Gibbs walked through the NCIS doors with his usual cup of coffee. He showed one of the two guards his badge even though all of the guards knew him. He noticed the other guard was arguing with a fourteen year old girl. The girl had raven like colored hair, but that's all Gibbs could tell about her for her back was towards him. "Sir I know, but I really need to see Abby Sciuto. She's the forensic scientist for NCIS. Her boss is Gibbs something or another."

"Ma'am I know that you have said that a lot, but I can't let you through unless you have an appointment or you have a badge. Seeing you have neither I have to ask you to leave once again." Gibbs walked up beside the girl turning toward the strange girl.

"I'm Gibbs something or another, and whom might you be?" Gibbs looked into her eyes. There was something in her face that reminded him strangely of Abs.

She looked up not knowing to be scared since he heard er call him Gibbs something or another, or relieved because he was Abby's boss. Clearing her throat, "I'm Deanne Johnson, and Abby is my aunt." At that Gibbs raised his eye brows. Abby never talked about having a niece, heck she never even talked about having a sibling. He turned to the guard, "let her in. I'll take her up." The guard nodded knowing not to cross Gibbs and started doing the routine security things before letting her walk up with Gibbs.

When they were in the elevator Gibbs hit the button to go up to the floor to meet his team. As it went up he asked her, "How is Abby your aunt?"

The girl not even bothering to beat around the bush either started in on her tale. "She is my mom's sister. The last time I saw her was at my mom's funeral. I was five and my father had never really liked her to began with and know with my mom not making him be nice he pretty much cut all ties with my mom's family. Including Abby."

"So why are you here now?" Gibbs kept questioning. The elevator stopped and opened the doors. Deanne walked out only to stop short.

"This isn't the lab," she told Gibbs accusingly. She looked around. There was a bunch of computers all grouped inn four or fives with dividers dividing the groups. Gibbs walked to the group closest to some stairs. She followed suit answering his question, "I need her help." She didn't go in to detail so he was about to ask but DiNozzo interrupted him before he could.

"Boss Director-" He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw El. "Who is this?"

Gibbs looked at him and answered, "Abby's niece." He walked to his desk and pointed to his seat. Looking at her he said, "sit." She did as she was told and he walked to the back elevator. Leaving her and DiNozzo alone.

Tony looked at the young girl he could semi-notice the family resemblence. Although like Gibbs he couldn't understand why Abby wouldn't tell anyone about having a neice. Come to think of it Abby never really talked about her family. Yeah she talked about her family in general but never about a certain family member.