I side stepped and carefully took in the scene. Bullseye started to mirror my movements. He smiled at me and started to put his hands behind his back. His footsteps were quiet and confident exactly as I expected an assassin to behave. His heartbeat was slow and steady; his muscles were tense and ready for a move. The alley wasn't built to hold in all this tension. Something was bound to give. A trashcan rattling scared a cat into jumping between us. Its fur lined body crumpled up as the throwing star took it through the heart, its body falling at my feet, twitching. I backflipped several times as Bullseye charged me throwing several alleyway items at me. Trashcan lids, debris and 2x4's all flew through the air always just missing me. I kept flipping whilst concentrating on what his heart told me and what muscles were tensing and how much pressure was being applied to them. By calculating all of this, I could predict when the object was going to get thrown giving me enough time to get out of its way. It does sound complex, but I have been doing it since I was twelve and it has become ingrained in my consciousness. On my last flip, I spun in mid twist and fired my grapnel which was concealed in my baton and rappelled up the opposing building. My feet never touched the ground. Bullseye picked up his knives which were knocked out of his grip when I dropped down on the arms deal. I felt the disturbance in the air as they were thrown at me. It was a split second choice of whether my lined costume could take a knife wound or drop out of reach and probably fall to my death. I smiled, it really was no choice at all. I released the baton. The building in front of me wasn't a building at all, it was a series of outlines, just like in a child's' dot-to-dot. The ground below me was a black abyss waiting to swallow me as I dove towards it head first. It has been waiting all my life to swallow me, it will have to wait longer though. I shall not die today. A disturbance on the periphery of my senses warned me something big, heavy and fast was heading my way. I reached my hands above my head and tucked my legs into my body. My hands hit the roof of the car as I leant forward over balancing myself and flipping up onto my feet. The outline of a man with a gun ran towards me. His heartbeat was off the charts and his breathing was laboured. Changing direction, I swivelled and used him as a landing pad. Another small object flew towards me, I whirled in the direction and threw my baton towards it. They both collided and destroyed each other. Now it was down to us, no more toys, no more gunsels or henchman, mano et mano as my old professor used to term it when it was just the lawyer and the jury. He swung a high kick to my jaw, probably meant to stun more than seriously wound. I spun down low and brought my foot behind his shins. He fell backwards and turned it into a roll away from me. I picked up clutter around him, scattered pieces of rubbish and discarded pizza boxes. Fighting someone in an alley is one thing, fighting someone who can kill you with a toothpick is another thing entirely. The place was littered with weapons. An empty can was thrown towards me, I reached up to bat it out of my way, it stung me on my forearm, my arm went dead as it hit several nerve clusters. I winced in more pain than any normal man. Having enhanced touch isn't all its cracked up to be.

"Today your gonna die, 'devil"

It didn't seem polite to intrude upon his personal. I ran back down the alley. I heard the air whine as a small card flew towards me. I turned my last step into a roll as I landed hands first on the dead car. Keeping a hold on it, I came to my feet and turned throwing the cat towards Bullseye. He ducked his shoulder as it flew harmlessly over him. My 'vision' showed me the end of the alley. I stopped and turned to face my supposed doom.

"I'm gonna make you beg, 'devil. Just like that bitch, Paige I killed."

I wore my costume to intimidate and to cause hesitation. I don't know what it looks like because I am blind, but over the years I know it has served its purpose. The red rising up in front of me was like a wave. I keep my rage in check because despite everything I am a humane man who believes in the letter of the law but also that the law must be tempered by justice. People should get what they deserve. No more , no less. The punishment must fit the crime. At this moment, I believe I would have killed him. I don't know what stopped me. Call it divine intervention, call it remembrance to a love now lost or call it a moment of rational thought. But I didn't kill him and now I am here in front of you and I don't know why. The nun stepped out of the confessional box and looked at the man on the opposite side of her. He had red hair and as he sat there kneeling, he remembered another boy lying in a hospital bed, screaming that the noises were going to kill him, his eyes were bound. He was being fed through a drip because he couldn't stand to have anyone else in the room with him. Their breathing would consume him, the door closing sounded like thunder. It took this boy's misery to make this nun come out of the convent for the first time in years and why did she do this for a boy? A mother's duty is firstly to her son.

"Come out of there Matthew. You'll get your trousers dirty."

"Yes ma'am."

He stood up and walked out in front of her, hitting her a few times with his cane in the legs.

"Follow me."

She led him through the back area of the church and opened the door for him as she led him into her cell.

"You can stop hitting me with that stick now."

He smiled. Walking over and laying it down on her bed he sat down and looked at her.

"Why? Why didn't I kill him? He killed Karen. The one person I loved more than anyone else. Why?"

She sighed, gathering her thoughts to her.

"Have you ever heard them say that God is in all things."

Matt nodded.

"Maybe you saw that in him and in the cat and in the cars and trucks. God is in all things. The air we breathe and the fumes that are churned out by companies yearly."

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small golden cross.

She smiled.

"You still have it." She said

"I can remember lying in my bed after the accident. I was sleeping, it came so reluctantly to me back then, that I grabbed it every chance I got. When I woke up I found this lying on my chest. You put it there didn't you?"

"Like I said, Matthew. God is in all things and everything he does he does to test our faith. The perils in the world today, the evils you fight. It is all a test to prove that we haven't lost our way."

Matt looked up at his mother.

"What if I had killed him?"

She looked at him and he read her heart, it skipped a few beats. She was scared.

"I would be the first one to say he deserves it but we are not the ones to judge that, that is left to human courts and divine justice. All we can do is play out our role. You would have found it easier and every time you killed after that you would have made up excuses to make it seem plausible to yourself, to the people you work alongside. It is not our way, it is not our choice to make. Remember that."

Matt left the church with more questions on his mind. He walked towards the main gate but stopped and adjusted his course towards the cemetery. He picked out the proper grave and sat there in front of it. He leant forward and traced the writings on the stone

'Karen Paige'


"It's been a little while now. I get by a little a day at a time. There is still that space inside me where you live. I think you will always live there. I love you Karen."