"I fear for Padawan Skywalker, Master."

"Why is that?" Luminara watched as Bariss expressed her worries.

"On Ansion, there was something… wrong. He was confused then, and on the occasions I've seen him since Geonosis, well… he's changed, become even more conflicted. I think it might be because he's already a knight. He isn't prepared."

"You wish to help him?"

"Of course!"

The Master smiled gently. "You are not his Master, apprentice. There is little you can do for him. The most, though, is to just be a friend. Talk. Listen. That's what he needs, and sometimes, it is enough."


"Is this the path you truly wish to walk?"

Bariss glanced around the circle of Jedi, wishing her Master was there. "Yes."

"Know that if you take it, you will face suffering. You will be compelled not by the Force, but by your own vows to help even your enemies. The desire to end pain will overwhelm you, and it will not be pleasant. Do you still want to be initiated into this lifestyle?"

"This is what I feel is right."

"Then rise, Padawan Offee, as a learner both to the traditional Jedi arts, and the ways of the Healers."


"This doesn't seem right, Master."

Luminara glanced at Bariss as they walked amongst the clones. "You've been on dangerous missions before, Padawan."

"It's not that; the risk factor doesn't bother me. It's… well, we're always called the keepers of peace, and now we're involved in a war. It isn't right."

The elder Jedi sighed. "We are what the Force deems we must be. We heal where it says there is hurt. Our words are our lightsabers, if it says so. And when it requires, we willingly become soldiers. But we are always Jedi." She held her Padawan's gaze. "Remember that."

IC: Master

"…And I feel her achievements on Drongar prove Bariss ready for Knighthood." Silence filled the Council Chambers as Luminara finished.

"Agree with your assessment, we do. Initiated, Padawan Offee is ready to be. Inform her, you will, that she is receiving promotion, and meet us at 19:00 hours tomorrow, in the Hall of Knighthood."

"Yes, Master."

She left with mixed emotions: Joy -her apprentice had made it that far- and bitterness, for having to recognize Bariss was no longer a dependent student relying on her for guidance.

Still, Luminara would survive.

That was, after all, what being a Master meant.

C: Apprentice

Bariss felt her Master approaching the meditation chambers. Soon she would be instructed to enter the Hall of Knighthood and receive the blessing of the Council.

She didn't acknowledge Luminara's approach though, instead savoring the final moments as a Padawan.

She was eager for the ceremony, but at the same time she feared it, feared the freedom it brought. She knew once the years as an apprentice ended, there was no turning back: A Jedi looked to the future and at the present, not the past.

Still, she would move on: That was, after all, what being an apprentice meant.