DNArk Angels

Authors: NoDrog(s) and LoveRobin

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Chapter 1: Angels Born

Fourteen years ago: Cecaelia Training Facility 1

Twelve kids were gathered around in a dormitory room. Physically, they appeared to be four year old children, but they stood and moved with military precision; backs ram-rod straight, eyes constantly searching for possible threats. Each child had their hair cut in military buzz cuts, shaved at the back so that the barcodes grafted on the backs of their necks could be easily seen and scanned. Six of them were male, six female; all dressed in jet black jumpsuits. Printed on the front and back of each jumpsuit was a designation, consisting of a letter, a digit, and another letter. The walls, ceiling, and floors were painted a light gray. There were twelve bunks, six against one wall, six against the other. Each was sized to hold a small child, but there were no signs of any toys or clutter that would be expected of young children.

"I heard one of the guards talking," said a girl. According to her jumpsuit, she was X3N. "They said this place is getting too much attention. The lab stuff has already been moved, and we're going to be scrubbed."

"What's wrong with that? I've been saying K7N could use a bath," said JØX, the smallest of the boys.

"This isn't the time to be joking, Mite," said A2M. "If this is true, we have to consider Cecaelia the enemy and find a way to escape."

The other children shuddered. For them, what A2M had just said was close to blasphemy.

"Hopefully, we've got some time," said A2M. "If we all go at once, we won't have a lot of time to find an escape route," he pointed. "BØN, K1M… you two are the most atlet… athlee… best at moving around. Find a way over the fence and report back. The rest of us will cover for you."

The others nodded. A2M was the oldest, even if it was only by a few weeks. Their training had stressed the importance of obeying seniority. K1M and BØN headed out as the rest returned to their beds. No one noticed J2S, the youngest of the clones, slipping out of his bunk.

* * *

S1Y, the most explorative of the kids, had discovered a few weeks ago a way in and out of the barracks. She'd found an unlocked window, too small for an adult, that was just the right size for them to crawl through one at a time. After exiting through the window, K1M and BØN snuck through the woods surrounding the facility until they reached a large electrified fence with razor wire strung across the top. The two followed the fence, trying to find some way to get across. K1M suddenly pointed. A large tree was growing next to the fence, with one branch growing out above the razor wire. The branch was too thin to support an adult, but it should hold even under A2M's weight.

"Great, let's get back to the others," said BØN. The two began moving back through the woods but froze at the sound of gunfire from the barracks. The two girls froze until the sound of firing stopped. "Let's leave," said BØN.

"No, we've got to find out what happened to A2M and the others," said K1M.

The two moved silently to the barracks and stopped at the edge of the woods. Two Cecaelia guards were coming out of the barracks. Each carried an automatic rifle in one hand and a small, limp body in the other. They dumped the bodies in a pile in front of the barracks, and turned around to go back in. K1M could clearly see the bodies were A2M, staring lifelessly up at the night sky, and X3N, face down but easily recognizable due to her jet black hair.

"We've got to go, now!" insisted BØN. This time, K1M followed her.

* * *

The two guards were almost done. Nine of the beds had already been emptied. The two went to one of the remaining beds and pulled the covers back. Instead of a bullet ridden bodies, he discovered pillows pushed into place to approximate human forms.

"I told you," said J2S, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "A2M told K1M and BØN to scout ahead. If you'd waited, all of the others would have escaped."

The guard ignored J2S, taking the radio handset from his belt. "We've got two missing subjects."

Director Johnathan Hall, the head of Cecaelia, came out and put a hand on J2S's shoulder. "Good work, soldier," he said. "It looks like we'll be saving one of the first generation after all."

"Thank you, sir!" said J2S, saluting.

* * *

The girls were within sight of the tree when a loud claxon pierced the quiet night. Abandoning their efforts to be stealthy, K1M and BØN began to run. They were almost at the tree when BØN tripped over a root, sprawling on the ground. K1M didn't hear her fall over the claxons, and began scrambling up the tree. BØN struggled to her feet and began climbing up after K1M. At the branch, K1M went across first, crawling carefully. When she reached the end, she gripped the tip of the branch, dangling above the ground, and then let go. When she hit the ground she rolled, coming up unharmed. BØN followed, managing to land safely if not quite as gracefully.

"Where do we go now?" demanded BØN.

K1M bit her lower lip, thinking. Neither of them had even been outside the fence on their own. "When escaping pursuit, put as much distance as possible between you and the pursuers," she quoted from their training. "If we can find a road, maybe we can find someone in a car to give us a ride."

"I saw a map of the complex once," said BØN. For both K1M and BØN, to have seen something was to have it memorized. It was a mix of carefully chosen genetics and training. BØN pointed. "The nearest street should be… that way."

* * *

K1M and BØN waited by the side of the road. When they saw a lone sedan driving, K1M dashed into the road, onto the path of the oncoming car, and waved her hands franticly. Startled at seeing K1M suddenly in front of the car, the driver stomped on the brakes. The car began to skid and K1M could see it wouldn't be able to stop in time. At the last second, K1M leapt up, landing on the hood.

BØN yanked open the passenger door. Neither she nor K1M had been trained yet in operating vehicles, and neither one was big enough yet to work the controls even if they knew how. BØN saw it was Dr. Kredible, a doctor who sometimes came when one of the people at the Cecaelia base was hurt.

"What happened?" said Dr. Kredible. "Why are you two outside the fence?"

K1M jumped off the hood and stood next to BØN. "They're moving the base… they just shot the others."

Dr. Kredible opened her mouth to protest that couldn't happen, then shook her head to clear it. She had only had a few brief encounters with the person running the Cecaelia base, but it had been enough to convince her that person was completely ruthless. If it meant killing twelve children, it probably wouldn't have even given the person a restless night's sleep. "Get in," Dr. Kredible said.

K1M climbed in. Behind her, BØN followed, carefully hiding behind her back the jagged rock she'd planned to use if Dr. Kredible hadn't been willing to help them.

* * *

Tawnie Rockwaller yawned and opened the door, wondering who could be knocking at this late hour. She blinked in surprise at seeing her old college roommate standing at the doorway, with two four year old children. "Anne?" she asked.

"Tawnie… I'm sorry, but James is out of town at another space convention, and I didn't know who else to turn to," said Dr. Kredible.

"Come in," said Tawnie. "Darling, what's wrong?"

Anne brought the two girls in and told Tawnie all that Anne knew about the Cecaelia base; how they had been raising twelve children officially as an orphanage. However, Dr. Kredible had seen the children didn't behave like children and, the rare times one was injured, the child had healed with surprising speed. K1M and BØN watched, unusually silent and intent for children their age, as Anne poured out their story, about finding K1M and BØN at the side of the road and claiming the other ten had been killed.

"Can you go to the police?" asked Tawnie.

"I tried when I first realized there was something strange going on. The police told me there was nothing to worry about, and then two Cecaelia guards came and told me if I told anyone else, they'd kill me," said Anne. "They've obviously got the police in their pocket. I'm just glad I haven't told anyone there I was engaged, or they would probably have threatened James as well."

"We'll have to split them up," said Tawnie. "You and James take one, Maxwell and I will adopt the other."

"But what if Cecaelia comes looking for me?" said Anne. She had a sudden thought. "Oh my god! They were expecting me tonight!"

"So?" asked Tawnie, slightly puzzled by her friend's sudden dread.

"I was called in to deal with a sudden rash of illness among them," Anne explained. "But if they were really planning to kill the children, then they were probably going to wrap up the lose end I represent!"

"You think they were going to kill you too?" Tawnie was aghast.

Anne nodded, "If they could shoot four year olds, they'd have no qualms about the one person who not only knew they existed, but had already gone to the police once before! It won't take them long to put together two missing children with one missing doctor… ."

"I got it… Wyatt Load!" said Tawnie.

Anne tilted her head, confused. Wyatt had been a freshmen when Tawnie and Anne had been seniors. The computer specialist once had a brief crush on Anne. "What about Wyatt?"

"He's working for the FBI, setting up a computer database. I'm sure he could set you up with a new ID."

"Thank you, Tawnie," said Anne. "I knew I could count on you."

"Hey, what are part-time lovers for?" joked Tawnie, then wrapped her arms around Anne and kissed her. Anne kissed back, luxuriating in the touch of her college sweetheart, Anne's pregnant belly nestling under Tawnie's chest. Thank goodness that both James and Maxwell accepted the fact that Tawnie and Anne were bi.

* * * * *


Bonnie sat in the food court of the Middleton Mall, sipping a smoothie. She was bored. Her dad was busy at work and her mum was away visiting Connie and Lonnie. She didn't even have Tara to boss around; Tara's parents had taken her with them on a camping trip over the weekend. Finally, she spotted Kim Possible, for once without her annoying sidekick Ron. Bonnie licked her lips.

"Hey, Kim… getting rid of the dead weight again?" Bonnie asked, then shook her head. Why had she said 'again'?

"What do you mean?" demanded Kim.

"I mean, you're usually hanging out with Ron Stoppable. I guess he's the only one who'd put up with your holier-than-thou attitude," said Bonnie.

"Look, 'Bon Bon'," said Kim. "If you have a problem with… ."

While the two girls launched into their normal trade of barbs, neither noticed a man in a black business suit and sunglasses turn. He raised a cell phone to position. "It's them," he said.

"Good," said a voice, distorted by an obvious electronic scrambler. "Initiate capture sequence."

The man put the cell phone away in his pocket and began walked over. He reached out and grabbed Bonnie's purse, then broke from a walk into a high speed run, arms pumping.

"Hey, jerk!" said Bonnie. Kim and Bonnie both forgot their argument, chasing after the man.

Surprisingly, instead of an exit, the man was running to an indoor playground area where a dozen children, all about four to five years old, were watching silently. The man grabbed a table and knocked it over, sending it barreling into Kim and Bonnie's path. Neither girl even slowed down… Bonnie dodged nimbly around the table, while Kim simply leapt over it.

Bonnie and Kim had almost reached the man when he pulled out a whistle and blew on it, shrilly. The twelve kids suddenly swarmed out of the playground, charging at Kim and Bonnie.

Both girls froze for a moment, surprised. The kids didn't hesitate. The first two leapt up, trying to deliver a flying kick to both Kim and Bonnie's kidney region. Kim and Bonnie instinctively blocked, twisting to deflect the impact. The two girls continued the twist, intertwining elbows to support each other, legs extended in sweeping kicks that knocked the next group of kids down.

The man who had started the incident tossed Bonnie's purse in a garbage can dismissively and watched. The two teenagers were forced to retreat against the onslaught. Both Kim and Bonnie had a considerable size advantage, but there were only two of them and twelve kids. In addition, neither Kim nor Bonnie wanted to seriously hurt the kids. As a result, Kim and Bonnie were forced to back up while the kids attacked with surprising speed and power.

"Is this…," Bonnie started to ask, then ducked as a young girl who had leapt onto a chair tried to tackle her, "…usual for you?"

"Well, Ron and I did once…," Kim said, cart-wheeling to get away from two boys who were trying to double team her, "…fight an evil nanny with an army of babies."

"Oh, good," said Bonnie. The girl jumped on another chair, getting ready to try again. Bonnie suddenly snap-kicked the chair. She gave it double duty, not only causing the girl to go sprawling on the ground, but sending the chair flying past Kim's hip and into a boy sneaking up on her. "This should be old hat for you then."

"Thanks Bonnie."

"No big."

"That's my line!" Kim objected as she snatched up a handful of the colored plastic balls from the 'Swimming Pool' pit and tossed them under the feet of two girls angling for Bonnie. The two girls went sprawling, crashing into each other.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Whatevs… ."

The man saw two mall guards hurrying into the food court. He raised his whistle and blew on it again. The kids immediately stopped fighting and turned to look at the man. Seeing him running to a fire exit, the kids made ready to follow him.

"Oh no you don't…," growled Bonnie. She managed to grab the closest child, a blonde haired girl. The children had been mute until now. Grabbed by Bonnie, the girl let out a squeak of distress.

Another girl, the one with short black hair, heard the cry and stopped. She turned to look, while the other kids ignored the blonde girl's distress and continued running out the door. Kim grabbed the raven-haired girl before she could escape and, carrying the girl under one arm, ran out of the door. Kim was just in time to see the remaining children climbing into a large, unmarked van. The driver of the van gunned the engine and peeled out, leaving Kim, Bonnie, and two of the children behind.

* * *

The van driver turned to the man in the passenger seat, the man who had temporarily stolen Bonnie's purse. "Well?"

"K1M and BØN were able to overpower the second generation," the man said, tersely. "We lost two of the kids."

"I told you I should have gone in with them," said the driver.

"Director Hall said to keep you in reserve, Judas," said the guard.

"My name…," growled the driver, "is J2S!"

* * *

Kim and Bonnie stood in one of the offices used by Mall Security, watching as a mall guard tried to question the two captured kids. "Come on, who are your parents? What's your names?" he asked, exasperation clear in his voice.

The two girls just stared at him, silent and sullen. Like the man was an enemy.

"Let me try," said Kim. She crouched down, looking at the blonde girl. "Who are you?" she asked softly. The girl stared at her, and looked as if she was about to answer. She then turned to look at the raven haired girl. The other girl shook her head slightly.

Bonnie sighed. "Look, you twerps, we're going to rough you up if you don't tell us who you are and why you attacked us!"

"Bonnie!" said Kim, in a chiding tone. She turned to the blonde. "She's just kidding."

"Kidding, am I?" said Bonnie. She reached over to grab the black haired girl by the hair and tugged, eliciting a startled squeak from the girl. Bonnie froze, then peered closer at the girl's neck. "Hey, there's some sort of barcode thingy on her neck."

"What?" said Kim.

She grabbed the blonde girl by the shoulders and turned her around, then lifted the girl's hair up to see a similar barcode tattooed on the blonde girl's neck.

"What is it?" asked the mall guard.

"I'm not sure…," said Kim. She turned. "Officer Kitteboard, there may be something wrong with these two girls. Is it ok if I take them to my mom? She's a brain surgeon at Middleton hospital."

"I know who your mother is, Ms. Possible," said the mall guard. He shrugged. "I can't seem to get any answers out of them… I was going to just call the police, but if you promise to take them to your mother, that should be fine."

"Thank you, sir," said Kim. She took the blonde by the hand. "Bonnie, bring that one."

* * *

Bonnie struggled to hold the squirming little black-haired girl in her arms. "What's the big deal about a barcode?" she asked, watching as Kim led the blonde by the hand.

"I don't know, but I think it must be important," said Kim. She took a deep breath. "You see, I have one also."

"I know," said Bonnie.

"You do? How?" asked Kim, startled.

"Oh…," said Bonnie, blushing slightly. "Um, after cheerleading practice, when you're showering, you do that head flip thing after you wash your hair."

"You've been checking me out in the showers?" demanded Kim.

"No!" said Bonnie, hastily. "I just… happened to notice."

"You have a barcode?" the blonde girl asked, the first time she had actually spoken.

"Yes," said Kim. She went down on one knee, to bring herself closer to the blonde girl's eye level. She then turned, lifting her hair in the back so that the bottom edge of a barcode tattoo was exposed. The blonde girl reached out, running her fingers over the black marks to verify the marks were real.

Bonnie threw the black-haired girl over one shoulder. "Anyway, what's the big deal… hey, quit it!"

The black hair girl had taken advantage of her position to lift the back of Bonnie's brown hair up. "She's got one too!" the black haired girl reported.

"No I don't!" Bonnie said angrily.

"Let me see…," said Kim, moving over to look. "Yes you do, Bonnie."

"It's just some weird form of birthmark!" insisted Bonnie.

The blonde had followed Kim over to look. Now she and the raven haired girl exchanged glances. The blonde girl stood at attention, her back going even more straight, then she saluted both Kim and Bonnie. "S1Y-a, reporting," she said.

"X3N-a, reporting," said the girl still over Bonnie's shoulder.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. "What, you two little brats think you're in the army or something?"

"Ma'am, yes ma'am!" the two girls said in unison.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and used her free hand to make a circling motion at the side of her head.

"Bonnie, put her… X3N-a… down," said Kim.

"Ok, but if she runs, you're going to have to chase her down," said Bonnie.

"Why did you two attack us?" Kim asked.

X3N-a glanced at S1Y-a. When S1Y-a nodded, X3N-a began speaking for both of them. "Ma'am, we were ordered to immobilize you two for capture, ma'am. We were not told you were older models."

"Ok, I know I'm model material. Supermodel even…," said Bonnie. "But this is just too weird."

"Like I said… let's take them to my mom," said Kim.

* * *

The four walked into the Middleton Hospital, S1Y-a still holding Kim's hand. X3N-a and Bonnie walked side by side, neither girl touching. Kim led the way to her mom's office.

"Oh, hi, Kimmy," said Mrs. Dr. Possible. "Made two new friends?" she asked, opening up a jar of lollipops and holding out two to the young girls. X3N-a and S1Y-a looked at the lollipops as if they had no idea what they were.

"Not exactly," said Kim. "They and ten of their friends just tried to attack us at the mall."

"Yeah, and it seems to have to do something with barcode birthmarks," said Bonnie.

"Barcode tattoos," said Kim.

"Mine is a birthmark," insisted Bonnie.

"Actually, Kim…," said Mrs. Dr. Possible, sitting down heavily in a chair. The lollipops, forgotten, slid from her fingers and landed on the floor. "In a way, they are birthmarks." She leaned forward, resting her face in her hands. "I had hoped this day would never happen."