Abby and De walked toward the elevators that next day. The night before had been fun. De smiled as she remembered that she had slept in the coffin. She chuckled not being able to contain herself. She had defiantly missed her Aunt's unique taste. It was probably what caused my own kind of weird taste in clothes and music. Last night was the first time since her mother died that she actually felt safe and some what happy. She loved her Aunt's house it was amazing and different, and for the first time since for ever she felt like she was truly home. She didn't remember exactly when her father's house became her father's instead of just simply home. It was sometime in that first year. Even her friends had commented on it right before she had stopped hanging out with them. So it had to be not soon after the funeral. In fact a lot of things had become just her father's. The bedroom she slept in was given to her but wasn't truly her's. She had to cook in her father's kitchen, to make her father's dinner that he let her have the left overs. She did her home work in her father's living and even occasionally turned on his T.V. when he wasn't home.

She sat in Abby's office quietly reading a book Abby had let her borrow. Abby worked hard trying to stop the awful bastards that had killed Ana with her forensic science. Occasionally she would ask De to do an errand or something like that. Which De quickly did without an objection. At noon Abby stuck her head in the office De had kept herself quietly in for most of the day and asked, "You hungry? I'm on my lunch break starting now and I figured we could o off base and eat." De quickly agreed and they were off.

They decided on a diner that wasn't far from the navy base. There wasn't much parking, but they found one a couple of blocks from it, and set off to walking. They were chating and laughing. They stopped at a road, the sign telling them not to cross yet. They were so into their conversation they did notice the black van pulling up until it was right there.

Two ski masked bulky guys jumped out of the van and grabbed them. No matter how hard they fought, they were too strong and there was to many. They ended up bruised, gagged, and tied. They huddled as close as they could together. Abby didn't really understand what was going on. De? De did though. She knew that Tom, or that was what everyone called him, never went back on his word, and his word was that he was going to kill her. Her biggest mistake was getting Abby involved. Abby didn't deserve to die. Maybe Tom would let her go, maybe De could convince him to. She knew it was lost hope though. Tom's cold heart would just laugh at her attempts.

4ish hours later at the NCIS building.

It was hectic. They had started getting worried when Abby and De didn't come back and it was 1:30. Abby was never late after lunch, never. So when she still hadn't shown up at 2 and wasn't picking up her cell phone Gibbs sent Tony and Ziva to talk to the local police department and see if they had something. McGee was told to look a local traffic cameras to see if they could see anything or find out where Abby's car was. And Gibbs, Gibbs was livid. He was on a hunt to find De's father. It was too much of a coincidence for him to show up one day and De and Abby to go missing the next. You know what Gibbs says about coincidences. They don't exist.

So now everyone was running on the clock. The faster they find Abby and De the less likely horrible things happened to them. The less likely that they are dead. Ziva and Tony walked into the station and flashed their badges. "We need to talk to the Sheriff," Ziva's english for once sounded OK to DiNozzo. They were taken to the back office and they quickly explained the situation. They were shown a video.

De and Abby were walking down the street chating happily. They stopped at a road and didn't notice the black van. They were grabbed and thrown in the van as it accelerated and was gone in seconds. The kidnappers wore all black with mask and gloves. They never showed their faces toward the camera so they could be pink with purple spots for all they knew. They had to be professionals. They were in and out quick, and didn't touch anything unnecessarily. Most likely there wasn't any trace of them. There was no license plate either. Tony and Ziva looked at each other. They were good, very good.

They arrived on the scene after informing Gibbs, and found only one piece of evidence. It was tire tracks from them accelerating.

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