Chapter Nine

Man creates the First City, and Rage and Anger make him proud. The Rats destroy the First City as punishment for his sinning.

1 Man multiplied, and filled the Earth, but did not conquer it.

2 And he was allowed his freedoms, while he obeyed the Rats.

3 And he made a great city in the far-off place, where the Serpent and his children slept.

4 This was the First City.

5 The Rats did not prey upon Man there, for they wished to give him a place of respite.

6 Neither did they feed upon his stores of grain.

7 The Rats required only that they receive a tithe, every seventh year.

8 And every seventh year, the tithe was paid, and the bad grain was sent, and the undesired among Man were sent.

9 And God saw the Rats husband their herd and their herds with diligence and foresight.

10 And God saw that it was good.

11 So Man grew fat, and he grew powerful.

12 And Man grew proud.

13 So Rage and Anger came unto the Man to speak to him and to tempt him against his masters.

14 One said, The Rats enslave you, and are not your just master.

15 One said, The Rats say that you have been given to you, but I say unto you that this is not true.

16 One said, You are the most favored among God's creations, and the Rats speak not the truth.

17 One said, You must fight against your enslavers, so that God will once again extend His blessings unto you.

18 One said, For we have been sent by God, to tell you these things. Now go, and make war against the Rats.

19 And these lies did Rage and Anger speak unto Man, and the Great Lie was thus spoken.

20 So Man gathered his plowshares together.

21 And he beat the plowshares into swords.

22 And he beat his pruning hooks into spears.

23 And he took the foul magics were taught to him by Rage and Anger.

24 And Man went to war against the Rats.

25 But the prophets of the Rat had Foreseen this betrayal.

26 And the Rats were ready.

27 And the Rats slew Man as he came to them.

28 And the Rats stormed the First City, and the First City burned.

29 And when Man tried again to destroy the Rats, he fell from within as he argued with himself.

30 For Man could not agree with himself, and squabbled with himself, and each wished for control over all the others.

31 So Man fell from within, as the Rats watched.

32 And God watched all that had happened, and spoke, saying

33 No longer shall Man be one.

34 No longer shall Man communicate with himself and with all others as easily as he speaks.

35 And God punished Man, confusing his language, so that brother could
not understand brother, and none could understand the Great Animals, or
their children.

36 And Man forgot the First City.

37 And Man suffered, as was his lot.