DNArk Angels

Authors: NoDrog(s) and LoveRobin

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Chapter 5: Angels in Love

'Be careful what you pretend to be because youarewhat you pretend to be', Kim reflected as she finished setting bowls of cereal down in front of Xena and Sonya. That and, 'We are what we imagine ourselves to be.' Boy did Kurt Vonnegut Jr ever get that right!

Kim went over to where Bonnie was sitting. The former redhead was dressed in what used to be the brunette's red robe, while Bonnie was wearing what used to be Kim's white one, an arrangement the brunette favored ever since the second morning when they had inadvertently traded the garments. When Kim set a bowl down in front of her, Bonnie reached out and pulled her – as she squawked slightly but otherwise offered no resistance – down into her lap. She slid a hand up under the robe Kim was wearing, verifying the former redhead was not wearing any panties. She smiled, "That's m'girl… ."

"Bunny…," said Kim, squirming.

"Aww, you're not still upset about that school girl outfit, are you?" asked Bonnie with a face of innocence. "You looked really cute in it."

"No…," said Kim. "Just… not in front of the girls." Since breaking the intimacy-ice last Thursday and skipping school the next day, over the weekend the two of them had drawn even closer. Suddenly they were the loving lesbian couple their cover portrayed them to be. Nightly – and almost any other free time they could steal for themselves – it seemed they tried to make up for lost time. A virgin in the sense no one else had ever touched her so, Kim's drive approached Bonnie's own and their competitive natures translated into the bedroom very nicely. Evenly matched, Bonnie proved insatiable while Kim was inexhaustible.

By the time the mindlessness of the 'heat' of their passions subsided and their thinking selves could once again exert firm control, the die was truly cast. Despite where Kim's face found itself so much of the time – or perhaps because of it – she knew she could never trivialize what they had as 'just sex'.

Also Bonnie's underlying attitude had changed. While still an incredible tease at Kim's expense, it was nonetheless of a softer, kinder variety. Certainly she never before lavished so much loving attention on her… .

"They can't see what we're doing under the the table…," murmured Bonnie, nuzzling at Kim's neck, her hand sliding to caress Kim's inner thigh. Kim was very aware of how close Bonnie's fingers were to her sex as well as her own response to it. The brunette seemed to get extra thrills out of not only tweaking with her sense of propriety, but also from the idea of getting caught as well. Kim found herself both terrified of public exposure and wishing for it as well. She also found herself wondering if, with the way the younger pair were constantly giving each other reassuring touches and hugs, would they even mind. Or see it as nothing unusual? After all they knew the cover story as well… .

Xena was obviously not paying attention, shoveling cereal into her mouth at a speed that made her look more like she was inhaling more than eating. Sonya, the one who tended to notice more detail, was watching Kim and Bonnie. "Mom? Mum?" she asked as if catching wind of a secret that needed outing.

"We're fine," Kim flushed, firmly pushing Bonnie's hand away and standing up, letting the robe fall down. "I'll just go get my own cereal."

"Spoil sport," murmured Bonnie, then she turned to look at Xena and Sonya. "So, are you two excited about this week?"

"Oh, yes!" said Sonya. The stars of Ghost Hunters, Danny and Sam Fenton, were in town. The show was being produced by Danny's sister, Jazz, and somehow Mr. Foley had arranged for the class to go watch an episode being filmed. Normally, the two girls would have stayed home, since Bonnie had no classes scheduled on Thursdays, but the two new mothers had decided there was no harm to let the girls attend.

* * *

After breakfast, getting dressed, and dropping the girls off at the Flour Power Nursery, Kim and Bonnie arrived at the BhUST campus, the two seperating to attend their separate classes after a barely chaste kiss. Unknown to Bonny, Kim made a slight detour just before her last class.

"Hey, Clover," said Kim, waving.

"Hi, Kitty," said Clover, standing up. "Any chance you'll wear that school girl uniform again?"

"We'll see," Kim said noncommittally. As much a joke it had been, the made-up school uniform seemed to have developed a wide-spread fan-base. Both guys and gals had been pestering her to wear it again and more often. "Do you have it?"

"Yup," said Clover, taking a brown paper bag and handing it to Kim. "Alex made it, she's the gadget lover of the trio. The controls on the remote are pretty obvious, and the unit and remote are actually on the cell phone network, so the range is pretty much anywhere there's cell phone coverage."

"Great, and she won't be able to remove it until the unit runs out of power or I hit the release button?" asked Kim.

"Yeah. Alex is also into…," said Clover, but was interrupted when Kim held up a hand.

"Too much information right now," said Kim. "But thanks. I'll let you know how it goes, ok?"

"Ok," said Clover, nodding. "But next time, can I come watch? Please?!?"

"We'll see," repeated Kim, not planning for there to be a next time. However, she wanted to stay on the blonde's good side. By jogging swiftly she barely made it to her first class across the campus by the time the bell rang. The rest of the day was routine and uneventful.

The next morning Kim pulled out the control unit before going into her first class. Bonnie tended to sleep in late on 'lazy days', but Kim felt it was about time for her to get up. While she could not use the cell phone in class, the vibrator had a number of programmable options and she had spent part of last evening memorizing the list and what each one did. Smirking she, typed a code in and hit the activate button.

Bonnie was in the middle of a very erotic dream. Kim was there as a cat-girl, with bright orange pointed cat ears poking out of her black hair. Both of them were naked, Bonnie sitting in a chair, her legs spreading invitingly; Kim on all fours, wearing a butt-plug with a bright orange cat tail sticking out of it. Kim ran her tongue over Bonnie's sex, purring… Bonnie could hear the purring and feel the girl's tongue vibrating as it licked; first gently, then harder and with more energy each swipe, until…

Bonnie opened her eyes, panting. She heard a buzzing and felt vibrations against her sex, and thought at first she was still dreaming. Looking down, however, Kitty-Kimmie was nowhere in sight. Instead she saw a strange device resting on her clit. Obviously the dream had been inspired by the real Kim slipping it in place. Grabbing a mirror and looking at it, Bonnie quickly realized it was the source of both the sounds and vibrations. The vibrations were getting more intense and she squeezed her legs together, going with the flow and expecting an orgasm. However, just as she expected to peek, the toy stopped vibrating.

"Should have used Energizer, Kitty," Bonnie said with a disappointed sigh, reaching down to remove the thing and planning to finish with her fingers. Much to her surprise, she discovered the device appeared to be locked on and despite her best efforts, could not remove it. Exploring gently she discovered the device was a clip-like thing with half of it inside resting against her G-spot. The brunette knew she slept soundly but never realized she was capable of sleeping through the application of such a foreign thing.

Finally Bonnie gave up, deciding to wait till Kim got home to discuss it. She was rather impressed. Normally the old Kim was much more subtle in getting back at her for all her teasing and jibes. Sure some strong verbal banter, a few harmless hip-bumps during practice when safe to do so; and while capable of mild pranks such as during Spirit Week at Camp Gottagrin, this was something completely new. This spoke of their new relationship and how close they now were. It said Kim was much more comfortable with her and cutting loose some of her self-restraints.

Bonnie grinned. This Kim she could respect. This Kim she liked.

She rose and got dressed, choosing a skirt rather then her normal jeans. She was walking down to the kitchen when the device suddenly began to buzz again… starting so lightly Bonnie hardly took conscious notice at first, thinking it just the strangeness of how it rode against her intimate parts. However it quickly built to a level which caused Bonnie to sit on the steps, not even able to make it to one of the window alcove seats. Still feeling the frustration of the previously interrupted sensations, Bonnie was ready to give herself into it. Her hands reached under her blouse, rubbing erect nipples as the toy buzzed and danced.

Once again it seemed the brunette was just about to enjoy an explosive orgasm when the device once again fell silent. She growled, trying to decide which was worse; her hunger for an orgasm or for breakfast. Finally, reluctantly deciding breakfast was more important, Bonnie finished her descent and sat down to enjoy some yogurt and grapefruit.

She was just getting ready to take the last spoonful of yogurt when the vibrating started again. Growling, Bonnie set the spoon down and tried resolutely to ignore the sensations. She was NOT getting aroused, she was not going to let Kim win by letting this little toy get her on edge again only to leave her hanging. She was… Bonnie gave at a little whimper of disappointment, despite her resolve, as the toy stopped.

This set the tone for the entire morning… Bonnie would work on cleaning up, beginning with the dishes, only to have to stop occasionally and grip something for support, waiting as the toy buzzed away. She firmly told herself she was not going to let the toy win by masturbating herself to orgasm; she had her day planned out and she was going to follow that plans. By the time eleven o'clock rolled around, Bonnie had managed to get the kitchen spotless and had only chipped one plate. On the other hand, her face was flushed and she was out of breath, as if running a marathon.

At school, Kim found an empty class room and sat down inside. She sent a new command to the toy, then used her cellphone to call the lighthouse's phone number.

Bonnie hastily sat down as the vibrator turned on. This time it was not starting slow; it came on at what Bonnie assumed was its full power. She hoped this time she would be able to climax. When the phone rang she just glanced at the caller ID, planning not to answer. Seeing it was Kim, she picked up the phone.

"Hi, Bunny. Enjoying the 'carrot' I left you?" Kim asked, her voice teasing.

"Ki… Kitty! You've got some… 'splaining to do!" Bonnie said, gripping the phone tight.

"Are you saying you're not having a good time, Bunny?"

"Yes… No…," Bonnie panted, trying to think despite the sensations coming from her groin. Her free hand reached up… she had decided to go bra-less earlier, and slipped easily under her blouse, fingering and stroking a nipple.

"Does my Bunny want to cum?" asked Kim.

"YES!" the brunette groaned.

"Put the phone on speaker mode," Kim commanded. "Now put the phone down. Where are you?"

"In the kitchen…," Bonnie replied after doing as instructed.

"Take off your clothes," Kim ordered. "I want you to imagine I'm there."

The state of aroused lust Bonnie was feeling made her unusually compliant. She stripped naked, then sat back down in her chair. "Done."

"Take your hands and begin rubbing them over your nipples. I want you to picture me being there, watching you," Kim cooed. She was aroused as well, a fact evident in her voice. Kim pressed a button on the remote. "Now pinch them. Hard."

Bonnie did as told, gasping as the vibrator suddenly went up a notch. Apparently, like in the earlier teases, it had still been holding back. The vibrator was doing something Bonnie had not felt in a toy before; somehow the sensations of the vibrations was moving back and forth, as if someone was stroking the toy inside of her.

"Now imagine me licking your neck, nuzzling that sweet spot you like so much," said Kim. "My arms are wrapped around you… Picture it's me there pinching your nipples, tugging on them gently… Now I'm sliding my hand down your gorgeous firm belly, my fingertip gliding over your little outtie belly button… now my hand is between your legs and I've got a vibrator I'm pressing in and out of you… I'm watching you squirm, giving all those little sexy moans and sighs you do… the way you bite your lower lip when you're just on edge… ."

Bonnie moaned. She was in fact biting her lower lip, body arched and trembling.

Kim jabbed a button on the remote. "Cum, now!" she ordered sharply.

The vibrator suddenly started vibrating along it's entire length instead of the in and out motion Bonnie had felt before. With a shriek, Bonnie had the orgasm she had craved all morning.

"Good girl." said Kim. "I'll see you when I get home… have fun!"

Kim hung up and typed in the commands to reactivate the random teasing program.

Bonnie panted on the chair. As soon as she could speak, she glared at the now silent phone on the table. "Bitch!" she snapped, then frantically dialed Kim's cell phone number.

"Hello, you've reached the voice mailbox of 555-4321. You can leave a message at the tone or press 1 to send a numeric page."

Bonnie growled and hit disconnect. Kim had apparently shut her phone off, and or set it to automatically forward her calls to the mailbox. "Oh, you are so going to pay for this," Bonnie announced, then bent to pick up her discarded clothing with a smile. "I didn't think you had it in you… ."

Later that afternoon while riding home with the girls, Kim kept glancing at Bonnie, fretting when her partner was going to make good on her promise of retaliation.

"So, tomorrow is the big day?" Bonnie asked, startling Kim out of her thoughts.

"Yup!" said Xena. "We get to see a real live TV show being made."

"Wit' lots of people and stuff!" chimed in Sonya. Until their liberation, neither girl had ever seen TV shows or movies, or rather, anything fictional and not used as training aids, so they were doubly excited about it.

When they got home, the two girls rushed upstairs to the entertainment room, trying to see if there was anything about the Ghost Hunters show coming on. While Bonnie followed the girls, Kim went to the kitchen to fix sandwiches. Bonnie was still firm that Kim was not allowed to cook, but cold cuts on bread was considered safe. So far.

"Kitty?" Bonnie's voice floated over the intercom. Their old names were rarely even thought about anymore, much less spoken. "You might want to come up here and watch this."

"I'll be up in a few minutes!" Kim called, cutting the crusts off of one of the sandwiches, just the way Bonnie liked it. It was a testament to the new level of their relationship that she did so happily, without even a hint of grumbling about the others fussy nature. "What is it?"

"'She could do anything'…," Bonnie's voice continued, reading the title from the TV screen. "'The Kim Possible Story'."

"What?" gasped Kim, dashing from the kitchen and up to the third floor.

The title and opening credits were still visible on the screen, just fading to a picture from Kim's 'funeral'. Soft, somber music was playing. A narrator began to speak. "Kim Possible… some called her hero. Some called her friend. She called herself 'an ordinary girl, here to save the world'. But really, who was Kim Possible?"

The voice-over continued as newsclips of Kim's various adventures and other public sources faded from one to the next until it paused and closed in on a page from a Middleton Middle School yearbook. "Ever since establishing a website at the age of twelve with the claim that she 'can do anything', over the years Kim has indeed lived up to that catchphrase. This intrepid teenager said no job was too large or too small. She turned down nothing and turned away no one who asked for her help.

"Paradoxically, initially set up to earn extra money, with her first true 'mission', Kim turned down a handsome reward after saving Eccentric Billionaire Renfrew Scott Paisley from an undisclosed malfunctioning security feature he had just installed. Here is where fate stepped in to ensure that this young cheerleader have greatness thrust upon her by means of a simple typo. A frantic call for help to the professional team of troubleshooters at Impossible-dot-com instead found its way to KIMpossible-dot-com.

"Following the break and for the next sixty minutes we shall examine the life of this remarkable young woman."

As the commercials began, Kim slowly sank to the couch with wide eyes. Bonnie got up and went to fetch the tray of sandwiches Kim had forgotten from the kitchen. The show had not resumed by the time she had returned. Sitting on the floor in front of the couch, Xena and Sonya had turned to look with eyes bright with pride at Kim.

"What?" she asked.

"You must be the best of the First Ones, Mommy!" Sonya beamed while Xena nodded.

Putting the tray of food down on the coffee table Bonnie crossed her arms and huffed, "She's not the only First One left you know."

"Of course not mummy! But mom's a me… me-lee…," Sonya struggled with the word.

"Do you mean mêlée?" Kim supplied, her French class lessons coming to the fore.

"Yeah!" the blonde nodded vigorously, "Mommy's a may-lay model!"

"So what'm I? Yesterday's shoes?"

Xena piped up, "Of course not mummy! You and I are new-els… ."

"We're what?"

"Newels…, you know," the black-haired girl struggled with the concept, "spec-sea-shell very-bell values."

Kim grinned while Bonnie's brow furrowed. "Do you mean 'special variable values'? 'Nulls'?" the brunette asked.

"Yeah!" both girls nodded. "We have parts of all kinds of skills."

"Kim started to say, "How do you kn…," when the commercials ended and the retrospect resumed, "…we'll pick this up later… ."

"Due to word of mouth from the very grateful Renfrew Scott Paisley, Kim Possible's services came to the attention of a very affluent circle of well-to-do, and with the rescue of the Abu Dhabi Ambassador, international clientèle… ." A lot of pictures, some from her family, some from other sources including still-frames of amateur or security footage liberally mixed with publicity shots of a growing number of famous people accompanied the narration. As it continued the former hero sat transfixed. Although she had lived it all, suddenly she was seeing it as if for the first time.

As if she were truly a stranger looking in on another person's life. A strange sensation ran down her spine.

Always mindful of her former rival, Bonnie immediately noticed Kim's discomfort. Only where before she would have moved in like a shark smelling blood, this time she slid closer and eased her arm about the other in support. "Kitty? Kit?" she muttered in concern as Kim hugged herself tightly. Bonnie eased the girl into her lap. "Kit-Kat! You're shivering!"

"I…I…I'm… dead!" Tears welled in the green eyes. Her entire body shivered.

Bonnie pulled her closer, hugging just as tightly, She's in shock! "No! No no, Kit…Kim. Kim. Kimmie, of course you're not dead… girls, turn it off."

Xena remoted the television off and joined Sonya to kneel at the edge of the sofa with concern on their faces.

"…my life is gone… over… I can't ever go back," tears were flowing now, and the brunette could feel the shivers begin to give way to deeper wracking sobs. She held her lover consolingly, tapping and rubbing her back amid soft shushing sounds. "…w…wh…what have I done?? I gave up being a hero!"

That caused Bonnie to sputter, "W… what the hell are you talking about?" She eased Kim's chin about slightly, "Look at them," she indicated the four year olds, looking on with wide-eyed concern. They had been raised to display no emotion, and while having taken to the loving atmosphere the older pair established here, this was the first time they were seeing sadness in person and not on a screen. "Just look at them, Kim! To them you are a hero."

Sniffling, Kim looked at the two girls through bleary and still tear streaming eyes. Blinking to clear her vision she focused on the anxious faces of her 'daughters'. With open arms she indicated for them to come closer and she drew them into a fierce hug, tears flowing afresh.

Bonnie held them all, gently rocking her partner as best she could. "We will get them Kim, as soon as Wade finds us a lead. And I'll help you," she kissed the top of the raven-haired head, "that much you can count on.

"I promise."