Title: Of Rohirric Kings and Pleasurable Nymphs

Rating: M

Warnings: Graphic sexual situation. Language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. They belong to J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, respectively.

Pairing: Eomer/Harry.

Summary: HP/LoTR Crossover. Slash. King Eomer of Rohan has been ignoring his lover's needs, of late. Harry shows him just what he has been missing out on.

Author's Note: AU (obviously, are not all crossovers?) Takes place after the events of LoTR, where Eomer becomes King of Rohan.


King Eomer of Rohan stalked through the halls of his castle, tired and frustrated from a long day at court. Since the end of the War of the Ring, his days were filled with nothing but paperwork and daily decisions and diplomacy.

The door to his main chambers banged open violently, and he continued to the room that housed his bed. Opening the heavy door, he stopped dead.

The frustration and weariness from the long day bled out of him when he found his naked lover tied to his bed with silk scarves.

"My, my, what do I have here?" Eomer purred as the lithe body on his bed stretched, welcoming his perusal.

"You have been tense lately," Harry replied coyly with a small smile. "I thought we could do something a little…relaxing tonight."

"My love, you do not know me very well if you think this is relaxing me," the King said as his eyes roamed appreciatively over the pale skin gleaming in the candlelight.

"Maybe you should come over here so I can get to know you better, then," the green-eyed nymph responded.

Eomer had not heard a better idea all day.

He carefully removed the heavy crown from his long, golden hair, placing it on the armoire. His fine clothes quickly fell to the floor for the servants to pick up later. Normally Eomer was much more conscientious, but tonight he just could not wait to slip into his beautifully seductive lover.

"Mmm, I am wa-aiting," Harry called, rolling his hips and pushing his pretty pink cock towards his king.

It was tied tightly with a pretty pink bow, leaving Harry hard and wanting and unable to come.

"You are the perfect present, my nymph," Eomer purred as his heavily muscled body slunk to the bed, his grace that of a big large cat stalking his prey.

He crawled onto the body, climbing over his bound lover.

"How long have you been waiting?" he questioned softly before leaning down to nip at one sensitive ear.

"N-not long," Harry moaned as that hot mouth slipped down to tease his pulse point.

"Do not lie to me," the blonde murmured, pulling back to stare into gorgeous emerald eyes. "I have been neglecting you, of late."

Harry smiled at him tenderly.

"You have important duties now, my king," he whispered softly. "I understand that they often take you away from me."

"I am not your king in this bedroom," Eomer stated seriously. "I am your lover, and I take my duties to you very seriously."

"It is a duty to make love to me?" Harry questioned, beginning to get upset. "Perhaps this is not the best way to talk about this. Untie me?"

"No," Eomer replied. "It is a pleasure to make love to you. And you are right; this is neither the time nor place to talk about this. I am ruining my surprise. So just lay back, relax, and let me enjoy my present."

Harry smiled again at those words, laying back and bending his knees to rub sensuously against his larger lover.

"You always make my passion rise, when you cover me so completely," Harry purred softly. "Even if I were not tied as such, you are so much stronger than me. Your big, broad body can completely control my own, and yet I know that I am entirely safe in your arms."

"And you always will be, my Harry," the blonde king whispered, leaning down for a passionate kiss.

His green-eyed nymph opened his sweet mouth to him immediately. Tongues came into play, and Eomer quickly dominated the kiss. Smooth, naked skin rubbed together, making Harry break the kiss to moan.

"Please do something," he whimpered, thrusting his bound erection into his lover's firm stomach as best he could from his position.

"I could come just like this," his king replied. "Kissing you so desperately, rubbing against your smooth skin, your arms bound and your orgasm denied by that pretty pink ribbon."

"N-no," Harry denied, whining again as a broad hand toyed with one pink, pebbled nipple. "Need you inside of me."

Eomer pulled back to reach for the tub of oil in the bedside drawer, but Harry shook his head with a blush.

"I…I am ready," he whispered.

The blonde groaned at the thought of his lover preparing himself, those pale delicate fingers piercing his own sweet hole.

"By the Valar, you are going to do that in front of me next time," the king swore.

His lover smiled coyly, bringing his knees up as far as he could and exposing that pink pucker, twitching and open and ready for his cock.

"You shall be the death of me," Eomer groaned, bringing a hand down to tug at his balls.

His little nymph could make him hard and ready with just a look from those deep green eyes.

"Just a little one, love," Harry replied. "Now get inside me."

*****************************Lemon Scene*********************************************

"All right, love?" the king smirked, loving the dazed and satisfied look his little nymph was sporting.

"Mmhmm," Harry murmured in assent, eyes lidded with the bliss of afterglow. "Untie me?"

He pulled on his wrists lightly, and Eomer reached forward to loosen the complicated knots holding his lover's wrists to the headboard.

"Harry?" he murmured softly as his little nymph cuddled close to him, head pillowed on his broad chest.

"Mm?" his lover hummed contentedly.

"How did you get tied to the bed like that?" the king questioned.

"Oh," Harry yawned, stretching sinuously. "Legolas."

Eomer sat up straight in bed just as his lover began to succumb to sleep.

"WHAT?" filled the castle, though few heard the responding giggle.

Eomer refused Harry any sleep that night after that little revelation.

And the servants and guards smirked behind their hands for the next couple days as the royal consort squirmed uncomfortably every time he sat down.

Eomer just smiled proudly, thinking of that red ass and the big dildo keeping his lover ready for him at all times…

Being a king was his duty. Being Harry's lover?

That was his pleasure.


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