Here's a new poem I whipped up. It's a Degrassi one, and I was inspired to write about it while listening to Kiss from a Rose by Seal. It's in Rick's point of view as he looks at Emma during the "Whack Your Brain" competition in part 1 of the season 4 2-parter Time Stands Still and whispers, "This is all for you", and it's dedicated to my friend Liz, as she's such a good friend to me and loves my writing.

Also, as of now, I'm 21 years old. I feel kind of lucky!

Disclaimer: The geniuses at The N own Degrassi. I own the stories and poems.

Emma, My Love

She is quite beautiful and lovely.

Her lips put the red of the rose to shame.

She is like a princess with her golden hair.

She is my prize in this love game.

She speaks and her voice is so alluring.

It is like the finest wine.

It goes smoothly down my throat as I drink it in.

I know that someday she will be mine.

Whenever I'm sitting on my greying tower,

alone on the sea,

I know that Emma is the light

on the dark side of me.

Her kiss was so passionate,

like the water as it flows for all to see.

Her hips sway back and forth as I watch,

and my eyes glow as I watch her seductively.

Well, I hope you like it!