The Amnesia Years

Chapter One: Wanderer

By Anni Re

I was once a god, herald among the greatest creatures of midnight, the immortal keeper of time. There was never a grain of the uncountable years that did not pass through the sieve of my hands. I was the right hand of the greatest vampires of the world, and the ear of a being greater still.

But I fell, oh, how I fell. How did my life fall to this?

I am, but yet I am not. I exist but yet I do not. I am dead, but yet I endure.

So I will endure. Here in the halls of time before my hand did script them I search, for meaning to this half-life, for the truth of what I have done to myself, for the key to this lock to unleash what I once was.

But until then so I shall be a lost Wanderer for all eternity.

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