The Sheriff's daughter.

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The Sheriff of Nottingham had a secret. He had family. He'd kept a child secret for many years. Now to his horror, his sins appeared to come and get him. The mother had decided it was time that he accepted his responsibilities and see how the child had grown. The Sheriff had only ever paid his way, much to the shock of anyone that he did that much. He watched as a carriage pull up outside and groaned. However much to his delight a familiar face returned. Sir Guy of Gisborne, over-took the carriage on horse-back. However as he had just returned from Prince John, the delight of the Sheriff was short lived. Sir Guy collapsed from his horse, as the carriage door opened. A young woman looked down at him, she was quite concerned. The Sheriff was practically hanging from the open window. The young woman, with black hair and hazel eyes looked up at him. He grinned nervously and she raised an eyebrow and looked back at Sir Guy.

"Welcome home darling!" Cried the Sheriff.

"Where has my mother sent me?" She asked.

Sir Guy was taken to a physician and the young woman, was led to the Sheriff. He did his best to welcome her with open arms, but found that his arms were not welcome.

"Jane! It's been too long!" He said.

Jane dodged her father's embrace. The Sheriff looked quite put out and confused. She turned back to him. The expression she wore made it clear that there was no love loss between them in her opinion.

"Fifteen years. I see that even now you treat people no better than you did then. Oh don't worry I'm not jealous. Just nice to know that it isn't just your family you dislike." Said Jane.

"If, my dear you are referring to the man who fell from his horse, that had nothing to do with me, directly. Gisborne has just returned from London." Informed the Sheriff.

Jane looked interested.

"The famous Sir Guy?" She asked.

"Famous? For what? Mistakes? Incompetence?" Added the Sheriff.

"Not quite father. You'll find women couldn't care less about politics." Replied Jane.

The Sheriff looked confused. Jane smiled and looked quite calculating.
"Why do I get the feeling you're not just here to see your old dad?" He asked.

Jane tried to look innocent, however she was her father's daughter. Behind those hazel eyes was plotting and planning and a web of deceit.

"Father, you almost insult me." She added.

Meanwhile the outlaws were amazed at the news that had reached their ears from the locals. Robin and his men all exchanged amused and confused expressions.

"A daughter? Nottingham?"

"It reproduced. That's disgusting!"

"That'll do Munch. She might be his daughter, but I gather she wasn't too impressed that her father sent Gisborne to Prince John. She could be on our side." Said Robin.

"How do you figure that out?" Asked Alan.

"Gisborne has probably been under torture for weeks. If she has a heart maybe she'll help the people." Replied Robin.

"Yes. And the King will come home tomorrow, arrest the lot of them and restore order in one hour." Added John Sarcastically.

Robin glared at him. But he had a plan and when he had a plan, nothing would stop him. Everyone was silent, hoping that he would change his mind.

"There's only one way to find out isn't there?" He asked.

Robin sprinted out of the forest, men behind him, rolling their eyes and sighing. They knew what he meant. They were going to look out for her in the villages. However although Jane might be a nice person, some of them did not believe that she would betray her own father.

Jane decided to take it upon herself to pay Sir Guy a visit. A guard tried to stop her at first. He blocked the front door and she looked up at him.

"State your business." He ordered.

"My name is Jane. I'm the Sheriff's daughter, to see Sir Guy." She replied.

The guard moved quickly. Jane shook her head at the magic of the word 'Sheriff' in the town. She pushed the door opened and looked around. She didn't get far as barely hobbling down the stairs was the man she had been looking for.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"I was going to ask you the same question. My name is..." Began Jane.

"I know who you are." He said in a bored voice.

"Then you may or may not remember that it was when you took over my carriage that you fell off your horse. I just came to..." Began Jane.

Sir Guy was in a very interupptive mood.

"Your concern is not needed. I want nothing from you." He added.

Jane bowed her head to him. Sir Guy raised his in surprise. He was being shown respect. Something he hadn't been used to. Jane owed him nothing, yet she was perfectly polite to him.

"Very well. Sorry for wasting your time." She said.

Jane turned to leave. Sir Guy took a step forward. His eyes narrowed. He didn't trust her, he didn't know her.

"Is that all?" He asked.

Jane turned back around to Sir Guy.

"Yes Sir Guy. You'll find that I want nothing from you either." She replied.

Sir Guy looked as though he did not believe her. She was the Sheriff's daughter. Sir Guy was convinced that she had other motives for paying him a visit. He walked down the rest of the steps, as best that he could. Jane felt for him. Every move he made was an effort.

"Why?" He asked.

"Sir Guy, I will be hear a long time. I'm here to make friends not enemies." Replied Jane.

"I doubt your father would approve." Said Sir Guy.

"It is I, who would like to be your friend not him. My business is my own and has been for fifteen years." She added.

Sir Guy smirked.

"Not very loyal to him are you?" He asked.

"Nor him to me." Replied Jane, without fear.

"I could have you arrested." Warned Sir Guy.

"Could you? From where I am standing you couldn't arrest a baby. You're not well." Said Jane.

Sir Guy glared at her. She was loosing favour with him with her bluntness. But she was honest. Sir Guy wobbled slightly. Jane went forward as he winced to help him. Sir Guy held out his hand to stop her.

"You touch me and I won't be responsible for my actions." He said coldly.

Jane was not offended. To Sir Guy's astonishment she smiled at his threat. His personal space was returned to him as she backed away again, not turning her back.

"Aren't you the proud one? I'll let you have that. Good day." She said.

Robin and his gang, watched as Jane left Sir Guy's living place and walked back through the village. Robin smirked at his men as Jane gave to the begging and paid for food for children. He believed he had made his point. However, the Sheriff had seen all of this.

"What the?" He asked himself.

Jane returned to Nottingham Castle. She didn't get very far before she heard her name, shouted down the corridor in an angry tone.

"JANE! JANE! What did you think you were doing?" Asked the Sheriff.

"Making Robin Hood look bad." She replied.

"Exactly! I'll have no...what was that?" He asked.

Jane smirked. The Sheriff was shocked. She cleared her throat.

"Think of it...your daughter, so different from you. The people will have a new hope. One done legally, without stealing and without consequence to the people. Plus Robin Hood, is bound to dislike the idea of competition with me. He'll approach me to join him. I'll refuse him. He'll pursue. I'll give in, tell him a way into the castle without being caught...until he reaches my chamber which so happens to be full of guards." Explained Jane.

"Different from me? I don't think so! That is brilliant! You never know, between us we'll have this town under the thumb in no time." Said The Sheriff.

"Just one thing. I want Sir Guy on this plan." She said.

The Sheriff's face fell. Jane remained determined looking. The Sheriff pulled a few faces.

"Gisborne..." he began.

"Father, this is my plan and it will be done my way. Of course I shall wait a few weeks, then again maybe it will take that long to get Robin Hood's trust." Ordered Jane.

"I am the Sheriff!" He snapped.

"Who's every plan has failed. Step aside. Oh and if perchance it fails, it's me you send to Prince John. Not Sir Guy." Added Jane.

"Would I do that to you?" He asked.

"Of course you would. I'd do the same." She replied.

The Sheriff smirked.

"Welcome to Nottingham!" He exclaimed.

Jane turned her head in acceptance. The Sheriff kissed her on the forehead, before leaving her alone. Jane looked out of the nearest window at the town. Her eyes shone with ambition, fixed on a familiar figure coming towards the castle. Sir Guy. Jane turned away with excitement. She made her way slowly to the main hall, entering after Sir Guy, who was listening to the plan that Jane had put forward from The Sheriff.

"...And for some reason, she trusts you to make sure he doesn't escape. Most of the work will be done for you, all you have to do..." began The Sheriff.

"Is kill him." Added Jane.

Sir Guy turned to her quickly.

"You told me you wanted nothing from me." He said.

"Gisborne!" Warned the Sheriff.

"Sir Guy, I'm asking nothing from you. I am giving you the chance to kill the man, who has made your life so difficult. All you have to do, is wait in a room for him to enter. You sir, need to learn that not everybody is out to get you." Said Jane.

"When?" Asked Sir Guy.

"Manners Gisborne!" Ordered The Sheriff.

He was ignored.

"When you are fully fit and Robin thinks that I'm his salvation." Replied Jane.

"How long do you think that will take? Weeks? Months?" Asked Sir Guy.

"Sir Guy. Please. Have some faith in me." Replied Jane.

He looked at the Sheriff, who shrugged. Sir Guy found it hard to believe that one woman could take over Nottingham so easily and plan to get rid of the one threat to the town.

"Can I count on you?" Asked Jane.

Sir Guy smirked at her.

"I hate to disappoint. No woman commands me." He replied.

The Sheriff snarled. Jane held up her hand to stop him. Sir Guy turned away and left. Jane smirked at his response and turned back to her father.

"He'll think about it. Give him one day, maybe two. He'll be back. As for you father, you'd have done better with him if you didn't take offence so easily." She said.

"I do not. You don't take any at all." Said The Sheriff.

"My gender will be over-looked soon enough. He'll beg for the chance to put a sword through that outlaw soon enough." She said.

"Why do I get the feeling you're keeping another plan up your sleeve?" Asked The Sheriff.

Jane made a point of seeming charitable and kind. She was giving a loaf of bread to a little blonde girl, when a man in a hood approached her. He tapped her on the shoulder and smiled. Jane knew who he was and gasped. He put a finger to his lips and got her to follow him out of sight. Robin then lowered his hood. Jane shook her head at him.

"If you are who I think you are, you're insane to approach me." She said.

"No I'm not. Just not very cautious. It's that. That concern that separates you from The Sheriff. You're no different to me, what you do. Join us." He said.

"No. I might not agree with what my father does, but I can't leave. I work alone. You do things your way and I'll do things mine. I follow no one." She said.

"I can see that. From what I hear you owe that man nothing. Fifteen years is a long time. Just think about it. We'll meet again I'm sure." Said Robin.

"No promises Hood. I won't be used. Know that." Added Jane.

Robin nodded and left. Jane turned with a smirk on her face. Sir Guy and The Sheriff had seen the whole thing. Sir Guy had been tempted to send his men to get Robin where he was. The Sheriff looked at him expectantly. Sir Guy shook his head. His pride would not be swallowed so easily. The Sheriff growled under his breath and was put in a bad mood. Jane returned from the town and into the hall.

"Gisborne won't yield!" Snapped the Sheriff.

Jane rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"Must I do everything? Really, he isn't that much of a challenge. It's a wonder that outlaw hasn't taken over by now. You people. Something isn't going right, let's all start shouting and sending people to Prince John. Pathetic!" Snapped Jane.

"You're not to old for a boxed ear young lady!" Exclaimed the Sheriff.

"Do you want Sir Guy on side or not?" Asked Jane in a bored voice.

"I want Hood dead!" Replied The Sheriff.

"And how long have you wanted that? A few more days won't hurt. Once I get Sir Guy on side." Added Jane.

"And how darling daughter do you plan to do that?" He asked.
"You know the difference between you and I? I can do nice. You can't." She replied.

"I have tried." Muttered The Sheriff.

"Not hard enough." She added.

"What do you have in mind? Nice?" He asked.

"I have to be slightly nasty first. Tell me about, Marian father." Replied Jane.

The Sheriff raised an eyebrow.

"Marian? What's she got to do with it?" He asked.

"Everything. I want the truth. Not the rumours." She replied.

"The truth eats him." He said.

"Excellent." She said.

"You know, I thought you had a soft spot for him." He said.

"Sir Guy? Not at all. I need him. I don't want him." She added.

Jane went back to Sir Guy's home. The guards ignored her and let her pass without complaint. She was silent. She crept up the stairs and opened a near by door, slightly and found Sir Guy. He was getting changed. Jane couldn't help but open the door further. The door creaked and Sir Guy turned to her, bare chested. Jane made no attempt to look away and he made no attempt to cover up.

"Do you make a habit of sneaking up on men undressing?" He asked.

Jane smirked. She knew that he was trying to embarrass her. But Jane was above that. She made it clear as possible that he did not attract her.

"You can't embarrass me. Not when you clearly have no shame yourself. Here I am and have been for many moments. You've still not covered yourself." She replied.

Sir Guy glared at her. As usual she looked perfectly unconcerned. He knew that if he looked at a peasant that way there would be fear in their eyes. But Jane appeared to lack that emotion all together. It unnerved him. He had no control over her and neither did her own father as far as he saw.

"That look won't work on me Sir Guy. Why do you resent me so? I have been as pleasant as possible to you, I have offered you your enemy on a plate. I ask for nothing from you, yet you won't let me help you. You say it's because I'm a woman. I say it's because of a woman." Said Jane.

Sir Guy couldn't believe his ears. Jane became on the receiving end of a death glare at this point. Sir Guy covered his chest and walked over to the door.

"Leave." He ordered.

"That's confirmation. Sir Guy I am not Marian. I don't love you and pretend to love you. I've never gone against you, I've never helped Hood and I have never used you. I haven't set up this plan to have a hold on you. I've set up this plan to rid the town of outlaws. My only thought was that you'd want a part of it." Said Jane.

Sir Guy took out his sword and pointed it at Jane's neck in anger. She was against the door but did not cry out or scream for help. However she did fix her eyes on the blade and Sir Guy noticed her breathing increased.

"Don't flatter yourself. I am aware that you are not Marian. As you clearly know. Marian is dead. I loose enough sleep over it not to care, if I kill you as well. Tell me, why would you plan all of this and spare a thought for me?" He asked.

"With Hood gone, that's one demon less to haunt you. My Lord Gisborne, I did not mean to vex you. You have blood on your hands and you can't get rid of it. Nobody else can see it but you. I am nothing to you. You can kill me, hide my body in the forest and blame it on an outlaw. Perhaps I deserve it. Yet your hand shakes violently. You disagree." She replied.

Sir Guy's hand shook and the sword followed it. Jane slowly and carefully, wrapped her hand around his wrist. He let her move it to one side and he dropped his sword. Jane did not let go and stepped closer to him.

"Let me help you." She said.

Sir Guy looked at Jane. He didn't see the Sheriff's daughter. He saw a caring woman, someone who understood his need to be rid of Robin Hood. He was grateful. He leaned forward. Jane only had a second to think about it. His lips met hers, then his arms went around her. Jane wrapped her arms around his neck and the kiss deepened. Sir Guy finally opened his eyes. He saw the Sheriff's daughter. He stopped and removed her arms from him. Jane was tempted to ask him what he was afraid of, but she already knew the answer. The past and her father. Sir Guy cleared his throat.

"I'll do it. I'll be part of the plan." He said.