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Ranma and Ryouga-chan?

Part I


The rain poured down over the streets of Nerima as a young, red haired girl ran past people, walking home from work or from shopping, right behind her came a huge panda and a little black pig, a yellow-black bandanna was tied around its neck.

"No way pops" gripping her umbrella tighter, the girl turned to glared at the pig and panda "I'm going back to China for a cure this instance"

"Bweeee" [Stop complaining] Several by passers face faulted as the little pig pulled out a sign from nowhere [I want to get cured more then you] Staring at the panda, the pig flipped the sign again [But this furball is right] glaring at the girl it snorted [Besides, China is not going anywhere] Only the panda saw the other side of the sign saying [I think]

Signing the girl picked up the pig "Your right, one night won't kill me, but we leave first thing in the morning"

The pig bweee an affirmative and whipped out another sign, [Yes, a warm futon] Flipping the sign around revealed even more writhing [Finally no more sleeping on the ground] Looking back at the panda, the pig saw it rip a stop sign out of the ground and lift it up "Bweee" [Ranma, look out]

Ranma-chan stopped "Huh what's wrong Ry..." The rest of the sentence was drowned out as the sign slammed into the back off the girl's head.

"Bwee" The pig bweed in anger. But the panda just held it up by its bandanna, as it picked up the girl and the backpacks laying around them "Kweeee?"

Somewhere else in Nerima, a family meeting was taking place. The Owner of the Tendo Dojo had called in his three daughters to discuss something important. Well Important to him.

Seated around the table located in the common room, were. Soun Tendo, The owner of the Tendo Dojo, and the proud father of three daughters. 

Oldest. Kasumi Tendo, 19 years old. The perfect Housewife, Friendly, outgoing and always cheerful.

Second Oldest. Nabiki Tendo, 17 years old. Smart, cunning and devious, she is the reason that the dojo hasn't gone bankrupt.

And Youngest. Akane Tendo, 16 years old. An independent, strong willed girl, whit a slight anger management problem.

"So if one off you were to marry him and carry on the Dojo" Soun Tendo said whit dignity, as he calmly folded his arms to show that what he said was the law.

"Oh my" Kasumi calmly said as she held a hand to her mouth "I sure hope he's older then me. Younger men are so, young"

Nabiki calmly leaned in over the table "I hope he's rich. Poor men are so, poor "

"Nabiki!" Akane pulled her older sister back and slammed her hand down on the table "Why should we marry him?"

Soun Tendo twitched as his daughters all looked at him. Calmly he pulled out a cigarette and stood up "It was decided long ago before any off you were even born "

Akane seethed whit anger and glared at her father "I can't believe you"

Nabiki shrugged and patted Akane shoulder "Come on Sis. Who knows, he might be cute"


Nabiki Ignored Akane's yell and turned to face her father "Isn't that right Daddy"

Soun Tendo inhaled deeply and blew out the smoke "I don't know, I haven't met him yet"

Nabiki's eye twitched slightly "You haven't met him?"

Kasumi shook her head and stood up "Oh father, father"

"Hey let go old man!"



The Tendo Family turned around and looked towards the porch  "Oh Saotome, how I've waited for this" Soun started to tear up and ran out the open door.

Nabiki stood up as well and followed her father "Come on, maybe he's cute"

Akane sighed and stood up. Following her older sister Kasumi out of the door, she turned to hear her sister Nabiki scream in fear. Tensing she watched as Nabiki and Soun came running around the corner. Behind them came a huge panda that seemed to carry someone over its right shoulder, while it was attempting to shake a loudly bweeing piglet off its left, front paw.

The person slung over the panda's shoulder seemed to notice the scared people and smacked the panda on the head "Stop it you moron, you're scaring them"

"These are your friends Daddy?" Kasumi asked whit a concerned voice. Soun merely shook his head.

Nabiki glared angrily at him "Yeah right. The panda and Pig just decided to visit"

Soun chose to ignore the comment and stepped forward to greet the red haired person lowered down to stand on the floor by the panda  "You wouldn't be Ranma, would you?" Ranma-chan looked to the side and nodded. Soun went into crying mode again and hugged Ranma-chan close "Oh how we've waited for this moment…" Soun stopped babbled as he felt something press into his stomach, something that a boy shouldn't have. Fearful he held Ranma-chan out at arms length and blinked his eyes.

Nabiki curious, as to what could make her father stop crying like that, peeked around him and looked at Ranma-chan, lowering her eyes she frowned and poked one of her breasts.

"Um don't do that" Ranma-chan said embarrassed.

Nabiki regarded her father whit an angry look "Daddy, he is a she"

Soun seeing the prospect of a comfortable retirement, only playing shogi whit his old friend Genma, while one of his lovely daughters, and his manly future son-in-law looked after the dojo. The fact that a girl had shown up instead of his manly son-in- law could only mean one thing. The school was doom, and thus whit this thought Soun Tendo, Master of the Tendo School Of Anything Goes fainted.

A little while later Soun awoke to see his oldest daughter, Kasumi tending to him. After a second Nabiki's face appeared above him and from the look of it, she was rather upset about something "Poor daddy, He's so disappointed"

"He's disappointed!" Nabiki's voice was slightly raised, and made Soun gulp "Some fiancé this is!"

Akane looked at them argue "Stop it you two! He… she is our guest""

Nabiki ignored Akane and continued, "This is all your fault Daddy!" Her voice was coated whit anger "You should have made sure!"

Soun, angry at being talked down to, by his own daughter in front of guests retorted angrily "Well, he said he had a SON!!"

Nabiki pulled Ranma-chan closed and poked her breasts "Do you see a SON here? Hmm? Do you?"

Ranma-chan blushed and lowered her head "Umm… Would you stop doing that!"

Akane snorted disgusted and looked at Ranma-chan "I'm Akane. You want to be friends?"

Ranma-chan looked at her before nodding "Yes"

Akane smiled and stood up "You practice the art right? Want to spar?"

Ranma-chan turned to see the father and daughter argument still in progress. Her father, the panda was laying around, no doubt waiting to find some hot water. The little lost pig, glaring death at the panda and watching the scene whit resentment "Sure, just a sec." Akane smiled and walked out to the dojo. Ranma-chan watched her walk out before she snug over and picked up the pig "Relax" The pig seemed to cool down and sighed. Ranma-chan walked over to the oldest sister "Um, Sorry, but could you watch my friend here?" 

Kasumi looked up and smiled "Sure, it's cute. What's it name?"

Ranma-chan blinked and looked down at the pig. The pig was staring right back at her "Uh… Piggy?"

The pig groaned and covered its head whit it's front hooves.  

Kasumi blinked and patted the pig on the head "Piggy, such a cute name" Standing up she brushed off her dress and looked around the room "More tea anyone?"

The panda looked up and waved a paw around while trying to say something. After a few minuets it gave up and pulled out a sign [Can I have some hot water?]

Kasumi regarded the sign and panda before walking towards the kitchen "Such a well trained panda. I shoulder order some bamboo for it"

Kasumi sat the pig down on the counter and looked at a small clock "Oh my. Dinner is late. Now you stay here Mr. Piggy" The pig nodded and settled down to stare at her as she put a kettle on the stove. Humming to herself, she chopped some vegetables, as she sometimes looked up to smile at the pig or sometimes shake her head at the sounds coming from the dojo. After a little while, a sweaty Akane walked in and looked around. 

"Kasumi. I'll be taking a bath okay"

Kasumi nodded, before turning around to look at the pig "Now stay here and watch the food. Our guest would need a bath after her workout"

The piglet nodded and moved over to better see the stove. As Kasumi walked out the door, the panda walked in. Staring at the pig it shrugged and picked up the teakettle. Testing the water temperature it smiled and poured the water over itself.

A Fat, bald, man wearing a white bandanna to cover his baldness, took the place of the panda. Stretching his arms he grinned widely "At least the schools will be united" Grinning he tossed the half empty kettle over his head and walked out the kitchen.

The pig screamed as it saw the kettle head straight for it. Just then the oldest girl stepped into the kitchen again and looked up to see the remains of the hot water fall down on the pig.

"Oh my" Kasumi held a hand up to her mouth as the pigs turned into a young girl. Long black hair fell down her back. As she stared at Kasumi a crimson blush spread over her whole body, her whole naked body.

Kasumi felt herself become faint, the last thing she saw was the girl jumping off the table and rushing forward to catch her. Strong arms grabbed her just before she hit the floor.

"Oh, oh my" The girl looked down as Kasumi started to wake up. Her eyes slowly opened and a sigh escaped from her. Slowly sitting up she turned and smiled "Excuse me, but did you just turn from cute little Piggy into a young girl?"

The girl bit her bottom lip and dropped her head low "Yes, I'm really, really sorry about this" Kasumi looked the girl over. Somehow she had gotten hold of a tablecloth and had covered herself up.

"Okay" Kasumi smiled as she fell back down again "I think, I'll take a little nap again"

Just then an angry yell could be heard from upstairs, followed by the footsteps of someone running down the hall.

The girl looked up "Ranma!"

"I'll drown him in the bathtub" Akane stormed past them and out into the garden. There she ripped the top part of a garden statue off, and turned around to see her sister looking out the door at her.

"What's going on Akane?"

"There's a pervert in the bathroom" Akane growled as she stepped towards the door.

Shrugging Nabiki leaned on the doorframe and smirked at her little sister "So why didn't you kill him whit your bare hands"

"I was scared"

The sound of footsteps could heard coming from behind them, turning they both stared as a young boy sporting a pigtail stopped at the bottom off the stairs

"Who.." Nabiki pointed a finger at him as she blinked her eyes.

"Who are you?" Akane demanded as she prepared to dish out some, severe psychical pain.

The boy bowed his head and blushed "I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry about this" Akane simply dropped the stone statue.

Later all the people were sitting in the common room. Ranma and the old man were sitting near the door opening, Soun Tendo, Nabiki and Akane across from them, Akane whit an angry frown on her face. Off to the side the girl was sitting, looking over Kasumi.  

Akane stared from the boy to the girl. Somehow another girl had shown up, and this one wore really baggy clothes, an oversized yellow, long sleeved shirt and green pants, yellow cord tied the pants to her shins. Around her head she wore the same type off bandanna as the piglet had.  

Nabiki turned to stare at Ranma "What's this about?"

Akane growled and slammed her hand down on the table "Who are you and what happened to Ranma?"

The man held out his hands and stared from one person to the other "Now girls, I can explain this"

Nabiki leaning forward glare right into his eyes "By all means do so"

"I'm Genma Saotome and this is my son" Genma bowed as he introduced himself.

Ranma simply scratched his back head "Ranma. And the girl over there is"

The girl looked up "Ryouga Hibiki" She gave a short polite bow and returned to watch over Kasumi.

Genma frowned "Hmmm? I simply don't know where to start" Suddenly he grinned "Wait how about this" Turning he grabbed Ranma's shirt and tossed him out the door. And right into the koi-pond.

A few seconds later, the red haired girl surfaced from the spring couching out water "What the hell did you do that for?"

Nabiki fell forward and stared at her "Now he's a girl"

Genma started to tear up and clenched his fist "My own son. So humiliating. So humiliating"

Ranma-chan jumped up and kicked him in the back head. A huge splash and Genma-panda emerged from the spring "Who are you to talk?" A small brawl started between the two cursed people.

"Stop it you morons" Ryouga kicked them both back into the spring "We're guests here"

 Nabiki shook her head "Why are you even friends whit these people Dad?"

Soun stared out the door as a three-way brawl started, "They weren't like this. Not before they undertook that terrifying training trip to China" The fight in the garden seemed to have stopped and Genma-p walked in whit a girl over his shoulder and a pig in his paw.

Soun nodded "But why don't we let them return to normal and then they can tell us the story.

A few moments later the old man, boy and girl sat in the living room again. Kasumi had woken up and was being given the details by Kasumi. She was looking at Ryouga as she sat down and leaned up the doorframe.

Genma sat down a teacup and looked up "It all started three weeks ago"  


MT. Quanjing, Bayankala range, Qinghai province, China.

"Here sirs we come to famous cursed springs of Jusenkyo," The guide pointed out over a valley filled whit hundreds of pools.

Ranma looked around and put his backpack down "This doesn't look so impressive"

Genma snorted and dropped his own backpack "Well boy, are you ready?" Genma jumped up onto a nearby pole.

Ranma grinned and jumped up onto a pole right after him "Ready, old man"

The guide screamed and stormed towards them "Wait, you no hear tragic story, it vary bad if fall in spring"

"Hiyaaaa" Genma jumped into the air and attacked Ranma, who ducked and jumped onto another pole before counterattacking whit a kick knocking Genma into the spring below. Landing on the pole Ranma looked down at the still water and waited for his father to jump back out again. When nothing happened he started to get worried and decide to ask a simple question "Yo pops, we done already"

Suddenly the water in the spring started to bobble and a huge panda came jumping out off it landing on a nearby pole.

Ranma stared at it before looking at the guide "What the?"

The guide responded by holding up a small sign "That Shonmaniichuan, spring of drowned panda. There very tragic story of panda who drown there 2000 years ago"

Ranma nearly face faulted off the pole "You never said anything about that" Looking up he saw the panda jump kick him.

"Pops wait, no!" The kick sent Ranma flying across the valley, and into a spring near the edge. Splashing in Ranma's scream was muffled. After a short while a red haired head poked out of the water.

The guide ran up to the spring that Ranma had landed in "That Nyanniichuan, spring of drowned girl. There very, very tragic story of young girl who drown here 1500 years ago, now who ever fall in spring take body of young girl" Ranma-chan blinked and pulled open her Gi and took in the new assets on her chest before screaming "You see?"


Genma stopped talking and sat back down "That was our tragic story"

"You call that tragic" Everyone turned to see Ryouga glaring death at Genma "My story is even worse, it's all your fault"


A crumbled map was in his hands. Ryouga's eyes watered as he took in the sight if a least a hundred pools dotted randomly across the valley floor below him "It can't believe I made it" Leaning forward he shielded his eyes against the sun "Now where's that coward Saotome?"

"Get back here old man"

"Huh" Ryouga turned around to stare at a bamboo forest. The sound of someone running could be heard. As Ryouga turned around completely a huge panda burst out off the Bamboo forest and made its way towards him "Gaah" Ryouga panicking at the prospect of being trembled by half a ton of panda jumped into the air. Staring down to watch the panda run under him, he never noticed the girl jumping towards him "Stop I said" Ryouga snapped his head up and managed to make out a mass off red hair and a slightly open Gi.   

A second after he found himself falling towards the ground, after getting a knee in his face. Reacting fast he snapped out his hand to brake the fall, he made a handstand on the very edge of the cliff. Relaxing Ryouga prepared to lean back as the rock broke below him. Screaming he fell into one of the many springs below.


Ryouga-chan closed her eyes as small tears made themselves known "And that's when I relished that I had been cast into hell"


A small black pig surfaced in one of the springs, and bweed in fear as it couldn't swim. As it struggled to stay afloat, it never noticed the panda looking at it. Rubbing its paws together for a second it leaned down to pull out the pig.

"Bwe?" The pig looked at the one who had pulled it out.

The panda's eyes blinked as it regarded the pig. After a small while, it seemed to come to a conclusion and nodded. Ryouga convinced that it wouldn't do anything relaxed. Then the panda started to hop back towards the Guides hut, humming a small song.

Ryouga-p bweed and struggled as he tried to get into a position where the damn sweatband he wore wouldn't choke him.

Entering the hut the panda looked around and spotted the guide "Growf"

The guide looked up and regarded the pig "Ah Sir you find too, too delicious piglet" Whipping out a butchers knife and meat axe the guide grinned "I cook it very nice!" Lifting the meat axe the guide ran it along a sharpening stone "You know, in ground of accursed springs we have the Heitouenniichuan    

"Old man" The door to the hut flew open and a pissed off Ranma-chan stormed in though the door. Knocking over the wok, she gripped the fur off the panda "Did you really think I wouldn't find you"

Genma-p sweated as he saw the anger in his son's eyes. Thinking quickly he looked up and saw the pig struggling. Food was the only way to calm down his boy [Half the bacon is yours]

Ranma-chan blinked her eyes and turned to see a cute pig looking back "Fine old man, but we'll talk about this later"

The guide looked up from shaping the knife and stared at the wok "Unless you find water, we no have pig for dinner"

Ranma-chan pushed Genma-p out the door "You get the water pops" As the panda complained Ranma-chan snarled "The last time someone had to get water, you ran away whit all the food"

A few moments later Genma-p shuffled in though the door holding a filled bucket of water.

As the wok was reset the guide held the pig in over the water, steam soon drifted up as the water started to bubble. As he dropped the pig the guide looked up "Where you get water Sir?"  

The panda somehow produce a sign [From a spring out there]

"Aiya" The guide turned and looked into the water.

"Ow Dammit" A high-pitched scream emerged as a young girl jumped out of the wok. Her skin had taken on a red tone and she was trying to cover herself up as she franticly looked around the hut.

Gulping Ranma-chan looked at the girl before her nose erupted whit a king size nosebleed. Tumbling over she landed on her back. The guide had the decency to turn his back on the girl and was blushing. Genma-P had, in a struck of pure wisdom decided to make a break for it.

The girl looked around the room whit a puzzled look. One moment she expecting to be boiled alive, the next she was back to her good old self again. So far, the only let down was longer hair, hair that tickled her chest in a strange way. The girl looked down and stared at her rather female chest. Lifting a hand she touched one of them.


The valley of cursed springs echoed whit the scream.


Ryouga sat silently at the table for a few seconds, before she got up and ran out the door.

"Ryouga" Ranma jumped up and stormed after her. Along the way Nabiki tossed a glass off water at him.

"Nabiki!" Soun scolded as he took the glass from her.

Nabiki smirked and stood up "Just testing it Daddy"

Soun turned and looked out the door after Ryouga and Ranma-chan "That truly is a tragic story, but back to the engagement. So girls who wants to get engaged to Ranma?"

Kasumi and Nabiki looked at each other "Oh Akane is the perfect choice" The said in union as they pushed Akane forward.


Nabiki grinned and leaned in "Well you hate boys, don't you? "


Kasumi grabbed her shoulders and smiled "You're in luck, he's half girl"

Akane looked at both her sister. How could they betray her like that? Nabiki she could understand but Kasumi "Why

Ryouga stared at the fish as they swam around lacily in the cold water "I hate this, what will my parents say, I can just see my father now 'son how dare you do something so perverted'. Before he beats me up and drags me off to who knows where for a cure"

Ranma-chan looked at Ryouga before she sat down next to her on a nearby rock "Cheer up Ryouga, I mean it's not the end of the world" Smiling she tossed a small stone into the pond "I mean Plum gave you those books on the curses "

Ryouga looked up at Ranma-chan "Yeah right Ranma, So I know more about Jusenkyo then before. But that doesn't help me"

Ranma-chan sighed a grabbed Ryouga's shoulders forcing her to look her in the eyes "Listen here Ryouga, I don't care how long it takes but I'll find us a cure. And until then, try to cheer up okay. We've gone though too much, just to give up now"

Ryouga smiled and nodded "You're right. And you're lucky I was there"

"Hey, that's the spirit, but you know, I'm the best and there's no way you'll ever beat me"

Ryouga stood up cracking her knuckles "Yeah?"

Ranma-chan smiled back "Yeah"

Suddenly a shadow fell over them, looking they saw Genma and Soun, standing a few meters away pushing Akane towards them "Ranma my boy, meet Akane Tendo, your fiancé"

Ranma-chan looked at Akane as Soun poured hot water over him "Dammit pops, there's no way I'm getting married to her"

Akane face twisted in anger "Well I don't want to be engaged to you either "

Soun and Genma chuckled "Well Tendo old boy, looks like its a perfect match"

"You said it Saotome, they're already arguing like a married couple"

"Shut up" Akane whirled on her father "I'm not marrying that loudmouthed jerk, and that's final"

Ranma glared at her "Who are you calling a jerk?"

Akane pointed at Ranma "You "

"You should have knocked on the door"

"You could at least have said something"

"Whatever, I don't have time for this" Ranma started to walk out of the yard when his father grabbed him.

Genma glared at his son "Where do you think you're going?"

Ranma looked back "To China, to find a cure for me and Ryouga, this is no time for a fiancé" Turning to look at Akane he crossed his arms  "You took a pretty good look at me too" Akane started to get angry "Besides I've seen a girls body plenty of times before. And mine's better built to boot" Ranma turned and walked towards the door.

"Why you" *wham* Ranma found himself laying unconscious whit the remains off a stone statue on her head.

Ryouga looked at Ranma-chan "Maybe you shouldn't have said that last part, Ranma" Looking back after Akane, she shook her head "She reminds me off myself, before Jusenkyo"

Picking up Ranma-chan, Ryouga looked at Genma and Soun "Well, where should I put him?"

Soun smiled and turned around "Saotome my old friend, I have prepared my best guestroom for you"

Kasumi grabbed Ryouga as she passed by upstairs "Ryouga-chan, your room is over here"

Ryouga blinked before she looked around "Um, why can't I stay whit Ranma in the guest room"

Kasumi pattered her shoulder "It wouldn't be a problem and I think you will like some privacy" A look was shot at Nabiki who blinked her eyes innocently "Ranma-kun and Genma-kun will properly need to use the whole room for themselves" 

The room wasn't that big but at least it had enough room for a futon, her backpack and a small desk whit a chair, a single window was slightly open in order to let in fresh air. As Ryouga settled in for the night a knock was heard on the door "Come in" Opening the door Kasumi walked in and closed the door behind her.

Looking around the room Kasumi smiled "Mr. Saotome asked me to tell you, that you will be going to school tomorrow along whit Ranma"

Blinking Ryouga sat straight up "But, I haven't been too school for months"

Kasumi laughed and sat down in the chair and looked at the black haired girl "Relax Ryouga-chan, you'll be fine, and Akane will be there to help you" Smiling even more Kasumi looked around the room and finally on the small amount of clothes that Ryouga had put into the dresser "I think I have a uniform you can wear for school tomorrow"

Ryouga sighed "About uniforms, I don't wear girl clothes"

Kasumi frowned, not much. But by Kasumi standard it was earth shattering "I really think you need to wear other clothes Ryouga-chan. If you give me some off your I could adjust them to you"

Ryouga held out her hand and smiled slightly "You really don't have too"

Kasumi looked firmly at Ryouga and talked in a no buts voice "Ryouga-chan, you may have been a boy. But if you dress like that as a girl, you'll attract the wrong type of people"

Ryouga blinked her eyes before she hung her head "Okay"

Kasumi smiled sweetly "Try to get some sleep, and tomorrow we'll shopping for some proper underwear for you"

"What?" Ryouga simply stared as the door closed behind Kasumi "I'm not wearing a bra and that's final"


Next Ryouga arrives in school and tries to fit in.


Ja Ne.