Disclaimer: NCIS belongs Donald P. Bellisario

He stands in the shadows.

Watching her gracefully move.

Full of life she is, dancing all around.

He is broken, filled anger and sorrow.

He remains in the shadows.

She watches him stand in the shadows.

Strong and fierce he is.

Her heart secretly beats for him.

She dare not tell him the truth.

She fears that he feels not the same.

A bright smile plays across her face.

Her beauty takes his breath away

He can't help but smile at the joy on her face.

His lips touch her cheek

He only wishes he could kiss her lips.

She feels her body tingle

She expects for him to move away.

Instead his lips linger.

Moving she glances into his eyes.

She is surprised to see them clouded with love and lust.

He knows he should move away.

That he shouldn't hold her so close.

He thinks about rule twelve.

But as her eyes close and their lips meet

He forgets everything called rule twelve.

A/N: Ok this fic is based off of a dream I had. I was in my English class and I had to make a poem in front of the class. Please review and tell me of this.