The Sheriff's Daughter

Part 13

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"Isabella isn't it?" Asked Jane.

Although The Sheriff had sent men to look for her, Jane was a long way from home. She had found Isabella, who looked up at her and slowly stood up from a tree-trunk.

"I didn't mean to split you and my brother up." She said.

"Isabella, do not question my love for Guy. Yet with you in a marriage you had no choice about, I couldn't just go ahead and give him the opposite of what you have." Explained the runaway bride.

"You didn't have to." Added Isabella.

Jane smiled regrettably.

"I was supposed to marry a man, a man I didn't know and never met. I hated the idea, let alone the actual event. I was lucky. Guy saved me from an arranged marriage, yet he put his own sister through one. That I do not understand and don't suppose I ever will." She said.

"Guy has wronged me, but he's still my brother. I don't want to be the one to blame for his broken heart. Jane you must go back to him." Ordered Isabella.

Jane shook her head.

"No. I cannot. I thought I was marrying a man who had respect for women, I always thought he was a believer in choosing who one married. Perhaps he does for himself." She said.

"Ignore me! Forget I ever appeared! I've heard the stories. Guy loves you, more than anything he has ever claimed to love in the past." Explained Isabella.

"I can't. I can't do that. A different man turned to you in that church. That was not the man I agreed to marry. I want to be free to marry someone I know and love, not a stranger." Argued Jane.

Isabella couldn't fight back. Jane heard her stomach rumble and took her back to Nottingham with her. The Sheriff had remained in a terrible mood, which only increased as he found Jane and Isabella in his main hall, eating dinner together.

"This is strange. She ruins your wedding to the supposed love of your life, and you take her dinner. Did your mother ever mention any insanity in the family?" He asked.

"Isabella is not to be blamed for today. I left Sir Guy. Let that be an end to it." Replied Jane.

"By all means I would, but I can't see Gisborne feeling quite so generous. Perfect time to ask him to do the monthly rounds, now you come to mention it." Said The Sheriff.

"I won't trouble you further my lord." Said Isabella.

"You're fine were you are. Call it my punishment to Gisborne for you Jane darling. Just let me know when Prince John is coming to deliver his part." Said The Sheriff.

"No! He has nothing to do with this!" Cried Jane.

"As the one who practically ordered the wedding, he is everything to do with this." Corrected her father.

"He'll be killed!" She cried.

"Mercy me girl! Hate him or love him but not both!" Snapped The Sheriff.

He stormed away. Prince John would be on his way any day. Isabella knew that The Sheriff wasn't the fatherly type and nor did he want Sir Guy in the family in the first place. Jane had to go back on a decision. She had to see Sir Guy to warn him that Prince John was on his way, but she knew that she would be lucky to get through the door.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Isabella.

"I don't know. I thought about going to see him, but I doubt he'll want to see me so soon after, I can't ask you either, Guy is sure to blame you for my leaving in the first place." Replied Jane.

"You have to try. If I go anywhere near him he'll send me back to Thornton." Said Isabella.

Jane decided to sleep on the idea, or rather lye awake thinking. She could see it, Sir Guy selling Isabella to some total stranger, yet she could also see Prince John ordering his death. Then she heard the door creak open. She remained still, as though she were asleep. She knew what was coming. The covers lifted from her by blade. The intruder then noticed she was still awake.

"Do it." Said Jane.

"Don't force me."

It was Sir Guy. Jane sat up slowly and carefully and turned to him. He had come to kill her, thought Jane. Yet he lowered his sword.

"I thought you were asleep." He said.

"Not likely. I wanted to see you, to warn you that my father has sent for Prince John. I couldn't stop him. I tried." She said.

"I was on my last warning in London. He'll kill me." Said Sir Guy.

"No..." began Jane.

"If you don't marry me, I will die, before the Prince gets here. I love you. I didn't mean what I said. I was angry. Isabella's marriage was nothing to do with money. She'd ruined our wedding, I was getting back at her." He said.

"Isabella is now being protected by me. Will you protect her from Thornton should he find her?" Asked Jane.

"She's here? You brought her here?" Asked Sir Guy.

"I couldn't leave her. She was starving." Replied Jane.

"She isn't your problem." Added Sir Guy.

"Nor is she your problem as far as you are concerned. Someone had to save her." She said.

Sir Guy was at a loss for words. He wanted nothing more to do with Isabella, sister or not she robbed him of his wedding night. Jane wouldn't be swayed.

"What do you want from me?" He asked.

"I want you to free Isabella from a marriage she did not deserve." She replied.

"If I do this, will you save me?" He asked.

"I will defend you, but I won't marry you Sir Guy." Replied Jane.

Sir Guy glared at her.

"The only way you can save me, is to marry me. What are you trying to have done to me?" He asked.

"When Isabella came into church, I didn't see the man I fell in love with. I didn't know anything about a sister, family, I didn't know you at all. I can't marry a stranger." She replied.

"I am still me!" Shouted Sir Guy.

Jane froze and hoped no one had heard him. She made a 'shushing' sound.

"I am still the man you fell in love with." He muttered angrily.

"In appearance." Added Jane.

Sir Guy lent forward and kissed her. When Jane responded, he thought that it meant something a little more. He moved away and smirked, but Jane shook her head.

"You can do that as many times as you like, I still can't marry you." She said.

"Tell me love me, or tell me you don't." Challenged Sir Guy.

"I care." Said Jane.

Jane and Sir Guy were back were they started. That hurt the most. He looked as though she had stabbed him and he felt like it also. She'd defend their case, save his life, make sure he was alright, but she didn't really love him anymore. He had finally pushed her too far.

"Do you care enough to let me stay? If I leave now, your father will know I have been here." He said.

Jane sighed and turned over. She had left him enough room. Sir Guy silently begged her to turn back, but she wouldn't. He looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. It was not how he had pictured his wedding night. Jane fell asleep and to his surprise, so did Sir Guy. He must have done, to dream.

Prince John came. Instead of Sir Guy, he sentenced Jane to death or prison in London with him, forever. She chose death. Jane knelt at the chopping block, infront of him. He had the axe in his hand. He turned to Prince John, he gave the order and he refused him. He couldn't kill her. But the axe returned to his hand and Prince John repeated the order. Yet still, Sir Guy refused. Prince John got up and forced the axe from him. He kicked him to the ground and Sir Guy fell and continued to fall.

The bed shook violently and Jane was woken by insane mutterings next to her. She turned around and tried her best to wake him. Eventually Sir Guy shot up awake, Jane caught him by the chest and he looked down. Lady Jane cared more than she wished to confess. Sir Guy raised his hand to her face and just looked at her. She didn't belong to him, yet she didn't belong anywhere else.

"Try and get some sleep Guy." She said.

Sir Guy refused her. He got up and left her. Jane did not follow him. She had neither the right or the courage to do so. He marched away from Nottingham and saw death in the distance. Prince John was coming for a head or two.


Jane could not find Isabella the next day. She searched everywhere in the castle, before she decided to report to her father, only to find that they had company, royal company. Jane curtsied before Prince John. He glared at her and she could sense it, so refused to look up.

"Jane of Gisborne? I don't believe." He said.

There was an uncomfortable pause. All Jane wanted to do was ask her father's aid to find Isabella. Instead she was at Prince John's mercy.

"What happened Jane?" He asked.

"The fault of the failure of the wedding is mine. I couldn't marry him when his sister told me what he had done to her. I left your highness." She replied.

"Sounds to me like this woman ended your chance of marriage. Where is she now?" Asked Prince John.

"I cannot say your grace, I haven't seen her all morning." Replied Jane.

"Ah. She knows how to run. Sheriff Vasey, I want her in my presence. Three seconds ago." Ordered Prince John.

Jane turned around as most of the guards present followed the Sheriff. Prince John then began to look thoughtful as she turned back to him.

"Now what to do about Gisborne?" He asked.

"Your Highness..." Began Jane.

"I know. You want to take the blame, but the difference between you and Gisborne is, I like you." He said.

"If you like me, you won't hurt the man I..." began Jane.

"You what Jane? Love? Adore? What is it you feel for Gisborne?" Asked Prince John.

Jane was saved by Isabella's appearance. Jane was ordered to leave with a twitch of Prince John's head. When she did, there was only one place for her to go to. Yet Sir Guy was already at Nottingham to face his fate. As Jane went to walk out, he came in.

"Guy!" She cried.

"I'd rather come now, than be arrested." He said.

"No. Run." Ordered Jane.

"Run?" He asked.

"You have to leave, I tried, I tried so hard. He already has Isabella. Guy you're in danger. You vanished before, now go again if you value your life." She replied.

"I never told you did I?" He asked.

"Does it matter? Prince John is furious. I can probably only protect Isabella. Not you as well though. Guy please. You have to leave." Replied Jane.

"I am not a coward. If he wants me dead, then so be it." Said Sir Guy.

"No! You can't!" Shouted Jane, getting in the way.

"Give me a reason to live Jane. You? You who only care for me? That's right isn't it?" He asked.

Sir Guy managed to step passed her and into the castle. Jane turned and followed him. She shook her head and shouted after him.

"No! That's not right Guy!"

Sir Guy turned around he walked back to her. Jane literally got to her knees.

"Please, don't go to him. Don't go to him because I love you." She cried.

Sir Guy picked Jane up from the floor and held her close to him. Jane cried silently and they heard voiced and clunks of armour. She gasped and looked up into blue-ocean eyes with deep hazel green ones. Sir Guy had little time. He looked down and kissed Jane, then ran and continued to run into Sherwood forest. Jane watched him leave and The Sheriff walked towards her and spoke with a bored tone.

"Alright Jane, where is Gisborne?" He asked.

"He left." Replied Jane, calmly, drying her eyes.

"Where to?" He asked.

"He didn't say. Locksley probably." Replied Jane.

The Sheriff left with some men and Jane turned back to were they came from, she followed the path back to the main hall. She didn't stay there long. She found Isabella kissing Prince John and turned away rather quickly. Part of her wanted to be sick and another part of her was curious. However, to her it meant that it wouldn't be her going back to London with him, it would be her. That way, Sir Guy, now Guy, the outlaw would be able to see her if he wanted to.

Jane was wrong. When she returned to her quarters, she found her belongings missing and saw from a window that horses were being stacked with things that were clearly hers. She ran outside and looked questioningly at her smirking father.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I think the question you are looking for is, where are you going? Quite simple really, what with Gisborne gone and therefore no chance of a marriage between you, you are going to London, again with Prince John." Replied The Sheriff.

"What about Isabella?" Asked Jane.

"She's staying here I'm under orders to protect her from Thornton. Have fun darling!" Replied The Sheriff.

Jane couldn't protest. Guy was nowhere to be seen and couldn't save her and if he went to London after her, he would be killed for resisting arrest. Prince John had the door of the carriage opened for him. He then turned to Jane and held out his hand. Jane had never dreamed of leaving Nottingham when she arrived, let alone with Prince John. She turned back to her father who simply waved happily at her. Her eyes travelled up as she remembered how she came to Nottingham, yet the floor remained the floor. A dark knight hadn't fallen from his horse this time. Prince John began to get impatient.

"Lady Jane!" He snapped.

Jane was back in the present time. With a heavy heart, she accepted Prince John's hand and entered the carriage which left for London, followed by watching villagers, who reported the incident to Robin Hood, who returned to the forest with bad news, for new, full-time recruit out-law Guy.

"Jane's gone." He said.

"Gone? Gone where?" Asked Guy.

"She had no choice. Prince John took her to London. This time for good. You can't get her back this time, it's too risky for you both." Replied Robin.

Guy ran to some near-by bushes and put Munch and John off their rabbit stew by being very ill. It was the thought of Jane alone with Prince John that turned his stomach that caused him to be so sick. Robin Hood was right, to break her out of the palace could cost many lives. He returned to camp and he was patted on the back.

"You'll get used to it. Don't worry, you'll get your due when the King comes home." Said John.

"If the King comes home." Added Guy.

The other outlaws sent him a glare. He had to believe it, it was his only hope that he would get Jane back before Prince John really got to her. The Sheriff's daughter, was now Prince John's guest, yet still his humble servant and one that he had admitted he liked. Guy remembered how Prince John had danced with her and picked at his food. Robin and John looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Guy needed time to adjust before outlaw training began. Guy had much to prove to himself, the outlaws and the people. Now there was nothing left to distract Guy, just a memory of Vasey's daughter, who gave him back his sanity and his heart, yet took some of it with her when she went to London. Guy had one finally dream in Jane's absence. Marian walked away from him, turned around and smiled before she vanished. A hand appeared on his arm and he turned to Jane. She smiled at him, kissed him on the cheek, she too vanished. The palace appeared infront of him. King Richard was back and he knelt before him, expecting the worse. Jane walked down the steps and knelt down too him. He felt something cold and metal in his hand. A ring. King Richard nodded at him. He put the ring on Jane's finger. The King cleared his throat.

"I pronounce you man and wife!" He announced.

Guy smirked in his sleep. The next morning he was disappointed that it had all been a dream, but pleased that it had been a good one. He was the most rested out of the outlaws, as he didn't doubt for a moment that they had been keeping an eye on his tent all night in turns.