Rebellion and Blue Rose Productions CHAPTER 20

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Day 1...

Nero's breath crystallized in front of his mouth as he huffed a sigh. "You had to pick somewhere cold huh?" he said, looking around the steep, frozen landscape.

"Well, we went to the beach on our last vacation and going to a cabin gives us a good reason to stay inside." the other devil hunter replied rather devilishly with a wink.

The younger chuckled. "You perverted old man."

"Hey, you married me." he said, holding up his hands.


Dante blinked. "It was four hours ago! You can't be regretting it that much already!"

Nero laughed. "Come on, let's just get inside. I'm freezing my ass off out here."

"We can't have that." Dante grinned, earning himself a rough punch in the shoulder from the kid's devil arm. "Ow…" he grouched, rubbing the spot.

Nero shook his head, knowing that the other half-devil wasn't hurt and looked up at the cabin that they'd be spending the next four days in. It was two stories with a small porch. The younger hopped up the two steps to said porch to get out of the wind, and waited for Dante, who was only a step behind him.

The elder hunter unlocked the door and gave Nero a mischievous look. The younger frowned before Dante grabbed him and tossed him over his shoulder making him yelp.

"Damn it Dante! Not funny!" he said, struggling as his lover groped his ass. "Pervert." he grumbled, his face turning crimson as he rested his elbow on Dante's back propping his head up. Dante carried him over the threshold and through the kitchen before throwing him down on a black leather couch with red pillows allowing Nero his first look around.

There was a small flat screen TV on the wall across from him and on the other side of the room were some stairs leading to what looked like a loft. Behind him was the kitchen area with a small table with two chairs. The walls were all wood giving a cozy feeling and there were several windows that looked out over the beautiful snowy landscape.

"Whoa." he mumbled, standing up and walking over to the gaping window. "Looks like there's no one for miles…"

Dante's arms wrapped around his middle. "That's because there isn't." he whispered in his ear.

"That's cool and somewhat scary at the same time."

Dante chuckled. "Scary? Worried we're gonna be snowed in or something?"

"No, I'm worried we're going to get sick of fucking and I'll be stuck here with you with nothing to do." he stated a smirk creasing his lips.

"Oh, I doubt that." he said, nuzzling the younger half-demon's neck. "I figured we could let loose up here…you know. Don't have to worry about waking Trish…getting caught or the neighbors complaining about someone screaming their lungs out." Dante grinned.

"I do not scream." Nero protested, making the older hunter laugh.

"Oh yes you do. 'Oh fuck Dante-oh-more.'" he crooned mimicking Nero's screams. The younger blushed and turned to punch the elder slayer in the shoulder.

"Asshole. You're not so quiet yourself." he retorted.

"Well…Like I said, we don't have to worry about that here." he smiled, picking up Nero's demonic hand and running one of his fingers between the hard plates of armor to the sensitive glowing flesh beneath. Nero's breath hitched from the soft caress, his eyes flicked up to Dante's seeing that they were already starting to dilate with lust. Upon seeing that look the younger devil slayer could feel his own pupils reacting in the same way.

Dante pushed his fingertips deep into the soft skin of the kid's devil bringer, wanting to see the reaction, and a reaction he did get. Nero released a sound somewhere between a moan and a roar, light flickering in his eyes as if his devil had been triggered. Dante felt himself responding to the sound with his own ferocity.

The two clashed together in a battle of teeth, tongues and blood as they roughly nipped and fought for dominance. Jackets fell and shirts and boots followed closely behind. Nero had gained some experience in tongue wrestling and was holding his own fairly well but Dante eventually outmatched him in experience and strength, but only slightly and though he was fairly proud of that fact it still meant he had to suck up losing. He was lying on the couch, Dante sitting between his legs his hands pinned down above his head. The younger devil never did take too well to losing.

Nero growled, writhing and trying to escape his lover's hold. He couldn't, but with a quick shove he rolled them onto the floor taking the upper hand for one brief moment before Dante continued their momentum landing him back in the same position.

Dante leaned up over his fairly helpless victim and slid his tongue between the rough scales of Nero's devil arm. The younger threw his head back and screamed in pleasure his eyes squeezed shut.

"Hmm…apparently that's much more sensitive than I first anticipated." the elder murmured with a smirk as he watched the panting half-devil below him.

"Dan-Dante." he breathed desperately. "Too-many clothes."

The elder slayer nodded in agreement, shifting to pin Nero's wrists with just one of his hands so he could start to unbuckle his own pants.

"Leggo Dante!" he growled squirming, and getting his devil bringer free. He reached down with his right hand and started unbuckling his own belt which caused the elder hunter to release his other hand willingly since he wasn't trying to buck him off.

Both half-devils stripped out of the rest of their clothes, Dante pulling a bottle of lube out of his pants pocket before discarding them. Nero's devil bringer tangled in his lover's hair pulling him down into another rough kiss as their hips ground together causing growls and moans to spill past each other's lips.

Nero gasped then growled softly when one of Dante's slick fingers slid inside him. Dante found the sweet spot quickly enough making him groan and arch to the touch. Dante slipped in another digit forcing a loud growl past Nero's lips.

"Take me now!" he spat impatiently. Dante chuckled roughly.

"Impatient are we?" he growled.

"Don't mess with me Dante!" he snapped his devil arm digging into the elder hunter's hip drawing out blood. Dante removed his fingers and plunged into his lover. Nero arched and winced from pain before growling in pleasure.

"Agh-Dante!" he snarled, his right hand digging deep into the elder hunter's flesh, blood dripping down his leg. His devil trigger was on the brink and he struggled to hold it back, especially when the older half-devil started thrusting in and out of him roughly. He cried out in pleasure throwing his head back, light blue glowing on the edges of his vision.

"Just let it go." Dante growled, slamming into him once more.

"Dante!" he moaned feeling his trigger slip in a flash of blue being met with a spark of crimson as Dante's own let go. The two devils grunted and growled as they fucked roughly on the carpeted floor

"Ah-Ahh! Dante! Un! Harder!" Nero managed breathlessly, his voice resonating.

The elder half-devil didn't have to be told twice as he increased the force of his thrusts slamming harder into Nero's sweet spot, the younger devil arching and moaning louder. Nero's legs slid around Dante's hips his devil bringer scraping against the elder hunter's demonic armor. Dante reached down to grab the younger demon's neglected erection pumping it in time with his own thrusts making Nero all but roar with pleasure. The elder hunter leaned forward to nip at the younger's exposed neck and collarbone feeling the devil bringer pierce the armor on his shoulder making him groan loudly as tiny drops of blood traveled down his back. Their pace increased as they both felt their ends nearing. Dante came first, spilling his hot demonic seed into Nero as his teeth plunged shallowly into his shoulder triggering Nero's own release as he arched off the floor and came with a sharp cry, strands of pearly fluid covering their abdomens.

Both de-triggered and laid on their backs panting.

"Tha-at was…intense." Nero managed. "I-I've felt my…trigger before but…wow th-this time was different."

"I know what 'cha mean, kid." Dante gasped. "Guess…we've just been holding…out on it too long." he smirked.

"Yeah…like there was ever an…appropriate time to do it like that at DMC." he grumbled with a short chuckle as he rolled onto his side and started to stand.

"Where ya goin'?" the elder hunter asked, following suit.

"Getting cleaned up. You can come along if you want." he shrugged as he started upstairs the elder hunter at his heels.


Day 2...

"So…you think that there could be a yeti here…and that it's a demon?" Nero asked as he hiked up the mountain next to the elder hunter.

"Yep." he grinned.

"…Well…you were right about the crazy demons under the falls, so I suppose it's plausible." he shrugged. "But why are we hunting for this thing on our honeymoon again?"

"Because you said you were bored." Dante replied.

"Well…we can only fuck so much in twenty-four hours. How long are we gonna look for this thing?"

"Just an afternoon trip." he promised. "Then we can go back and try out that Jacuzzi tub or something."

Nero chuckled. "Yeah, that sounds pretty good seeing how cold it is out here." he looked around at the frozen trees, grateful for the extra heavy jacket and gloves he had over his regular clothes.

"That's why it's only an afternoon hunt. I heard that yetis attack couples lost in the woods."

"Yeah…wait…lost? We're not lost are we?"


"Almost!? What do you mean almost!?" the kid demanded.

Dante chuckled. "I don't know where we are, but I got one of those little devices to get us back if we find this thing."

"Oh." he chuffed a sigh, his breath crystallizing. "Well that's a relief. I thought you were actually gonna get us lost out here."

"Nah." the elder smiled, looking back at their footprints that were starting to fill with snow. "It would be pretty easy to get lost up here though."

Nero glanced back to see what Dante was looking at and blinked. "Oh yeah…I guess it would. Especially if you stopped for a rest or something."

"Or a roll in the snow." the elder snickered.

"You've gotta make everything a sexual reference don't you?"

"When I'm with you I do." he smiled.

Nero rolled his eyes. "So how long are we going to stay out here and pretend to be lost?"

"Eh…" he shrugged. "However long you want to."

"Okay." he agreed.

Dante gasped softly as his foot slipped down into a snowdrift, followed by the rest of his body as he let out a yelp of surprise. Nero's breath hitched when he saw his lover fall out of the corner of his eye and quickly whirled to face him in case they were being attacked.

"Oof." Dante grunted as he landed at the bottom of a deep hole looking around then up. He whistled. "Quite a trap, eh kid?"

Nero laughed. "Wow, I never thought I'd see the day where you'd take a fall like that!"

"Yeah, yeah." he mumbled, looking around. "Looks like this pit was dug out by somebody, maybe to catch a bear or something."

"Seems kinda cartoonish to me. Can you get out?"

"Sure thing." he nodded starting to jump and scramble his way out of the hole.

"I wonder what they were looking for." Nero mumbled.


"I said I wonder what they were looking to catch out here."

Dante shrugged. "Doesn't matter, no one got hurt and no one is falling back into that trap."

"No one with half a brain at least." the younger slayer snickered.

"True enough." the elder grinned. "Let's keep going."

The two walked for awhile in silence until it was Nero's turn to gasp and call out as he felt something wrap around his ankle and he was roughly pulled off his feet. The ground ended up above his head as he was held up from an evergreen by a rope, the force causing Red Queen to fall into the snow.

Dante cracked up slapping his thigh as he watched Nero find his bearings. "You all right Nero?"

The younger slayer growled like a cat caught by the tail. "Get me down!"

"All right. Put your hands on the ground and I'll cut you down." he stated, Nero followed his directions as Dante took Rebellion and with a quick swipe sliced the rope allowing the kid's weight to shift onto his arms where he rolled back to his feet.

"Yowch!" the older hunter hissed pulling something out of his neck finding what looked to be a tranquilizer dart. "What the hell?"

"Are you okay Dante?" Nero grumbled, still slightly ticked off that the elder hunter had been laughing at him.

"Yeah…we need to get out of here."

Nero quirked an eyebrow. "What for?"

The elder slayer held up the dart and Nero quickly hopped out of the way, a small pile of snow exploding from the impact of another dart. The younger hunter scooped up his sword and glared in the direction the offending missile had come from.

"Let's see what this is about."

Dante nodded, but it made him disoriented to do so and he found Rebellion heavy in his grip as Nero stomped over to a man crouched in the bushes. The man had graying hair and some top of the line looking snow gear, he tried to run when Nero got close.

"Oh no you don't." he said grabbing the man with his devil bringer, dragging him back and placing his back against the tree. "What do you think you're doing!? You could have really hurt someone out here!"

"Yeti! Release me yeti! I promise I won't harm your friend there." he pleaded.

"Yeti?" he asked.

"You got the white hair, but you look young! Ye must be a yeti!"

"Nah, I just got really weird genetics. Now get out of here." he grumbled.

The man stumbled as he was released before tearing into the woods. "Well that was weird, right Dante?" He didn't get an answer prompting him to turn towards his partner. "Dante!" he gasped running over upon seeing his companion downed in the snow.

"Dante?" he called out, dropping down beside him and shaking his shoulder. "Damn those tranqs must've been tough stuff." he sighed patting Dante's pockets for the GPS to get them back. He found it in the front pocket and typed in the cabin's address before finding the direction he needed to go. He put the device in his own pocket and hauled his partner over one shoulder grumbling as he started trudging back to their temporary home.


Dante blearily opened his eyes, blinking unresponsively a few times at the wooden paneled wall high above his head.

"You comin' to old man?" Nero mumbled his fingers brushing through the older man's hair. Dante didn't respond but shifted his gaze to meet his younger counter-part's. "That tranquilizer knocked you on your ass." he chuckled. "You been sleeping for four hours. That guy must've given you a yeti sized dose."

"Yeti?" he rasped out with a slight smirk still feeling somewhat numb.

"That's apparently what the crazy fuck thought we were. Said something about the hair. Freak old man, he could've killed someone else with a dose that big."

"Yeah." Dante agreed, deciding that moving his head to nod would not be a good idea

"Guess you'll be alright though." he said in a tone proving that he had been worried. "You should probably just try to sleep that shit off. I'm tired too from hauling your heavy ass back here."

Dante couldn't hold back his chuckle as Nero slid in bed next to him.

"What's so funny?"

"You were worried about me."

Nero blushed and rubbed his nose. "Was not. Go to sleep old man."

"Whatever you say." he grinned before slipping easily back into unconsciousness with the remaining tranquilizers taking effect.


Day 3...

Dante awoke with his nose twitching the fragrant and wonderful smell of bacon teasing his nostrils. He rubbed his eyes and sat up finding the other side of the bed empty. He got out of bed and walked downstairs into the living room before striding into the kitchen finding Nero standing at the stove making bacon and eggs with his headphones on, his head bopping slightly with the beat.

He looked over once he saw the elder hunter out of the corner of his eye and pulled his headphones down to his neck.

"Feeling better old man?" he asked with a smirk.


"Want some breakfast?" he asked starting to dish the bacon and eggs on a plate.


Nero picked up a fork. "Bacon and eggs are in the fridge." he stated with a grin sticking a piece of egg in his mouth.

Dante pouted.

"I told you. I dragged your heavy ass back here last night, you can cook your own damn breakfast."

"Aw, come on Nero." he said walking up behind the younger man and wrapping his arms around him. "Isn't there anything I can do to get you to cook?"

The younger paused, tapping his chin with his fork. "Yes."

"And that is?" he prompted.

"I get to top you tonight." he answered with a smirk.

"That's it?"

"Yep." he agreed.


"Okay, then let go of me and go watch TV or something. I can't have you hovering all over me." he stated.

"Okay kid." he agreed, releasing him and walking back out to the living room while Nero cooked up some more bacon and eggs.



Dante and Nero kissed passionately, the younger straddling his lover's hips on the bed. Nero's tongue probed into his partner's mouth his hands exploring under his shirt as the Dante's hands ran up his sides. The younger hunter pulled away, a string of saliva still connecting them.

"You know…" Nero growled seductively. "We still haven't tried out that huge tub."

Dante chuckled. "I like the way you think, kid."

The younger nipped his lips. "Don't call me kid. Let's go." he grinned before hopping off the bed, Dante lightly groaned at the lack of contact, turning onto his side watching Nero saunter into the bathroom and hearing the water start running. After a moment the younger poked his head back out. "You coming?"

The elder hunter chuckled and nodded, rolling off the bed and walking over to the bathroom as well, quickly finding their lips reattached.

Belts clanked noisily to the tile floor, leather and denim rustling as it was hastily removed. Nero's teeth nipped at his lover's throat between kisses and his hands wandered restlessly, as he gently started guiding Dante to the huge dark blue tub in the room almost filled with water.

The older slayer bumped into the edge of the tub before breaking away from Nero to climb in, the younger hunter right behind him, turning off the water before straddling Dante's hips and grinding against him causing soft moans to drop from their lips. Dante shifted, the contact making them groan again.

"Just do it Nero." he growled. The younger nodded and moved back slightly before grabbing one of Dante's legs and pulling it over his shoulder, the elder hunter hooked his other leg around Nero's hips. The kid carefully started to penetrate him, one hand on Dante's shoulder his devil bringer wrapping around his partner's erection gently stroking it to distract him. Dante didn't show any signs of pain, but he was good at hiding it.

Nero adjusted his angle to hit the bundle of nerves he knew was inside his lover, making Dante moan weakly. The younger smirked slightly and started moving at a steady pace hitting the same spot every time and stroking Dante in time with his movements.

The older man writhed and moaned in pleasure one of his hands gripping Nero's shoulder, his nails biting into that milky skin until a few drops of blood appeared making the young slayer growl. Dante pulled his hand back looking into Nero's light blue eyes as he licked the blood off his fingers.

Nero growled loudly leaning forward to forcefully capture his lips tasting the sanguine liquid for himself. Dante's hand tangled in the younger slayer's hair holding him there as their tongues intertwined in a battle of dominance that Nero won for once.

The two half-devil's moans quickly started to melt into snarls that were captured by the other's lips as Nero's pace increased bringing his thrusts faster and harder and giving more pleasure to both of them.

Dante rapidly felt his end nearing with the younger's dominant behavior, the taste of blood on his tongue, Nero pumping him quickly with his devil bringer as well as driving in and out of him hitting his prostate every time. He broke away from their heated kiss to gasp for air and Nero bit his neck, the scent of their blood mingling sending him over the edge with a scream.

The younger half-devil felt Dante tighten around him and cried out as he felt his own control fall releasing his seed into the man beneath him. The two growled and panted for a few minutes before Nero pulled away and yanked the cork out of the tub, moving to get out. Dante followed his example grabbing a towel and drying off.

"I bet this is the cleanest we've ever been after sex." the elder hunter said cheekily.

Nero chuckled. "I'll bet, but I cannot say the same for the rest of the room." he said looking around at the water all over the floor that had sloshed out.

"Eh, it was totally worth it." he grinned.


Day 4...

Both half-devils looked longingly at the cabin that they'd spent the last three days in.

"Honeymoon's over. Guess it's time to get back to Devil May Cry." Nero sighed.

"Yep, but no worries kid. I'm sure the best of our adventures have just started." Dante smiled.

"Yeah. Can't let Rebellion and Blue Rose start gathering dust."

"Then let's get home Nero. I'll race you."

"What's the wager?"

The older man smiled. "The usual. Go."


I know, it took me forever to get this chapter out, but I've been really busy lately! Besides it's super long and there's something for everyone in this chapter! Seme and uke Dante, seme and uke Nero and a little bit of adventure in the middle! I thought it was a fitting end chapter to Rebellion and Blue Rose Productions.

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