Lost Prospects~Prologue

'A Dirge for her, the doubly dead; in that she died so young.'

Lenore, by Edgar Allen Poe, 1831

The autumn breeze rustled Vivian McInry's hair gently, as she sat on the street corner of the Grand Plaza Hotel. The musty air seemed as if it were smothering her, slowly bringing her closer and closer to her demise.

"Hey, you. What are you doing sitting all alone in the city in the middle of the night?" a gentle, yet raspy voice inquired.

Vivi snapped back to reality, turning her attention to a blonde girl, a bit younger than she was, but about the same height. She was wearing a ragged black dress with a white collar that must've reached her kneecaps, and skull hairclips on each side of her hair, which was parted through the middle.

"Ah…. I'm just enjoying the nice weather… My name is Vivian, what's yours?"

The girl smiled visibly, and hugged her pet cat tight. It seemed to be dead, but that was the least of Vivi's worries. "I'm Lenore. Do you wanna come to my tea party? I invited all my friends!"

This brought a shy smile to Vivi's face. Usually she'd be more sociable, but she was wary of meeting people she didn't know, especially in the middle of the night. "That would be a lot of fun! I'd enjoy that very much!" she said gratefully. Being an orphan, she didn't have many close friends, and she wasn't very close to the few she did have. Hopefully this Lenore would grow to be a good friend.

"Follow me. I'll bring you to my house!" Lenore said cheerfully, tugging on Vivi's worn, plaid, button up shirt sleeve.

"O-Ok." Vivi replied, doing as Lenore told her to, even though she was a year older than the girl.

And this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Or was it?

[Viv's: Sorry it's so short. This is just a preview into a deeper, more in depth plot line, but I need reviews!]