A/n: Written for a challenge on [the force . net]. Will be updated once a week with five one-hundred word drabbles for twenty weeks, if I can meet all of the requirements. The italicised words are the themes I had to write about.

Characters, Week One: Anakin, Obi-Wan

I: Flash in the pan

"Even stars die, Anakin."

His Padawan is young, but Obi-Wan is still surprised that he did not know that.

Beside him, looking up to the night sky which will soon be one light shorter, Anakin glares. His fists are balled, both out of emotion, and to conserve heat on this growing colder planet. "But that's not fair! This planet isn't even that old."

The Master sighs, wishing someone more experienced would teach this lesson. "The time was, to the Force, no longer than our lives. Blink and you'll miss it, but be glad you saw it."

Anakin nods, without understanding.

II: Out on a Limb

Anakin listens wordlessly as his Master stumbles into the 'fresher, for the third time since he's been here. He wonders, if the man takes ill so often, why doesn't he see the healers like he had to when he first came to the Temple? They were very kind to him, and he cannot imagine them being judgmental of someone as dedicated as Master Obi-Wan.

He hears the low sounds of sobs, and decides to take a risk. Quietly he pushes open the unlocked door and looks up at the haggard Knight with the bloodshot eyes. "I miss Master Qui-Gon too."

III: Out of the blue

"Master, how are babies made?"

Of all the things to come out of his young apprentice's mouth, those are five that Obi-Wan does not expect to hear. "Well, Padawan, how do you think?"

He frowns, thinking. "Mother never told me. Kitster tried to, but I didn't understand. He told me some really wild things. I think he made most of it up."

"Well, what did he tell you?"

The Master's heart fills with dread as he listens, wondering how to say that is indeed the truth to a boy just over ten cycles. "And you don't believe your friend?"


IV: Wet behind the ears

"Wow! My very own laser sword? Are you sure, Master Kenobi?"

Obi-Wan smiles, Anakin's excitement contagious. "It's usually called a lightsaber. And you'll get your own later: Until then, the Temple will loan you one. Once you can wield it properly, I'll teach you how to assemble your own. We'll have to go to a different planet to do it."

"Wizard!" The Padawan grips the hilt so tightly that his fingers pale. "So how do I use it? Can I learn to fight like you did with the Zabrak today? Does it ignite like-"

"No! You open it the other-"

V: Heat of the moment

"Anakin! How many times have I told you to study the night before a test?"

The Padawan bowed his head, not looking at Obi-Wan, or the offending test. "I was busy, Master."

The Knight crosses his arms, frowning. "And tell me, what were you doing that was so important you couldn't pause and go over your notes?"

The sarcastic words are too much. "I was sparring! How can you blame me, if I was with you? Master Qui-Gon wouldn't have!"

He glares defiantly, and immediately wants to take back his words, but what has been said cannot be taken away.