then burn - Maryse replied - Thank God, this is the last day in this awful place.

- I told you. I told you wouldn't like to camp. But did you hear me? No - hearing Natalya's words, Maryse looked at her - I'm not afraid of your looks Maryse. I already know all of them.

- You are the worst friend someone can have - Maryse whispered and in that moment saw Milena walking to them with Eve and Brie.

- Be nice - Natalya advised Maryse. They had been nice enough to let them stay in their camp. It would be very disrespectful to be rude with them.

- Can we join? - Eve asked with a little smile on her face.

- Of course - Natalya answered, knowing Maryse wouldn't do it. Extending towels on the floor, the girls sat at their side.

- It's sad having to get back. It was nice to be here - Milena said starting a conversation, a conversation that Maryse didn't make intentions of hearing. She was frustrated because her plan didn't work. She wanted to be the one making the other people's life a living hell, but it was her life that ended up a living hell thanks to Jack.

- I really don't want to back to school - Brie exclaimed. At least there, she only had to deal with Brian and Alicia. When she backed to school, she would have to deal with Nikki, Brian and Alicia.

- It's the last trimester. After it, we are going to spend our days at the beach - Eve said trying to cheer them up.

- I heard about a goodbye party. Tyson was talking about it with Jack - Natalya commented and caught Maryse's attention to the conversation.

- We are going to a local bar. If you want, you can go - Eve invited both Natalya and Maryse - Do you want to go with us?

- Of course we want. Maryse never gets tired of a good party. She's a party animal - Natalya exclaimed and looked to Maryse, who decided to ignore her - So, how is the bar?

At Night

Everyone was having fun in the night club (even Maryse, who wasn't happy for being a place like that). Seeing Jack on the balcony, Michelle decided to walk to him. Without no one notice, she started talking with him.

- Are you going to do it? - Michelle asked Jack, who leaned her eyes on her - Because I have to know when to take Jeff with me.

- In fifteen minutes, be outside - Jack said. Grabbing a drink, he went to the dance floor where Maryse was.

"He had no idea how the plan is only going to work for a side" Michelle thought to herself with a malicious smile. If the plan worked, Maryse wouldn't get back with Jack, but Jeff would get back with her. Watching her clock, she waited for those fifteen minutes. When three minutes were missing, Michelle went to look for Jeff. It didn't take her too long to end up finding him in a table with Shannon and Evan.

- Hi - Michelle greeted them and then walked to Jeff's side

- Are you enjoying the bar? - Jeff asked Michelle trying to make conversation. Since Maryse appeared he had started being rude with Michelle. It wasn't her fault if Maryse wasn't the girl he thought she was. In fact, he should thank Michelle for showing him who she really was.

- I'm feeling a little dizzy. I think I need some air - Michelle said getting ready to leave. She knew Jeff wouldn't let her go to the outside alone.

- I'm going with you - Jeff said and followed her. Both teenagers left the bar. It didn't take them too long to see Maryse and Jack, who seemed that were having a fight.

- I really don't understand you. One day we are together and in the other day you pushing me away - Jack yelled - Do you want me to go talk with Jeff? Do you want me to tell him the truth?

- What? - Maryse asked confused. She had no idea about what was Jack talking.

- Don't play innocent with me Maryse. It doesn't work anymore. Do you want me to tell Jeff that we were together while you were dating him? Did you forget that you only got with him to hurt him? - it seemed Jack had raised his voice - Stop with all the plays Maryse.

- You are crazy - Maryse exclaimed without believe in what was hearing - You should go see a doctor.

- And you should come with me - Jack replied - You know something, I'm not going to be one of your toys anymore. You are going to end up old and alone - with those words, Jack stormed me out of there.

"What did just happen?" Maryse asked herself and turned around ready to back to the bar. It didn't take her too long to see Jeff and Michelle. Noticing the way how Jeff was looking to her, she realized that he had heard Jack's words.

- You are unbelievable - without wait for an explanation, Jeff walked out of there. For the first time in her life, Maryse decided to follow him. She felt that she needed to tell him that everything he heard was a lie.

- If I were you, I wouldn't do it - Michelle spoke and didn't let Maryse go after him - I can't believe you did it to Jeff.

- I'm going to kill you - Maryse said doing finally what she always wanted since Michelle almost broke her knee: Maryse punched Michelle.

It had been two days since they had returned to WWE High School. Maryse had tried to explain Jeff that what Jack said was a lie, but he had ignored her.

- Get out of the bed - Natalya exclaimed removing the blankets that were covering Maryse's body.

- Leave me alone - Maryse mumbled. She had never felt so depressed in all her life. "I'm Maryse. I shouldn't be depressed because of some stupid guy" Maryse thought to herself.

- I think you are sick - Natalya exclaimed walking to the computer monitor - And it's one of those diseases related with heart problems.

- What? - Maryse asked sitting on the bed. Was Natalya joking or telling the truth?

- You should go see a doctor - Natalya told her and decided to check Alicia's blog - And it is better you tell that doctor everything you feel. Oh, and by the way go to a doctor called Jeff Hardy. Believe me after an appointment, you will feel a lot better.

- How funny - Maryse whispered and lied once again on the bed.

- Oh my God - Natalya almost yelled and turned to Maryse - You have to see this.

Nikki was in the library with her boyfriend, Dolph, when saw Brie entering in the same space. Without take her eyes from Brie, Nikki made a big decision.

- I'll be right back - Nikki said kissing Dolph's lips and then walked to her sister - Hi.

- Hi - Brie said very surprised. Was Nikki talking to her?

- So, I have been thinking and as Brian isn't anymore between us, I thought we could start talking with each other - Nikki told Brie, surprising her even more - I know we didn't get mad because of him, but my friends and your friends seem to be friendly now, so what do you think?

- I think it will be nice to not fight with you anymore - Brie said smiling. When she backed to school, Brie had decided to forget Brian. She wasn't going to suffer anymore because of him. And after all, there was a sea plenty of fight around her - Sisters?

- Sisters - Nikki said and both hugged each other. Breaking the hug, Nikki held Brie's hand - You have to meet Dolph. Maybe he has a hot friend to you.

- For the first time since I met you, you did a good thing - Brian said commenting with Alicia her blog - What happened with you?

- Stop being such an idiot - Alicia replied. She didn't want people to think she was nice - I only did what I did because I needed new articles. Not because I wanted to help your friends.

- I can't believe you have a good side - Brian exclaimed. The two were walking to the classroom.

- Well, you should know better your fake girlfriend - with those words Alicia stopped walking - You know now you can break up with me and get with Brie. Now, you don't have to choose one of the twins.

- Are you breaking up with me? - Brian asked very surprised.

- Well, we are only going to break up, if you want us to break up - Alicia exclaimed giving Brian a sign. She only hoped it was enough to the boy understand her intentions. After spending so much time with Brian, she had got used to his company. She even had started developing feeling for him.

- So, it means we only break up, if I decided to break up - Brian said and showed a little smile - I still needing a fake girlfriend. Just in case the twins decided to go after me again - holding Alicia's hand the two continued their away to the classroom.

- What do you want Jack? - Michelle asked not too happy. She didn't want to have anything more to do with Jack.

- You fooled me - Jack exclaimed very angry with the blonde - Your plan only made Maryse hate me.

- Jack, just leave me alone. If you don't know how to get a girl, I'm not going to teach you - Michelle replied and turned around to leave, but Jack stopped her.

- I think I'm going to have a little chat with Jeff and I'm going to tell him everything you did. I'm going to tell you that everything I said that night was a lie - Jack threatened Michelle - After it, you see if he wants to get back to you. I don't want to imagine when he learns you made all these plans.

- You better keep your mouth closed - Michelle advised him. Jeff was so close to get back to her, she wasn't going to let Jack destroy it - Don't even try to tell Jeff everything I did to break them.

Seeing a smirk on Jack's face, she looked to the place where he was looking. She couldn't believe in what was happening: Jeff was there.

- I never thought I would say it, but you two are perfect for each other - Jeff said with a smile crossing his face. "I have to say sorry to someone" Jeff thought to himself and walked out of there. He didn't want to hear Michelle's explanations; he only wanted to fix his relationship with Maryse.

- What was Jeff doing here? - Michelle asked fighting the tears who wanted to run from her eyes.

- I knew if I talked with Jeff, he wouldn't believe me. So, I decided to send him a message in your name - Jack explained to Michelle - It seems I'm smarter than you.

- I can't believe Michelle did what she did - Eve commented with Evan - We are best friends. I didn't know she could act like as a...

- As a bitch - Evan concluded Eve's sentence.

- I feel bad for her, but at the same time I don't. She shouldn't have done what she did to get Jeff - Eve exclaimed - And she shouldn't have done what she did to Maryse.

- What? - Evan asked very surprised. What was Eve trying to say about Maryse?

- Maryse isn't that bad as you think. When we went out, she helped us with the make-up. The dress I was wearing was hers - Eve told Evan surprising him - She can be nice when she wants.

- About what are you talking? - Shannon asked arriving at their side with Milena.

- Eve just told me Maryse can be a nice person - Evan exclaimed.

- Milena has been telling me it since we started dating - Shannon replied - Even if when we started dating Maryse was against it and expel her from her room.

- Maryse is a nice person with a great personality - Milena said defending her friend - She just has to learn how to deal with it. And Maryse has been changing.

- Yeah, right - Evan and Shannon said at the same time. Looking to each other, a smile crossed Milena and Eve's face. Without say a word, they elbowed their boyfriends. After all, they had said something wrong.

Printing the article Alicia wrote, Natalya gave it to Maryse - Read it. It will make you happier - with those words, Natalya left the room leaving Maryse alone.

At first, Maryse ignored the article, but then she decided to read it.

"If you don't love Spring Break, it is because you are crazy. Spring Break is the better time of the year and to me it was most than the best time of the year because I backed with shocking news.

I went to camp with a couple of friends. When I accepted the invite I knew something great would happen, I just didn't know it would be that great.

I was walking around the woods when a couple of voice caught my attention. One of them belonged to Maryse and the other to Jack. They were fighting with each other, I even thought it was a couple fight, but I had no idea how wrong I was. When Maryse left, I decided I was going to do the same thing (after all I wasn't going to lose my time watching Jack). When I was almost leaving a new voice was heard. This time the voice belonged to Michelle. Michelle and Jack had never been friends, what could they have to talk? I decided to stay there hearing and I think I did the best decision of my life. Those two were making up plans to make sure Jeff and Maryse wouldn't get back together.

I heard those plans. I know what you must have been thinking: That bitch could have ruined their plans. But to tell the truth I didn't take them too seriously. After all, Michelle has always been the good girl and Maryse the devil (it doesn't mean Maryse isn't the devil anymore). I could reveal the plan, but I think it is better to keep it to me. We don't want other girls doing the same thing.

Making it quickly: their plan worked (or at least they thought it worked). I know I should have gone talk with the people involved and not publishing the story, but then people wouldn't have a topic to talk about.

I don't feel bad for Michelle and I hope she gets what she deserves (aka Jeff and Maryse getting back together). And Jack, well, the guy will be just fine (Did you already see his body?). After all, Michelle was the mind.

So, Jeff and Maryse, if you are reading it just get back together because everything that happened was just a cruel plan."

- Hey - taking her eyes from the article, Maryse saw Jeff standing at the door - Can we talk?

- We already talked - Maryse replied remembering all those times she tried to talk with him and he ignored her - Did you read Alicia's article?

- Why? - Jeff asked confused and entered inside the room.

- If you didn't read it, you should. It's pretty good. One of her best - ignoring Jeff, she put her eyes on the paper.

Walking to Maryse, Jeff sat at her side. Maryse wanted to push him away, but she didn't do it. If he hadn't read the article, about what did he want to talk?

- I heard Jack and Michelle talking. I know you never did what Jack was yelling and I'm really sorry for it - Jeff told Maryse - I guess I should have believed in you, but after what happened when we broke up, I lost my trust in you.

- Do you have something more to tell me? - Maryse wasn't going to crawl once again as she did when she went to talk with him.

- Is there any chance of you not being involved with the fake money? - Jeff asked and Maryse smiled - I guess not.

- Something more? - Maryse questioned him once again. This time Jeff, didn't say a word. Getting closer of her, he kissed her lips.

- Is that enough? - Jeff asked when they broke apart - I wanted to give a try once again.

- I'm Maryse, I don't give second opportunities - Maryse said and saw Jeff's smile fading away - But as it's for you, I guess I can give you.

- Why am I special? - Jeff waited for an answer, but he never had it - You love me, right?

- I don't know what that word means - Maryse said wrapping her arms around his neck - Vous m'aimez aussi - without say another word, the couple kissed each other once again.

After so many fights and evil schemes, Jeff and Maryse were finally together. And with luck no one would interfere between them anymore.