Sesshomaru continued to dodge as black destructive light after black light continued to chase them down the halls. He could feel the hate and maliciousness consume all the energy around them, as if sucking the air dry of its life giving essence. It gave him little pause as to what their intent in the castle was. What had him fearful was how the energy fueling such a dark spell was spiritual in nature, but now almost demonic. It was dark priestess energy and with little doubt he knew it was locked onto Kagome. Without words both parties knew it was not chasing Sesshomaru, he was a bystander that was protecting her and would be damaged greatly by whatever nasty spell was pursing them.

Her own energy failed her and Kagome felt more of a failure than ever. Sesshomaru was now not only in danger because of her but on the run without the ability to do the one thing he had just sworn to do, protect his people.

Glancing around as best she could Kagome pulled from whatever was around her, desperately searching for anything that could assist. They were moving to quickly though and his movements were sporadic in hopes of catching the spell off guard. Not being okay with this on any level she summoned everything she could through the earth. Between the rock, fire and air around them Kagome prayed both her and Sesshomaru would be protected.

Out of the ground earth rose before them in a title wave of rock and slammed into one of the three spears chasing them. The mountain of earth disintegrated upon impact but caused a nasty reactionary bang that would have thrown Sesshomaru through a wall were he not such a seasoned warrior. Still two of them chased him.

Panting with effort as her eyes became dizzy Kagome tried to regain her breathing patterns. Their general malicious aura had both her and Sesshomaru drained.

In a further effort to escape Sesshomaru had launched himself into the familiar thrown room. It had been decimated in the attacks between nobles but remained standing enough to provide some shelter through the rubble. Neither had expected it to be occupied which is why both parties gasped in shock. The injured and their families that rested in the adjoining room had been corralled into this one. They too were under siege as demons entered through the windows and crumbling walls. Kagome watched as Sesshomaru evaded both the pursers and the innocents as best he could, not having time to strike down those that would do his people harm. The soldiers in the room did their best to protect the weak, but their small forces were nothing compared to the power sweeping throughout the room.

Sesshomaru made a dodge to the right only to see that the closest spear of light could not maneuver quickly enough. While they had until this point had a homing on Kagome and maneuvered around the participants. But this turn was to sharp. The small child could do nothing but stand there as the spell aimed itself straight for his chest.

Lashing out backwards with a poison whip Sesshomaru made contact with the vile spell to protect the child as best he could. The effect was near immediate. His fingers were consumed in black hatred as the power travelled up the poison whip in an attempt to fulfill its purpose before being obliterated. The current of energy that flowed back through his poison to his arm was clearly painful as something that could only be described as pure toxic waste traveled up his fingertips. She watched as it swirled briefly up his body but also disintegrated before another loud bang rocked the space. Looking down she watched as his arm had turned a disgusting black color, the decay nearly stopping above his elbow as it slowly began to travel up.

What kind of spell had Naraku sent after her that it could injure Sesshomaru like that?

Her heart broke as she realized what he must be experiencing, all in order to protect her. She knew this could not continue. She could not cause him this harm without her own heart breaking as well. She cared for him to much to let him break in this manner. In fact, she could even say she loved him. It was a horrible thought that struck her in that moment. She had been so jealous of the woman he would be with. She had been such a fool to not admit it to herself sooner, it was as if everything was made clear as day while he held her.

God damn it all she had fallen in love with him and his stupid stubborn face. And now he was about to be stuffed out by a monster intent on killing her.

So many people were in danger because of one mad man. One deranged sick man that held no regard for life. He reveled in causing pain and destroying beauty. All of these people would die if something did not change.

Steeling herself Kagome did something she knew she probably shouldn't have. It was a conscious decision but Kagome absolutely refused to put Sesshomaru in further danger or prevent him from protecting those he had sworn to watch over. Yanking herself out of his arms she tumbled to the ground. Sesshomaru instantaneously felt her loss from his limbs and turned midair in a horrified way as what they both knew would happen were she not able to run. The last spell hit her full force.

It was as if a tidal wave of bone shattering despair engulfed her entire form. The first things she noticed was how the spell engulfed her like water and she felt herself drowning in what could only be compared to a sea of ice. The ice seemed to cling to her and lift all sense of joy and warmth from her being. All that was good in the world vanished as if barely a memory. With this her body seemed to have a purely instinctual effect as bile poured from her mouth, Kagome's body seizing without restraint. The feeling of pain was nothing in comparison to the devastating loss that consumed her though. She did not know how but she knew this mind numbing consumption of her being needed to end. She did not want to survive if this continued.

Before it could further overtake her with its soul sucking nature she felt a heat overwhelm her body, starting at her neck. It burst forth like a roaring fire and it was only when Kagome opened her eyes that she saw that was exactly what it was. All but her fireproof clothes were disintegrated but she could breathe again. The fire battled with the dark light as they each attempted to outdo the other. She felt pulled in so many paths, one towards destruction and the other towards life. Eventually she felt a snap inside her as the black light seemed to extinguish. As it did so the fire around her began to dim, spent to its entirety . Dropping to her knee's and with no ability to keep herself up Kagome reached for the original source of the burning sensation. It had been the repaired string Malik had given her. Her eyes watered as the destroyed item turned to ash in her hand. Whatever magic he had infused with it was completely gone.

Moving into a sob Kagome felt her body lurch forward as tears engulfed her. She looked up in time to see Sesshomaru wide eyed, just outside of the black scorch marks surrounding the floor around her. Steeling herself and her near death experience Kagome reached for him. Every instinct in her told Kagome's body to go to him, to let him hold her until she felt safe again. Her word had felt so dark, as if completely over while that thing consumed her. She had wanted death, had wanted everything to be done in that brief moment. The level of hopelessness and pain was consuming. Now that she was safe every part of her wanted him near, to also know that he was safe. She wanted him to be there and never let her go. In that moment Kagome was aware that she trusted him with everything. Her life, her friends, her family, her dreams, her goals and above all her soul.

Just as she called out for him Kagome watched as another black light dashed into the room. She watched in slow motion as Sesshomaru tried darting forward but he was too late. She knew it before he registered the threat, the burnt flavor in the air undoubtedly having impaired his senses. It hit her square in the chest before Kagome even had the chance to cry out loud.

The pain came back tenfold as if seeking vengeance for its destroyed counterparts. There was no spell this time, not protection to save her from her own self-sacrificing ways. No string, no jewel, no Sesshomaru. The darkness that consumed her was mind numbing and she could not bear it. Nothing could ever prepare a person for what she was experiencing and eventually she had to let go. She had to let go of reality and truth just to keep her sanity. What shocked her though was the spell itself, it was designed to decompose. Not to kill, not to destroy but to put someone in a decompensating state to where they would give in to anything. What's more it was designed to work first on her memory. Why Naraku wanted to destroy her memories and as a failsafe her body she was not sure. Did he plan on using her somehow? Perhaps to turn her against her friends? Or was it just another way to torture her. To take everything she loved before killing her.

The pain and shock continued to grip her as things started to disappear. She could practically feel as events began to fade away. Her memory of her mother went first; she could suddenly not remember what the woman looked like. Next were her other family members, a birthday slowly disappeared followed by crying as a child at the god tree. She remembered crying but could not recall for what purpose. Had someone passed away? Or left her? Surely she would remember something so significant.

Next were her friends, it was as if a form of a man and a woman grew faint in her mind. She could see an outline of someone important to her but any memories paired with them were missing. She felt fleeting affection but had no concept as to why. There was also a child with them. He was young, but not too young. The immediate impression was that he was coddled but that thought passed as well. Eventually all three figures were nothing more than dust in her mind only to be overrode by screams.

And then the process continued.

Sesshomaru's heart sunk as the black light engulfed the one person in this world he cared for more than all others. Her near naked body covered in a deep black hue as he felt his legs give out from under him. Clutching his arm to his torso due to the pain Sesshomaru desperately tried to gather himself. He stretched briefly and an agonizing howl reached his lips. Looking down at the arm he cradled Sesshomaru watched as black vines of light continued to crawl up his body. While the spell had not been intended for him it still reacted aggressively. It had been a mistake to attack it as he had but he had not been able to outrun it.

He felt a stabbing sensation in his back as one of Naraku's minions wisely took advantage of his shock, of his pain. They had slashed at his spine and had violently carved a ribbon of meat from his body. One of the other guards dispatched the creature as Kagome laid limp before him, his focus entirely on her. He only registered that the creature had been killed by the fact that no new slicing pain overtook him.

While on his knees Sesshomaru crawled to the woman who would never know who she was to him. His eyes bleed red and his energy cascaded around him. She was dying, something in her was dying and he could feel it. He could feel her soul disappearing in a way that was unnatural. It was as if everything that she was, that made her Kagome was leaving her.


She was his.

Sesshomaru let lose a ferocious growl with the sole purpose of saying everything he never could. It permeated across the land as it conveyed complete and terrible agony; the growl turning into a devastating howl. His grief, his pain, his loss, his anger, all rolled into that one sound. Glass and wood shattered around him from the sheer volume of it, the pitch reaching across a cavern of space previously unknown to the world. But he knew she would never hear it, he had been to late in telling her all that she meant.

He had been such a coward.

With her in his arms and his neck raised to the sky energy swirled, time itself breaking before them. The items in the room froze but neither participant was aware enough to notice. Neither Kagome nor Sesshomaru heard the joining howls. Neither heard as Inuyasha instinctively matched his brother, as Touga answered from the underworld with his own response. Neither party heard the sounds of the dead dog demon line join from beyond the grave as they felt the earth shattering pain of their descendant.

What Kagome felt though was love, complete and utter love. She had no concept of time or purpose; memory or thought. She knew this feeling though and while she could not place it something in her very being called towards it. It needed her; it called to her in a way that she could not ignore. Even through the pain and confusion an instinctual part of her felt a desire. It heard the call to her even if she did not know how it knew her, or even who she herself was. The pain did not recede but it was as if she had woken and her guiding light was near, just out of reach. Mentally running towards this comfort and this kindness Kagome bypassed everything else. The bleakness around her that encouraged sleep and fatigue was nothing compared to this drive to find what was hers. For some undeniable reason she felt no doubts, no insecurity only that this creature that made such a noise was home among this world of pain.

He was hers.

Pushing herself through the blank mess further Kagome panted as she came across a lone figure bathed in light. He was mostly faded but still she could see a wisp of silver surrounding him. The eyes were no longer visible but she had the flashing thought of sunrises. Her heart lurched as she felt an overwhelming pull to hug this creature, this man. Would he cause more pain or would he take it away? Launching herself forward she collided with him as a solid body engulfed her. Arms seemed to wrap around her and a piecing howl burst forth at a new pitch and echoed with the sounds of others. Everything around them seemed to scatter as if wind, leaving nothing but them standing together as one being.

He was her everything, he was her world and she would never let him go. She did not know much but she did know that.

Around Sesshomaru the winds picked up and pure energy surrounded his form. A burst of force pulsed from both him and Kagome destroying everything around them. Demons and building alike were thrown as if twigs in the wind, the force behind the two creatures destroying everything malicious in sight. A core power of magical energy cascaded the flow as the destructive invading demons were overwhelmed by power, their own forms dying upon impact with the second burst of demonic and pure energy. Those that remained on the ground buried their heads into the dirt in an attempt to protect what little of themselves that they could as trees ripped from the earth and mountains seemed to form beneath their feet.

When the first child looked up from beneath the protective body of their parent they were shocked to see that not one timber of the castle remained. The ground had shattered as well, new rivets and springs from the ground filling the area. The child's eyes widened as the glowing pair in the middle held on to one another, neither taking awareness to what was around them.

Eventually Sesshomaru's eyes opened as he squeezed the figure closer to him, the new scent and rush of proper blood flow in his ears drawing him back to reality. The red gaze took in the complexion and form of the woman in front of him. Her skin had taken on a lighter but somehow healthier tone, her aura glowing with energy. Pearly white wings larger than her body protruded from her back as silvery swirls seemed to dance across her skin playfully. What shocked him the most was the clearly present crescent moon on her forehead.

In his arms slept the reborn woman he loved more than life itself.

Whatever spell had trapped her was gone and he knew in his heart that she had fully evolved into what she was meant to be, a celestial.

She was beautiful.

She was alive.

She was his.

The woman was nearly ripped from his arms though as a foul stench overtook his senses. Twisting his head to face what filth would dare impede on her presence Sesshomaru watched as what was left of the creature known as Naraku stumbled forward. He was staggering as his body bleed dead absorbed demons from his body, the wounds from the mating he witnessed damaging him beyond immediate repair.

Sesshomaru gently placed Kagome on the ground and watched as the plant life surrounded her comfortingly. Trust of the universe indeed.

As he turned to face the monster before him Sesshomaru permitted his baser instincts to take hold. The demon in him knew what needed to be done. He knew Naraku's dirt of an existence could not remain in this world. This man had threatened everything dear to him and Sesshomaru was in no mood for mercy. Some things it was best that Kagome slept through for the carnage that was about to happen would have never left her memory.

As the two stepped forward to face each other Naraku looked at the sleeping woman, "They told me that she was special, that I should make her mine."

Sesshomaru bristled and flexed his claws, realizing quickly that the spell he absorbed to protect the child had also been nullified. His energy was near non-existent but the pain and sickness that would have overtaken him was gone.

But Naraku continued as if in his own shock, "I killed seven dark priestesses to craft those spells and still she went to you. She should have never remembered you, she should have been killed by the decay had she tried."

Sesshomaru readied his stance as he ignored all fatigue in his system, "You underestimate her. I did so once and it cost me my arm, now yours will cost you your life."

Naraku laughed as he pulled a sword from his belt. The left arm that was still attempting to heal itself twisted awkwardly as said demon laughed, "Her power will be mine, you cannot protect her. Even if I die there will be others. She is too great."

Sesshomaru actually gave the man thought before launching into the fight. There would be others who would attempt to take her from him. But currently his opponent was Naraku and in this moment in time it was all he cared about. "Die."

And then he launched himself claws ready.

Naraku parried the blow and swiped towards Sesshomaru's middle. A tentacle came from another direction but was quickly side stepped as Sesshomaru used his speed to assist in his quarry. His own swords had been in his room when this had begun and all he could do was dodge effectively. He saw an opening and ripped at Naraku, the man pulled a fast one and make a kick to Sesshomaru. Within half a second Sesshomaru twisted his body and made a decision to sacrifice himself for the killing blow. Purposefully stepping into the attack he caught Naraku's blade with his palm, the knife going directly through his bone up to the hilt of the blade, slicing as if butter.

He used the momentum Naraku had used to pursue him as he thrusted his other hand straight through Naraku's chest. On the other side of the demon's back was Sesshomaru's blood soaked hand, a beating heart resting in it. Naraku's eyes widened as he realized the folly in his eagerness.

In an effort to rectify his choice all tentacles wrapped around Sesshomaru in a vice grip, seizing and yanking apart at the same time. Naraku twisted the blade deep in Sesshomaru's palm while bone shattered from the movement. Debilitated momentarily by pain Sesshomaru tried to remember the function of his other hand. Before Sesshomaru could squeeze the beating heart a flash of light blinded them both and he dropped the blackened heart.

It took more than a few seconds for each demon to recovery but it was a wailing sound that brought Sesshomaru fully back to the present. Naraku began screaming as they both dropped to the ground. In a hazy state he looked as Kagome stood before them, her wings wide in furry and eyes glowing with power. Her hair angrily flew around her despite the lack of wind. Her bare feet walked up to the struggling demon and he clutched his open chest. His heart had rolled somewhere to the ground and Kagome's eyes had located it quickly. Her foot smashed onto it as she screamed, "This is for Inuyasha and Kikyo."

He gushed blood from every open pore as her anger took over the grounds.

"This is for Sango and Miroku."

Dropping to her knees Kagome's tears took over as she smashed what was left of the nearly dead object, "For Kagura, and Kouga and everyone else you were so bent on destroying."

Making eye contact with the demon she glared daggers, eyes still watering, "But most of all, this is for you. For the person you could have been had you not given your soul to something so disgusting as unchecked and vengeful jealousy."

With every ounce of her being she smashed the heart, a medium sized crater forming around her.

Sesshomaru grabbed her as she continued to cry over the black object. Pulling her towards his arms he watched as the life left the broken man. His body stopped pulsing and his eyes glazed over. It did not feel over though so he continued to wait as the woman before him sobbed. His eyes narrowed as he watched a demonic spider crawl from the dead man's mouth. First its legs tentatively stepped from the throat, the pinchers dripping venom and red eyes glancing around nervously. The creature's body was starting to become too large for Naraku's mouth as the lips began to tear apart skin as if fabric to make way for it.

Finally he understood.

Naraku had truly sold his soul.

With a quick whip his acid was out and he drenched what was left of the creature in acid. Briefly he heard the squeals of something dying but re-directed his attention to the woman whom he was cradling.

"He is dead Kagome, it is all over."

She gripped his clothing tighter and nearly pulled herself into him as if trying to make them one person, "He is dead, he is gone." Kagome tried saying this a few times, the reality of it all slowly sinking in.

Sesshomaru permitted her whatever she needed as he felt the desperation in her hold. The fact that she was standing before him in his arms was a near relief that almost left him sobbing. Instead he was her support and her solid ground. "He cannot hurt anyone again," was what Sesshomaru continued to say.

Kagome nodded as tears continued to pour, "I was so broken Sesshomaru. He broke me but somehow you were there. You were the one thing I knew was true."

Sesshomaru's grip around her waist would have been painful with how tight it was across her back, his demon strength unable to contain itself at being able to hold her after such fear had engulfed him.

Her wings fluttered responsively in the breeze, he had the strangest urge to run in claws through the delicate feathers. Instead he settled for her hair as he calmed the woman down with his touch. Rocking her back and forth gently he murmured in her ear how she was safe. That he would never let her go. That he would always come for her. As he did this his nose registered others moving about, the approaching form of her comrades and pack.

Sesshomaru watched as they each took in the site of her, beautiful and standing before them. The glow on her skin, the calming of her presence and the gentle movement of her hair clearly defining her as something other worldly. In her own distraught state she did not recognize them or that others were even present.

Inuyasha was the first to speak as he tentatively stepped forward, "Kag's?"

Her crying slowly decreased as she pushed herself away from Sesshomaru's body, her eyes glancing over to her friend. With new hope in her eyes she launched herself towards him and hugged him fiercely muttering, 'you are okay' over and over again.

Clearly unsure of how to handle the wings he grabbed her lower waist and pulled her just as close, "Yeah, though it was a close one. I don't really know what happened. One sec I was fighting and the next thing I know some power burst knocked me on my ass."

Kagome squeezed him tighter, "I couldn't – I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember anything and I was so lost. I couldn't find you."

Not being able to make sense of what she was saying he just placed his chin against her cheek and let her drop to the ground, his own body supporting her as she fell. Malik was the next to approach and she had immediately reached up to grab his hand in her own, as if reassuring herself of his presence but not wanting to let her friend go either. Malik's other hand rested atop her head as he said nothing in response.

Eventually Kagome found her bearings and pulled herself up to her feet. Wiping her tears away she turned back to Sesshomaru to say something but something caught her eye. A flash of white behind her that she attempted to see but could not. Turning again briefly she looked at Naraku's dead body. It was as if the fear he instilled returned momentary. He saw it across her face, the fear that the spider demon was playing more tricks on her. Perhaps this was the dream and she was still in that terrible world.

Seeing her confusion Sesshomaru stepped forward to ease her. It was no trick of Naraku's that she could not catch but the fluttering of her own wings, "He is dead Kagome."

Sniffling Kagome glanced around and tensed momentarily. After a few more seconds she stated nervously, "Then what was behind me?" She turned again only to miss whatever it was again. He could see her fear at the possibility of having an unknown enemy near her after whatever Naraku had done. She was clearly still shaken up and rightly so. Determined to ease her fears Sesshomaru moved forward and caught her wrist, "They are yours Kagome."

She stopped turning and looked at him briefly as she tried wiping away her tears, "What are mine?"

Inuyasha took a step back as everything made sense. He had more knowledge than her on the topic and immediately turned towards Malik in shock, "She transformed? Is that what those are? But she needed to mate Sesshomaru in order for that to happen."

Malik frowned at the boy he obviously deduced to be stupid, "Yes, and I presume that happened mid battle."

Inuyasha went back and forth between the couple and the cat demon, "They had sex mid battle?! What the fuck is wrong with them?"

Kagome's shriek quickly filled the empty space as she tumbled back nearly into the ground. Sesshomaru, who had not been prepared for such a statement, was not the one to catch her. Instead it was one of the demon children who had crept forward, the castle's inhabitant's standing and moving forward to surround their protectors.

Malik's glare continued with complete exhaustion in his voice, "As discussed previously mating is not rutting, if you thought that was what needed to happen that is entirely due to your own imagination."

Inuyasha stared in shock and he glanced at Kagome, "What the fuck Kagome?"

Even after crying so hard her cheeks turned an embarrassed red even as nothing made sense to her. Why was he angry with her? She felt like she knew even less than he did. And when did her and Sesshomaru mate? And how did that not include sex? And why was everyone talking about her and Sesshomaru having sex? Why could she now not stop thinking about sex with Sesshomaru? The amount of red of her face was akin to Inuyasha's clothing, of that Kagome was sure.

Before she could ask anything Sesshomaru offered his palm to her. His gaze was gentle and she instinctively felt the peaceful feeling in his eyes. Before she could ask he directed her to one of the pools of water that was now forming from one of the craters of their shared energy blast. Placing her hand delicately in his she looked up at him expectantly. Kagome was past the days of doubting him. After a few moments he turned and began to walk, "Your soul was not that of an average human Kagome, it was far greater than anything any of us have come to know. My father discovered it during his time with you and used it to his advantage. When the three of us learned I was…furious."

The surrounding members of the household staff and guards parted for their Lord and Lady, each making a pathway to the water so she could see.

"He put you in danger, no matter what the reward was none of us were willing to lose you on the more than likely chance of your death. It seemed we were ignorant in our attempt to try and control the situation and you made that choice yourself."

Kagome stopped where she was before they reached the water. Placing her hand on Sesshomaru's chest she pushed him away briefly, "I knew you were hiding something from me. Why? Why keep something about me from myself? I don't even know what it is yet but I know it is about me."

Sesshomaru permitted her anger to remain and absorbed the feeling, just excited that she was indeed standing before them. The fact that she had mated him and survived showed that no matter what she loved him. She loved him more than anything in the world and he felt the same. He would take whatever anger she had knowing it was deserved. "I was afraid. Fear drove me and the thought of rejection from you was somehow worse than watching you die. I couldn't handle the idea of being rejected or being unable to protect you. With your illness it was made even more clear how inadequate I was. I could not even provide for you, even now our home is destroyed."

She knew that fear because she had her own. She had not wanted to confront her own feelings but part of her resented him for it. He was the almighty demon lord, she wanted him to be the brave one and be honest. She hadn't even known how she felt till yesterday with Sango, how long had he been aware? Then again she had not been giving him signs of reciprocation because she was so lost herself. She hadn't been allowed to like him. He was Inuyasha's older brother. Focusing on something less painful Kagome scoffed as she actively ignored the statement of them having a home together, "That's fine; I have a castle now remember. Your argument for secret keeping from me is totally invalid by your own standards."

Sesshomaru scoffed, "The castle is new and you quite literally ran from me after that."

Kagome looked at him again as she tried to put time lines together while dismissing his statement, "You were going to tell me this weren't you? Right as we were attacked?"

Sesshomaru paused before nodding. He was not entirely sure what he had planned to tell her. Possibly his feelings? Or her celestial status? Or the mating? Perhaps it would have been all of the above. He did know though that he was going to tell her everything he could without overwhelming her. He had been prepared for that rejection after a day of being forbidden to see her as she rested.

Kagome moved her hand and frowned, "And what would I reject about you? I already know you are a domineering alpha with legitimate control issues. I assure you if I could handle your father's torment I could handle any revelation you had to share. My only concern would be Inuyasha and you two…solved that."

Sighing Sesshomaru tried to find words to express himself knowing fully this was not what he was good at, "You would run, every time I started talking about a spouse or feelings you would run. How was I to tell you that I loved you?"

Kagome felt her own anger rise, "Of course I would run, do you have any idea how hard it was for me to hear you talk about someone else-" she paused as his full sentence reached her. With a deep intake of air Kagome tried to gather herself, "You love me?"

Glad that his point had finally been made he nodded. While he knew she felt the same through their bond it was different to think that it was finally being spoke out loud. The shock across her face was palpable. While it was pointless now he had been determined to keep her in the dark for her own safety. Yes he would have been miserable but she would have passed on without regret. Kagome had never been one to follow a guideline though. Before he could explain further her face morphed to one of understanding, "So I wasn't making it up? The comment about the eyes and what Sango said, it wasn't just wishful thinking on my part?"

Not knowing what she was speaking of he tried answering something else, "I knew how I felt but it would place you in danger and give false hope to many. I thought you could not feel as I did so when we learned of a cure for your ailments it was only Inuyasha to not immediately dismiss it."

She looked up at him, "You were my cure?"

He shook his head, "No, I was your stability. You were my cure."

Kagome's eyes watered again and before he could say anything further she blurted out, "I love you too. I love your protectiveness, and your wit. I love how vulnerable you have become with me and I love that nothing would stop you from protecting the ones that you love."

He was not a man of many words and in his opinion he had already said to many. Instead he pulled Kagome close and did what he had been wanting to for ages. He pressed his lips against her own and devoured the creature that was her. Her scent, her energy and her taste overwhelmed him completely and for the first time in his life he felt complete. When she responded back to him in full, her body clearly reacting to his need another part of him snapped in the most erotic way possible. He had visions of what they could do together and the life they could form. Only with the greatest effort did he pull away and with great satisfaction he watched as her eyes remained closed in bliss. "I called to you instinctively when I thought you were leaving this world, leaving me. You did much the same and your spirit sought me out through no conscious awareness of either of us."

Kagome eventually opened her eyes and he saw the hunger there, "My mate." He did not know how she knew the term or its significance but he could truly not care. He had her and she had him. Without even knowing it she had given in to him and him to her.

Pressing his forehead to hers he stated with her, "My mate."

After a few more minutes he pressed his hands to her shoulders and pushed her towards the reflection in the surface of the water. When he heard her gasp he stated, "You are light and compassion, strength and power. And now you are also what you were always meant to be."

Kagome had lived through hundreds of years with her pack and family by her side. It had been an adjustment with her body and abilities throughout that time. Even to this day she continued to grow and develop into something more. The earth responded to her even stronger and she held no doubt that given time she would continue to do so.

Sesshomaru and her had spent a large amount of time learning one another and building their relationship. They had gone about the relationship thing rather backwards and together they grew. Despite the mating there was still much they needed to discover about the other and the communication they had to build. It was obvious that the things they loved about one another were as damaging at other times. Her stubborn need to help everyone caused almost as many arguments as his dominating personality. The worst was when Inuyasha decided to side with him and she had two idiots to convince.

But they thrived. To this day she did not think she could love the man more only to be surprised day and day out. Initially they had remained closer to Inuyasha's forest as they provided support and love to their friends. Kagome had refused to leave Sango's and Miroku's side for close to 30 years until their aging had gotten the better of her. She knew it would be difficult to remain as involved as she was when their passing was close. So she had asked her mate to take her away, visiting every year or so to help with the ache. It blessed her to her core when she finally made the connection, their connection.

Sango and Miroku had settled their family near the god tree and well house to protect it from others and ensure her future passage to their time line. It only made sense that they were her ancestors. The day she discovered that she cried with joy; her moments with them, their children and their descendants over the years meaning so much more to her.

Fate had a tricky way of playing with you.

Rin and Shippo both grew up with them in the castle in the sky. Rin had, much to Sesshomaru's dismay, grown into a beautiful woman full of adventure. She had become one of the first human women to rule in her era and although it was not documented it still gave her father pride. Her remaining descendants had moved to the America's some hundred years ago and disappeared within the masses. She was aware that Sesshomaru still searched for a familiar scent when he visited the states but knew better than to say anything. It was a partial wish of her's that her father's side who was from there somehow connected to Rin as Miroku and Sango had to her mother.

Shippo was mostly grown, attending college for the 5th time. Each demon aged differently depending on their power level of internal life span. He resembled that of a 20-year-old and continued to have a personality of a teenager. The mind of a fox was always active and learning new things seemed to have made him a perpetual student of life. While it was odd to have her son look closer in age to her than anyone it again spoke to both her and her mate's power. She only hoped one day Shippo would stop long enough to look for his own love. It seemed his standard was very high.

Malik was a less constant figure. After the battle he had traveled and left Japan. He had stayed for the initial few years as she adjusted to what she was but there was restlessness in him that she knew well. He was always there when she needed him though. Often times Sesshomaru would reach out to the cat demon for advice but everyone knew he was her get away. Whether it was from being a lady, Inuyasha being a complete jackass or Sesshomaru being too controlling. One call to Malik and she was gone on holiday and the boys were properly reprimanded by the former warlord. In the 1800's he had started a shipping company in England that had now become one of the leading trade companies in the world. To be fair his competitors never stood a chance what with Kagome's knowledge of history and Malik's general background. Her being partial owner of the company certainly helped as well.

And Inuyasha, her loveable friend was still a constant in her life. Out of everything he had remained true to himself and would forever be her brother. He had hardly left her side after him and Sesshomaru were ruling western Japan. Together they strategically placed rulers across the lands that would protect what they had built, knowing that the age of humans was coming. Ruler ship had suited him but she knew he sighed a calming breath when they had both removed themselves from the spotlight. It had come as a shock to everyone when he announced to Sesshomaru his intent to marry Rin's great granddaughter. That was a battle for the ages. He was older now, most likely in his 30's but their two daughters were perfect. He had another child with a full demon that was just involved but far younger, either of their demon heritage prolonging their time among the pack.

Among all of that Kagome had remained her positive loving snarky self. She had always believed that the best was yet to come and every day was a true blessing. Her and Sesshomaru had seen beauty beyond imagination and saved the world from numerous foes. But still, this moment scared her more than anything she had ever faced.

"I can't do it," she stated while turning towards her mate with her face buried in his chest.

He chuckled, "Kagome, you have faced demon's larger than this house. If anyone should be afraid it is I. I have never met them before."

Kagome pulled away and punched him in the chest, "Be supportive! Let me panic!"

Laughing openly he reached down and pulled their three-year-old daughter into his arms. She was a full blooded demon with dark hair, golden eyes and a penchant for scratching the couch with her claws when not getting the amount of dessert she believed she should have. Personally Kagome blamed Sesshomaru as he spoiled her far more than was healthy.

Huffing she crossed her arms. With a slight roll of his eyes he directed her back towards the stairway and up the looming steps, "I thought that is what these last few years were, you panicking and then coming up with a reason not to visit."

She pulled his arm down towards her and stopped. Before she could respond their daughter saw a bird and had launched herself into the trees. Groaning, mainly because she knew said tree's would recall her stubborn child back to her with just a thought, Kagome directed them to keep Imira safe. "It has been over 500 years Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru shook his head, "For you, it has been two years for them. If I recall you wanted them to be involved in the birth of this child and could not stand to think of your mother not being present."

Kagome placed her hands over her stomach, "That was crazy pregnancy hormones talking. You remember what I was like back in the 1700's with Imira. And since when do husbands want to meet in-laws anyways?"

He nuzzled her cheek, "Since always, but it became particularly true when our daughter asked me about her other grandparents and how much she wanted to meet them."

Kagome froze as she registered her mate's words. He did not. Pushing him to the side Kagome launched herself up the stairs as her wings nearly appeared at the adrenaline rush. It would be the destruction of a beautiful dress if she lost her cool now. It took far more concentration than anyone realized to keep those hidden. By the time she reached the top of the old shrine stairs her mouth dropped.

Before her was her mother handing a flower to a small demon child, her demon child. She looked older but not by much. The smile lines across her mouth were still there but a deeper tint of gray was present, something Kagome had not remembered from before. Kagome's rush of emotions overwhelmed her and a sense of dread and joy nearly kicked her feet out from under her. Eventually her daughter turned towards her and cupped the small items in her hands, "Look momma, look what grandma gave me!"

Kagome and her mother's eyes met at the same time. Within moments both had stepped towards each other and the older woman was holding Kagome fiercely. Nearly laughing with joy and suddenly understanding Sesshomaru's initial fear of rejection to a far greater extent Kagome carefully hugged her back.

By the time they pulled away both women were crying. Kagome's mother wiped a tear from her daughters face and stated "I missed you my daughter, but Ken assured me you would come back when ready."

Kagome hiccupped, "Uncle Ken?" she stated knowing fully that she was referencing Malik's persona in this time period.

Her mother nodded, "The day you took your last trip in the well he came here. He explained that it would not work again but that you were alive and healthy, and that we would see you again. He said that you were happy and mated a demon, with a small grandchild that I would know once you gathered the courage to see us."

Kagome smiled at the continued insight and protectiveness of Malik. He always knew just what she needed.

"Is that why you never held a service?"

Kagome saw her mother nod, "No reason to announce you dead when I would see you again."

"Grandfather? Souta?" she asked almost desperately. She knew they were alive as she had kept close tabs on her family once she started recognizing her lineage.

"All very much excited for the day when you came back," she stated calmly.

Kagome watched as her mate and daughter came from the sidelines, the girl now acting shy in front of her parents. Kagome clutched her mate's hand and introduced her family. "Momma, this is Sesshomaru my mate, Shippo my other son who is somewhere in France and a granddaughter named Rin who passed some years ago. The youngest of your grandchildren is here. This is Imira who is three and…" Kagome patted her flat stomach, "and five days ago we found out that there will be one more."

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