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I opened my eyes to see Emmett's beautiful face. What a way to wake up. I smiled at him and snuggled closer to his embrace feeling his arms tighten around me a little more. Tilting my head up a little, I placed a kiss on his neck before reburying my face into his amazing chest.

"Good morning, Beautiful." He whispered as I felt his cold lips on the top of my head.

I mumbled "good morning" into his chest unwilling to pull away from his sweet salvation to face reality. He didn't force me to get out of bed until I was ready and seemed rather willing to hold me for as long as I needed. I didn't think about Phil or what demons of my past had come out yesterday and were now threatening my mental stability. I just basked in the comfort and security his strong hold offered me.

"You okay, Baby?" His deep voice was soft and mixed with concern. I felt guilty for putting it there, but happy he cared so much for me.

"Yeah. I'm fine." I sighed and rolled onto my back without removing myself from his embrace. We were silent for a few moments. I began to wonder what effects yesterday would have on the relationship I had formed with the entire Cullen family. The thoughts were pointless however as I knew my question wasn't as simple as it sounded. They'd be worried for my safety, I'm sure. It only seems natural, I guess. But I didn't want them to worry for me or pity me for my experiences. I did not regret that I never told my mother of Phil's dirty little secret. I only regret not coming to Forks sooner. I didn't deserve the pity of anyone because I willingly faced a monster and took his beating for the better of my mother's life. Foolish or not, I had chosen that and couldn't change what had become of the situation.

"What are you thinking about?" I blinked back to focus and found him hovering above me with a concerned look in his eye. I reached up and stroked his cheek with my palm.

"Nothing." I lied not really caring how sincere it sounded. His cool lips brushed across the inside of my palm before he leaned down to meet my lips. I returned the kiss with all the love I had in me as if it would reassure him that I was okay. He deepened the kiss running his tongue along my bottom lip. I eagerly allowed its entrance and wrapped my arm around his neck trying to pull him closer. He rolled onto his back pulling me on top of him.

"I love you." He said before pressing his lips against mine.

"I love you too." I kissed him more passionately once again tangling my fingers in his hair. I felt his ice-cold hand at the hem of my shirt. My mind went wild with possibilities as I pushed myself even closer to him. I felt his hands slip underneath my shirt and run up my spine sending a chill down my body. His fingers moved back down my back to the top of my pants. His hand moved along the band for a moment before he grabbed my hips and flipped us over. He broke the kiss to be sure his weight wasn't crushing me. I wrapped my hands around his neck running my fingers through this hair. He stared down at my eyes before lowering his lips to mine again. The kiss was so passionate and so full of lust that for a minute I actually believed that maybe this would go all the way.

Before we even got any further, the door flew open. Alice stood in the doorway with a knowing grin. I could only imagine how bled red I became in that moment. Emmett sighed heavily and turned his head to look at him but didn't bother getting off of me. "Need something, Alice?"

"Yes, I need Bella." She stated simple. I then noticed the hairbrush in her hand and sighed. Barbie Bella time, I assume.

"Too bad, I already have her." He stuck his tongue out at her.

"Well, I'm taking her." Alice stuck hers out too as she moved to the side of the bed.

"Do I have to?" I pouted at her.

"Yep." She grinned at me. "It won't be too bad."

"Fine." I sighed heavily and placed a quick kiss on his lips.

"No." He whined holding me a little tighter.

"Yes." Alice hissed back.

"I'll be back in a little bit, Babe." He sighed defeated and rolled off me. I kissed his again. "Love you."

"Love you too."


I spent a good hour getting ready for the day with Alice and Rosalie. They pretended as if yesterday had never happened. For that, I was thankful. After they finished my hair, make-up, and had made me change my outfit three times, we headed downstairs.

Jasper, Emmett, Alice and Edward were watching TV. And I wondered idly for a second if they ever got bored of TV after a certain number of centuries. I shook the thought from my head when Emmett looked over and grinned before waving me over. I smiled back but headed to the kitchen rather than joining them. I made myself a bowl of cereal before joining everyone in the living room. I sat next to Emmett, and he pulled me closer to him without seeming to think about it.

"Bella, we have to do something." Alice said excitedly.

"By 'we' you mean…?" I asked.

"You, Rose, Esme and I can have a girls' day out." I smiled kind of liking the idea of just the girls. I'd miss Emmett but a day of just girls sounded like fun. Before I could answer, Alice all but ripped me from Emmett's embrace and pulled me into the hallway. "Come on, girls, we should go now."

I laughed as Esme and Rosalie joined us in the hallway. "You planned this didn't you?" Alice giggled and tapped her head with an all-knowing smile. I rolled my eyes and returned to the living room where the guys just now sat alone. Emmett looked at me and pouted as I approached him. I giggled and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Stay out of trouble."

He hooked his arm around my back and pulled me forward, so I was straddling his lap. "I don't want you to go." He pouted again before pressing his lips to mine. His tongue traced my lower lip as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Without a second of hesitation, I opened my mouth allowing his tongue's entrance. Before we could go any further, I felt my ass leave his lap followed by my lips being torn from him. When I opened my eyes, Alice was holding me across the room as Emmett growled at us.

"Alright, I'm coming." I sighed as I jerked out of her embrace. I went back to Emmett and pressed my lips against his once more. His hand lifted up to caress my cheek when someone cleared their throat.

"Bella…" Alice sang impatiently from the doorway. I sighed and pulled away.

"I love you. Try to not get hurt."

I smiled at him. "Love you too." With that, I hurried to meet up with the girls before Alice came over to drag me away. "Come on, Alice. We're waiting." I joke as I linked arms with her and pulled her towards the hallway.

Alice groaned and rolled her eyes at me before smiling at the guys. "Don't do anything stupid while we're gone. Love you, Jazz."

"Love you too, Alice." He called back as we headed out.