Hinata shifted uncomfortably on her bed. She felt embarrassed and her rosy pink cheeks gave testament to that. She took a quick glance at the boy before her and averted her eyes when she saw him look back. Her face took on a fiery red color as she felt her embarrassment go up a notch.

Suddenly, said boy spoke up. "Well… you didn't really have to accept Hinata. I could just ask someone else if it bothers you."

"No! It's ok!" She quickly spoke up only to stop from the surprised look Naruto had given her. "S-Sorry Naruto-kun…"

Naruto grinned. "Don't worry about it. Just take your time I guess. I mean… I'm guessing it must be pretty hard to talk about how babies are made."

The red on her face contrasted to her pale complexion, making her look like a lollipop of sorts. "Y-Yea…"

Currently, Naruto was in Hinata's room. For a girl, it was surprisingly messy. Well… from a girl's point of view it was messy. For Naruto, it was a hell of a lot cleaner than his. The only mess that was actually in the room was some scattered ninja equipment and… an orange plushie that looked surprisingly like him. Strange.

Noticing what Naruto was looking at, she quickly tried averting his attention by speaking up. "S-So Naruto-kun. W-What is it that you w-wanted to know exactly?"

It was a success and Naruto turned his attention towards her. "Well… I mean… How does it all get started I guess."

"O-oh… well…" Hinata paused. What exactly was she going to say to Naruto? It was a surprise that he had even come to her for help in the first place. Then, she suddenly realized that he was in her room. Her blush became even redder, if possible. Then, she fainted.

Naruto couldn't help but sigh in exasperation. "This is the third time today!" Again he sighed, "Well, at least this time she was on the bed and didn't fall on the floor."


After a moment, Hinata started to stir. Even though she had only been out for a minute or so, she had had the most incredible dream of her life! She had dreamt that Naruto had been in her room, and they had been talking with each other. But soon her mind had come back to reality and when she opened her eyes, they locked with bright cerulean ones.

"Yo! Glad to see your awake!" Naruto said. He had been kneeling besides Hinata's bed, gazing at her. Why he had decided to do that, he couldn't figure out. But he had enjoyed seeing her sleeping face, which was had been peaceful and oddly content. Then, when she had opened her eyes, he had greeted her.

This lead to him nearly becoming deaf as Hinata gave a high-pitched scream. She scrambled for a moment, completely forgetting it had been her idea to bring Naruto to her room in the first place.

"WAH!" Naruto said as he flew backwards, completely caught off-guard. Who knew Hinata could be so loud?

After regaining her senses, Hinata blushed and apologized profusely. "I'm s-so sorry N-Naruto-kun! I c-completely forgot that y-you were here." She barely whispered as she hugged her orange pillow closer to her frame.

Naruto simply grinned as he got back into his chair. "Heh, no problem! I'm just surprised you could be so loud Hinata!"

Hinata felt the warmth within her turn into a blush on her cheeks. "S-Sorry…"

"It's ok Hinata. But being loud can be a good thing too. Everyone will notice you more!" Naruto gave Hinata a foxy grin which she found very attractive.

"I guess I should." Hinata murmured.

"What was that Hinata?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing Naruto-kun." She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"What? Can't hear you Hinata!" Naruto practically yelled.

"I said it was nothing Naruto-kun." Hinata repeated, feeling a bit flustered. She was not used to her voice being loud and though she loved Naruto, she wished he could hear better. Little did she know that this was actually an intricate plot to make her speak up.

"What! Still can't hear ya Hinata!" Naruto repeated, coaxing her to use a stronger voice.

Hinata clutched her pillow harder, beginning to feel annoyed. "It was NOTHING Naruto-kun." Her voice said, much louder than it usually was.

Naruto smiled on the inside. Just one more push. He scratched his chin, feigning ignorance, before saying, "Sorry Hinata… I still can't hear you."

Finally having had enough of it, she actually yelled, "I said it was NOTHING!" and to Naruto's surprise, she actually threw the pillow she had been holding at him.

Realizing what she had just done, she immediately began to apologize. But she was stopped when she heard Naruto laughing, like he had enjoyed what had just happened. A dumbfounded look made itself present on her face when Naruto said, "Finally I got you to speak up!"

"W-What?" She asked dumbly.

Naruto merely smiled. "I just didn't expect you to chunk this pillow at me." Naruto juggled the pillow with his hands for a moment, contemplating something. Then, with a naughty grin, he threw the pillow back at a surprised Hinata.

Due to his ninja training, it had hit Hinata squarely on the face. She had made a slight squeak of surprise, but smiled afterwards seeing the playful look on Naruto's face.

Naruto smiled, feeling relaxed. He realized that Hinata actually had a nice voice. It was a shame that she didn't speak up to often. If she did, then everyone could hear how nice it sounded. For a moment, Naruto wondered why those thoughts had come into his head. But he didn't think long as he suddenly felt something soft hit his face, then his stomach, causing him to fall backwards on his chair.

With sudden fear, she crawled to the side of her bed and looked over. "Are you ok Naruto-kun?" Not a second had passed before she uttered those words than a pillow had retaliated and smacked her in the face once again.

"Come on Hinata! Where's your ninja training?" Naruto mocked playfully as he held one pillow in his right hand, a grin on his face.

Hinata couldn't help but smile as she grabbed two more pillows from her bed. "That's more like it!" Naruto exclaimed before he threw his pillow, thus initiating the fight.

Hinata easily dodged the incoming pillow and threw both of her own with overwhelming power. Naruto could only gasp as one pillow barely missed his face by mere inches while the other one clipped him on the leg. "I'm wounded!" Naruto shouted as he fell to the floor. But it was actually a feint as he picked up both pillows and threw the one in his left hand back at Hinata.

It was intercepted in mid-air, amazingly. This moment of surprise caused him to fall prey to a barrage of pillows. It was almost like machine gun fire as pillows bombarded him, starting from his right shoulder all the way down to his left knee. Naruto looked at the pillows beside his feet, while dropping the one in his other hand, and then he looked at Hinata.

"Wow… that was… how did you do that?" Naruto asked, truly surprised. He hadn't even seen her move!

Hinata had the grace to blush, but she was actually quite pleased with herself. She had proven Naruto she was strong though… it had only been a pillow fight. Shyly, she replied, "I'm just… that good?"

Naruto gave Hinata a blank look. Then, he laughed… hard. He didn't know why, but the way she had said it and the look on her face had made it all seem so funny! That and she looked adorably cute with that look… a look of innocence and happiness.

For once in Hinata's life, she found the urge to laugh. At first it had been a bit stifled, like she hadn't known how too. All she had ever done when she was happy was offer a genuine smile, but never a laugh. Now it seemed like some flood breaking out of a dam as the urge to laugh rose. Now, she was laughing so hard that she actually clutched her stomach because it hurt. Then, she snorted.

Both Naruto and Hinata stopped laughing to look at each other. A moment of silence… then… they began laughing again at Hinata's snort. So caught up in their laughter that they hadn't noticed someone peeking through Hinata's door. The hard eyes that had been observing the two softened. A smile tugged on the man's lips before he decided to leave the two alone to their fun time. Hyuuga Hiashi might be strict, but he definitely wasn't the cold-hearted bastard most people had made him out to be.

After two minutes, the laughter began to die down. Both had tears flowing down their cheeks due to how hard they had laughed. Hinata wiped off her tears with a finger while Naruto used his jacket's sleeve. The atmosphere, the aura in the room, seemed to radiate nothing but joy and happiness. After the tears had been wiped away, Hinata took notice of the scene before her. It was almost like a dream. Here she was, spending time with Naruto and having fun too. They had just gone through a pillow fight, of all things, and she wasn't embarrassed at all. Even the blush on her cheeks came from the joy of the moment.

All aside, this moment was, in every way, the best moment of her life. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned her head, gazing fondly at the man in front of her. Almost without a doubt, she felt that Naruto would make a great father for her children.

Naruto had heard the sigh and turned to face Hinata. The look on her face had caught him off-guard. He had never been stared at so intensely… well… not without malice anyway. It was pretty frightening actually. He had grown used to the negative feelings towards him. But any positive ones always seemed to overwhelm him. Shocking him even more was that Hinata had gotten off the bed to walk towards him.

"H-Hinata?" Now it was Naruto's turn to stutter as she simply walked towards him. He, unconsciously, took a couple of steps back until his back hit the wall. Her gaze, so intense, deeply bothered him. But at the same time, it excited him as his heart began beating harder the closer Hinata came. Before he could ask, soft full lips pressed against his ever so slightly. He froze for a moment before giving in.

That tender moment seemed to last forever for Hinata. Never in all her life did she think she'd have the courage to pull off a stunt like that. But her heart had yearned for it, overwhelming her nervousness by a great deal. Now, she was glad that it had for she would've never experienced such a blissful moment with the man she loved. And… it seemed that Naruto was enjoying the experience also.

He had placed his hands on her hips and kissed back. He had never imagined that lips would taste so… sweet. When they finally stopped, he had pulled away, but only slightly. His mind was still trying to wrap around the sensations he had just felt.

"Naruto-kun…" She said breathlessly before Naruto captured her lips once again. He kissed her, with more fervor this time. It was like he was trying to claim her lips as his own. Slowly, Naruto had brought up a hand to place it on her cheek. But instead, it had ended up gently groping Hinata's soft breast along the way. Embarrassed, Naruto was about to let go until he felt Hinata moan into his mouth. The action had gotten Naruto to pull back from the kiss, but only slightly. It was just enough so that he could see Hinata's lavender orbs staring at him, a bedazzled look on her face. A blush ever so lightly presented itself on her cheeks. Her lips were parted.

He gave a squeeze and he saw Hinata close her eyes. It seemed she enjoyed it. Her own hand had come over Naruto's, making him squeeze once again. He could see Hinata biting her lip, seemingly enjoying this. Her neck had tilted back slightly as warm sensations filled her up. She bared her neck to Naruto, who by some sudden impulse decided to place his lips upon it.

A light gasp escaped Hinata's genlte lips as Naruto sucked on a vein on her neck, sending pleasant tingles everywhere. His lips suddenly left that spot, giving her a cool sensation from the lack of warmth. But she was greatly pleased when Naruto planted small kisses along her collarbone. She giggled a bit since she was ticklish there, but she then gave a fairly loud moan when he began nibbling on her earlobe.

Suddenly, the door slammed upon and a furious Hiashi came strolling through. "Unhand my daughter at once!" His angry voice startled the two teens and they quickly separated.

Realizing that it was her father, of all people, she quickly bowed and began apologizing. But not a word had escaped before Hiashi had asked, "What is the meaning of this?"

Hinata was about to speak, but was once again cut off, only this time by Naruto. "Ah well, she invited me over so that she could teach me how to make babies."

Hinata suddenly placed a hand over Naruto's mouth, blushing red as a tomato. Did Naruto not know what that had sounded like? It sounded like she had planned on having sex with him! But all her embarrassment had turned into worry as Hiashi clutched his heart, bending over slightly.

She ran over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, before saying, "Are you alright Father?"

Hiashi merely sighed. "I'm too old for this." he stated, looking up at Hinata whose gaze was that of genuine worry and care. He couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it. No matter how hard he had been on her, Hinata would always worry about him. Hiashi had not been one to be sick often, but when he had, it had been Hinata who had stayed by his side. This had caused him to be even stricter on her, him thinking that it was a sign of weakness that she cared for him. Thankfully he had realized his mistake later on, thanks to Naruto, oddly enough.

As he straightened up, he gave one more sigh. He turned to Naruto and said, "Naruto, please go back home. I have something to discuss with Hinata."

Nodding, and slightly afraid, Naruto left through Hinata's window. Hiashi made a mental note to bar the window later on. Next, he turned to Hinata, whose rosy cheeks had gone slightly pale. For a moment, he felt a bit hurt that he still scared her. It had been already 6 months since he had last scolded her and yet, the fear still persisted. He mentally sighed, but began in a rough voice, "Hinata, what were you doing with the Uzumaki boy?"

Her lips parted as if to say something, but not a word came out. Yes, she was still definitely scared of him. "Were you planning on have sex with him?"

"No! Of course not Father!" Hinata had said, and he believed her. Hinata did not lie or rather; she lacked the capacity to lie.

"Good, because you cannot have sex until you marry, you understand right?" He said sternly, earning a nod from the shy Heiress.

"Good, so as long as you marry Naruto… you can do whatever you want afterwards." He waited for the information to sink in and when it did, he felt the strong urge to laugh. Hinata's dumbfounded look contained surprise, awe, and admiration. Her eyes shined with unshed tears as Hiashi gave a small smile.

He gently placed a hand on her shoulder and in a kind and arm voice, said, "You have my blessings… Hinata."

He gave her a quick kiss on her forehead, like Hinata's mother used to do, before turning to leave. As the door closed behind him, he failed to see Hinata mouth the words 'thank you' before her body shook from the wave of emotions, shedding tears of happiness.


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