Bella POV

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled as my mom tried to 'understand what I'm going through.'

"But, honey! Mother's Magazine says that you should talk with your kids when they go through their rebellion stage!" she yelled through the door.

"Actually, they should say to LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE!" I screamed. Then I ran to my cd player and played

'I hate everything about you' as loud as it can go.

"Honey, I let you have 'your alone time to think about your feelings'." She said quoting Mother's Magazine.

That stupid magazine should go die in a hole. I HATE my mother. She thinks I'm rebelling. I'm not rebelling. I'm just dark.

My name is Bella Swan. I have black hair with hot pink highlights. I wear neon colours and black skinny jeans. I'm apparently since I'm 17 'I want to spread my wings but should still have a long leash so I don't fly to far.' I HATE THAT MAGAZINE! I'm moving to Forks, Washington so my dad can help me with my rebelling because my mom can't take it. GOOD, I can finally get away from her.

"I like your hair Bella." Charlie said. While trying to fill the awkward silence.

"Thanks, can you help me with my luggage?" I said my 2 bags were really heavy. One is for clothing and the other on is for my sanity.

"Of course." He said politely. If only he new what he was carrying.

I get into my room lock my door and put away my stuff. Clothes in the dressers, knifes at the bottom, vodka is the middle, clothes on the top. Tonight is going to be a long night.

"Dad, do I have to go to school, I feel sick." I said. Damn hangover.

"Man Bella, you look like hell!" Charlie explained taking in hung-over Bella.

"I think I caught something on the plane." Or on top of the knifes, and below the clothes.

"Sorry hunny, but you have to go." Charlie said not looking sad at ALL!

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