X-MEN/Spiderman – Hidden Within

AU: After deverstating events Peter Parker finds himself being taken in by the X-MEN. What if Spiderman gained his powers at a younger age? What if he was hiding something from them that could be...?

Chapter 3: Discovery

Last time

As she left she didn't notice the curious eyes watch her leave.

Xavier's Institute

"Chuck, we need to talk..." Wolverine said walking into Professor Xavier's office.

"What bothers you Logan?" Charles Xavier asked seeing the man seemed to debating over something, unsure of what to say.

"...I have a problem I need your help with and I'm not to sure what to do."

Xavier's Institute

Xavier's POV

Charles Xavier founder of the X-men and headmaster of his school for gifted youngsters, was busy searching the globe with Cerebro for any new mutants when he felt Logan's presence coming towards the room before the man had even opened the door. When Logan had entered the room, the normal, well as normal as Logan usually was, was not himself, his thoughts told him that much.

"Chuck, we need to talk..."

"What bothers you Logan?" he asked seeing the man seemed to be debating over something, unsure of what to say.

"...I have a problem I need your help with and I'm not to sure what to do." Logan answered over the time Logan had spent here this was the first time Charles had seen the Canadian man be unsure about anything. "There's a kid I need to take care off."

'A child?' The look on my face, he caught on quickly.

"No, not mine. But I'm closest he's got to family, being his godfather"

"I see this is a predicament for you. Though I have to admit Logan, I didn't know that you had friends well acquainted with."

The man signed. 'An emotional response'

"They're dead. I was working for alpha flight in Canada at the time when I met an American couple that was working for a different organisation that became Shield. I saved their lives, they saved my life etc. etc. After a few years of working along side them, we became good friends. I was best man at their wedding and the first to congratulate them when they discovered she was pregnant with the kid."

"I see, what happened?"

"They died when he was a month old, plane crash over Russia. I gave the kid to his aunt and uncle, they did a decent job in bringing him up than I could've done, but now..."

"And now they are dead as well, how?"

"Uncle died in a car jacking when the kid was eight, his aunt a year go. The kid was twelve at the time Charles and I only just found out just recently because of Furry."

"This certainly puts you in a predicament doesn't it. With an open mind, he could stay here with you and the other kids."

"I don't know how open mined he will be Chuck, especially with everything that's happened. The kids might make him uncomfortable. I don't know if he's a mutant or nor."

"You can't just ignore this Logan-"

Cerebro began beeping frantically as it ever did when a new mutant manifestation had occurred.

"Mhm, looks like we have a new mutant on the scene" Charles continued though he gave Logan a look telling him the conversation wasn't over yet.

'Discovered mutant signature and match to missing records.'

"Missing records, who would-"

An image was categorised of the person, caused Logan to let out a gasp in shock to it was.

'-complete, identity confirmed. Name: Peter Parker. Last location Manhattan Mall. Age fourteen.'

"...Peter..." Logan managed to gasp out in shock. 'Wait isn't that where the kids are?'

"Is this the young man you were telling me about?"

"Yeah that's him aright. Though I expected him to look at least a year older." Logan answered looking closer at the image.

"Could be that his mutation is making him look younger" 'Charles...'

"Yes Storm?"

"Turn to channel five now, I believe you need to see this...' he typed into his console as a holographic image of the news appeared in front of both him and Logan. Where a young woman was reporting news live from Manhattan Mall. You could tell an explosion of some kind had occurred as there was a massive whole in the ceiling.

'All witnesses question have conflicted that the super villain, the Shocker a.k.a Herman Schultz caused the attack on Manhattan Mall just an hour ago and is being taken back to prison over this strange attack. But this ladies and gentleman is the more shocking news. Two young women were seen being pulled out of the way of a falling column by some kind of rope. One of the women fallowed their saviour out of the mall, let go to Harvey Dail for more on this strange predicament. Was it a mutant or a boy who was lucky to have some rope to use to save-'

"It looks like you can't ignore this anymore and neither can I Logan."

"He'll be difficult to find if we don't know where he's staying" Logan said still looking at the image of the boy.

"Hmm, looks like Laura is going to have a younger brother now..."

Well, here's chapter 3. Hoped you readers liked it.