Bella had drifted to sleep in my arms after a little while. I held her for two hours watching her sleep and replaying what had happened in my head. Only one thought plagued me. I could have lost her today because of some fucking werewolf's "mistake." I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with anything short of ripping his head off and tearing him limb from limb, but I had promised to try to be civil. For now at least.

"Jasper." Carlisle called from the floor below me. I sighed and kissed Bella's headed before slipping out of the bed. She whimpered quietly before quieting back into sleep. I descended on the stairs still thinking about killing that mutt. As I walked into the living room, Edward nodded slightly in agreement to my bloody thoughts.

"You called?" I asked looking to Carlisle.

"I thought we'd call Sam while Bella was sleeping to set up a meeting." I couldn't help but growl at the mention of the dog but nodded nonetheless. Carlisle dialed the phone, put it on speakerphone, and set it on the table.

"Hello, Dr. Cullen." Sam answered sounding worn out. I bit back a growl and glared angrily at the phone.

"Hello, Sam." Carlisle replied too politely for the circumstances if you ask me. "We need to meet."

Sam sighed. "I guess we do."


"Ten in the clearing?"

"See you then." The called ended on Sam's end. "I want you all there."

My mind was already busy with possibilities. All of which ended not so well for the wolves. Without a word to the family, I ran up the stairs to Bella. She was still sleeping as I slipped into bed and re-gathered her in my arms. Her head nuzzled into my chest as a contented sigh escaped her lips.

It was only another twenty minutes before she stirred. All murderous thoughts left my head as her eyes slowly opened and met mine. She yawned widely before smiling at me. "Did you sleep well?" I asked leaning down to place a kiss on her nose. She nodded and snuggled closer to me putting her face in my neck.

"Anything happen while I was out?" She asked after a few minutes.

"We called Sam."

"When are we meeting them?"

"The meeting is at ten o'clock tonight, but I don't think you should come, Darlin'."

"And why not?" She pulled her head back to look at me with a raise eyebrow.

"Because it's dangerous."

"No more dangerous for you than it is for me, and this meeting isn't going to turn into a fight." She shot me a pointed look. "Right?"

"You've already been attacked by a wolf today, and it ended with you having wounds on your stomach. I don't want you to get hurt, Baby."

"My stomach doesn't even hurt anymore." I could feel her honesty, and I was glad that she was feeling better so quickly. I didn't like her being in pain.

"I don't want to risk it, Bella." I told her sternly.

She cupped her hands around my face. "One, there won't be a fight. Two, I won't get hurt." Her lips touched my softly and lovingly. "Everything…" She kissed down my neck. "Will be fine."

Her lips hit the sensitive spot just behind my ear and all the thoughts left my head. "I… I… I still think… I…" Damn her. Her lips trailed up to my jaw and down to my chin. She moved to my lips hovering just above them. Her deep brown eyes met mine.

"I'm going." She whispered as her bottom lip brushed mine. "Okay, Baby?" She bit her lower lip. I felt myself harden down below. I tried. I really did try to remember what the hell we were talking around. But that damn lip! Fuck it. I nodded. She intertwined her fingers in my hair and pulled me to meet her lips. I licked her bottom lip begging to be let in. She opened her mouth, and I hungrily dove in. She moved herself to my lap and slipped her hands out of my hair. I could feel her hands hovering at the bottom of my t-shirt for a second before slipping under. Her warm hands felt amazing against the cold skin of my stomach. They roamed my stomach for a minute before slipping back to the hem. She pulled my shirt up, and I leaned forward so she could remove it completely.

Her now swollen lips moved away from mine and travelled back to my neck. I couldn't stop the moan that escaped me as she sucked and kissed to my collarbone. All too quickly, she stopped and moved so she was looking at me again. A smirk played her lip as she stroked my cheek. "Thank you, Baby." She kissed my lips softly.

"Ah, for what?"

She grinned wider. "For saying I could go."

"What? I never… oh… " I playfully glared.

"Well played, Bella!" Rosalie laughed from downstairs.

Leaning forward she placed another kiss on my lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." I kissed her again. I sighed as she pulled back keeping her forehead against mine. "I still don't like the thought of you being so close to those uncontrolled mutts." Her hands trailed up my sides then met behind my neck.

"You have nothing to worry about. I got my big, strong vampire boyfriend to protect me." I grinned wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Always." I promised.

She leaned forward and kissed me for longer this time. As she pulled back, she smiled a small smile. "I'm sorry I took advantage."

"It's okay." She moved out of my lap much to my displeasure. Sitting beside me, she pulled up her shirt and started undoing her bandages. "Are you sure you should? I can get Carlisle." She rolled her eyes and shook her head continuing working to unwrap the gauze padding. As the last layer was removed, faint pink scars were revealed. I ran my fingers over them lightly and looked at her. "Do they hurt?"

"Not at all. All this worrying you're going to get gray hairs." I chuckled and pulled her close. The room was quiet for a little bit before she spoke again. "When we go tonight, please don't kill anyone."

"I'll try my best." I told her kissing her temple."