Arthur had just come back from a long day at work, but nothing had prepared him for that sight. He dropped his leather jacket out of surprise and the sound it made when it hit the floor made Curt quickly turn around.

"What... why... this..." That was all Arthur could utter.
"Hey there! It's late, what the fuck took you so long? Last minute interview with David Bowie?"

Arthur was too stunned to register Curt's remark. The only thing he registered in fact was the state of his living room. Well, their living room since Curt had decided to permanently move in a week before.

"What... What is this?" Arthur finally exclaimed.
"All this!" he replied, gesturing toward the painted walls and the numerous stains that covered Curt's clothes and hair.

Curt burst out laughing and, within a few strides, stood right in front of Arthur, just a foot away from him.

"That's me making myself at home!"
"By ruining my walls?"
"By ruining our walls." the blond rectified.

He closed the gap between him and Arthur and wrapped his arms around his waist. Before his lover could protest and point out (rightly so) that he was going to put paint all over him, Curt quickly added:

"And I'm not 'ruining' them. See all these colors? They're here to represent the two of us. We're bold as love Arthur, and I don't give a fuck if it sounds sappy 'cos nobody can say a damn bad thing about old Jimi's lyrics."

And that time, although he was too stunned to say anything, Arthur smiled a wide and sincere smile. Thank God for Curt Wild, painted walls and Jimi Hendrix - that was all he could think of right now.