A/N: This story follows the AIR plotline, but through Yukito's mother's perspective as she took her own journey to find the girl in the sky. I caution people who haven't seen the series, as there will be inevitable spoilers in here. You have been warned.


How I wish I could have shared this story with my child before my passing. It is unfortunate. He will have such a great disadvantage on his journey to find the girl. When I departed on my journey with my puppets, I knew almost everything there was to know about the girl, thanks to my grandfather's writings. My mother had also met the girl and like me, was unable to save her. She told me all about the girl, her likes, her dislikes, and how she desperately wanted to see the ocean. And, again like me, she was never able to take her there.

Yukito, my only child. He is our hope of saving her. Our goal, strived for over a thousand years, may finally be attained at last. And with this joyous news, may our spirits finally find solace in the afterlife. Once there, we may finally meet the one we have sought to protect for so long, and to continue to protect those precious wings once more.

But for now, I regret not having had the courage to lay down such a heavy burden on such a tender, innocent body. Though I fought so much, my entire body and soul reveling in such a true and wondrous quest, I somehow could not bring myself to pass this quest unto my precious child. And so I selfishly put it off until I knew our time together was very limited, telling him only vague, necessary details needed to find the girl again. Looking into his sweet little face, I knew he would listen to my every word. I knew his magical abilities were very weak and undernourished. He simply didn't have the stamina to manipulate the puppets like our ancestors had. As magical beings fell in love with and married non-magical beings, our powers watered down and eventually reached Yukito, who possesses very little magical ability, only enough to move the puppet as he so chooses. I feel that he may be our last hope, for it grieves me to realize that our family's power will one day dwindle away to nothing, and the girl in the sky will forever remain as such, unheard, unseen and continuing to reincarnate into eternity, forever suffering, forever alone, forever perishing before her time.

Perhaps Yukito will be the one to save her before that terrible fate should befall us all.

But for now, before my time arrives and I listen to my few remaining family members weeping around me, I shall take this time to relive my own journey. And so I go back…back…back to the day that I arrived.

To the day we met.

A/N: This is the first chapter of my own AIR series. Yes, Times of Change is coming, yes Of Promises and Perseverance is coming, no, The First Wave may not be coming. I didn't get a good response to it, so I'll probably delete it. But I was disappointed to see how few AIR stories there are and I've had this idea, so I decided to do something with it. Please tell me what you think. I'll try to have Times of Change updated by this weekend if I have time. Promise.