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It Takes One to Know One

"So, what do you think?" Dean asked a somber looking Sam, who was sitting across from him.

Sam barked back at him, "Since when does my opinion matter to you, Dean?"

"Well, I figured, since this has a part in your fate you'd want to have your say."

"Dean, you're disgusting." Sam responded in a dry tone.

"Just sayin' man. Yah know what they say about beans. Beans are the magical fruit. The more you eat the more you--." He cleared his throat and smiled up at the cute waitress who had just arrived to the table to take their order. He cut his eyes over at his brother, "Last chance."

The Winchester brother's had been at it for the past few hours. Playing pranks for the mere fact of boredom and of course the amusement of getting to each other. It can be awfully boring on the road listening to your brother sing Motorhead or in Dean's case a snoring Sam. Could that boy snore!

Dean had initiated the annual prank-fest by filling the motel's bathroom cabinet with ping pong balls. So, when Sam went to brush his teeth, he was met with about one hundred of them spewing out into his face. He could hear Dean laughing in bed at the sound of the clanking ping pong balls on the title floor. In anger, Sam had run out of the room to confront his brother, but it actually resulted in Sam falling on his ass.

Dean would never forget the look on Sam's face as he stormed out of the bathroom with his hand on his lower back. "Dean! I'm going to kill you."

Dean just yelled back, "Oh, come on, you wuss! It's just a prank."

Sam, to get back at Dean, sprinkled bird seed all over the top of Impala to attract birds. So by morning, Dean would wake up with a huge surprise all over his precious car.

Sam would never forget Dean yelling at him for touching his precious baby. He could distinctly recall hearing him scream his name over an over. While Dean ran back and forth in front of the car screaming threats to his younger brother and the birds that were still crowding around his car.

With a coy smile, "It's just a prank, Dean!"


"What can I get you guys?" She said with an innocent smile of pearly white teeth. She would flick her gaze between the two brothers before pausing to gaze down at Sam. She was the typical waitress: early twenties, brown eyes, ponytail up, and her pink Mike's Diner uniform fit snuggly against her form.

Sam looked up at the waitress, Becky, and politely smiled up at her, "We'll just have the bacon cheeseburgers." Sam handed her his menu before cutting his eyes back over to Dean.

Still smiling up at Becky, like a gleeful child, Dean handed her the menu. He watched her turn around and head towards the kitchen. "Hmm."

"So, let's call a truce," came Sam's offering voice as he tried to snap Dean's attention back to him instead of the Becky's rear.

Dean slowly turned around, "Oh, hell no, you touched the Impala. It's a brand new ball game, Sammy boy. I hope you liked your computer."

"Dean, you know this never ends well." He breathed in a sigh before he continued, "Listen, let's just call it even and move on."

"Is someone a little afraid?" Dean taunted his little brother, "hmm?"

"Dude, it will wash off!"

"You just wait Sam. Yours is commin'."

The waitress Becky returned with their bacon cheeseburgers placing them in front of each of the brothers. She smiled down at Sam adjusting the strand of a chestnut hair behind her ear and out of her face, "Is there anything else I can get you two?"

Dean rolled his eyes at her comment before grabbing the tobasco hot sauce off the table and peppering it all over the inside of the bun.

Sam smiled widely, "Uhm, no thanks, I think we're set."

Becky placed her hands on the tray tightly keeping her gaze tight on Sam, "Uhm, okay, well I'll check on you guys in a few minutes, enjoy."

Dean smashed the top of his bun back down on the burger just as Becky finally left, "So, what's on the list?" He motioned with his head towards the waitress who was behind the counter, "except for making googly eyes at the waitress. Wait! Should I break it to her that you're really not into girls?"

Sam kicked Dean under the table just before Dean took a wide bite of his burger; nearly dropping it back on the plate.

"Hey, don't kill the messenger."

He opened his satchel and pulled out the town's newspaper from yesterday. "Well, I've been sifting through the articles and I found one that seems promising. But I dunno--"

With a large mouthful of cheeseburger Dean directed him to continue, "Lesh ear it."

Sam's eyes stayed on the paper in front of him, "Well – I don't think you're going to like it."

Dean put the burger back down on the plate as he swallowed the last bite on his mouth, "What is it?"

"Well, we're going to have to get on a plane."

Dean shook his head, "That's not even funny."

Sam sighed and adjusted himself in his seat, "It's true man. I think we'd be dealing with a phantom traveler. It says so right here in the paper just not in those exact words." He adjusted the paper and read, "Man disappeared amidst a flight to Philadelphia. So far, the witnesses on the airplane have no recollection of him leaving his seat. Family and plane manifest says he was indeed on that flight. Police are still investigating the man's whereabouts."

"Hell to the no. I'm not getting on another plane. Been there taken care of that." He shook his head in disbelief, "Geez do ghosts get frequent flier miles or something? Here, let me see." Dean grabbed the paper from his brother's hand and began skimming through the articles. "Which one is it?"

Sam leaned back in his seat taking it in, "Sike." Sam couldn't help but snicker at his brother's frustration and fear. This was going to be too easy. "I'm the master of pranks." With a frustrated sigh, "Come on Dean, just give it up."

"Yeah, well, you just wait." Dean took another bite of his cheeseburger, "W-One morning you're gonna wake up and you're gonna be missin—"

A scream from the kitchen bellowed out accompanying the sound of dishes breaking on impact with the floor. Followed by Becky, backing out of the dinner's swinging doors, "Oh-h-h my g-!"

Dean dropped his sandwich on the plate and followed Sam swiftly behind the counter. They stormed through the kitchen's door and skidded to a stop. The cook was bent over on the stove his head against the still steaming grill.

"Great, I just lost my appetites," Dean confessed before swallowing his food.