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Carisle Cullen-Physically twenty-three, really in his three hundreds. Creator of Edward, Esme, Roselie, and Emmett. Mate and husband of Esme, 'adoptive' father of Edward, Roselie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, 'adoptive' father-in-law to Bella, and 'adoptive' grandfather of Renesme. Doctor at Forks Hospital. Has the ability to resist human blood and has not drank any human blood, only tasting it when he changed his family. In the 1660s of England, Carisle followed in his father's footsteps in hunting vampires. He was bitten in a raid and was turned. Disgusted with what he had become, Carisle hid in a gutter, trying to starve himself to death. Driven by thirst, he attacked a herd of deer and found that, though not as satisfying as human blood, he could survive on animal blood. Thus the Cullen vegetarian life-style was born. Carisle currently resides in Forks, Washington, with his large family and half of the La Push pack, due to Jacob imprinting on his granddaughter.

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen-Physically 17, but really 117. Creator of Bella. Mate and husband of Bella; biological father of Renesme. 'Adoptive' brother to Roselie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper and 'adoptive' son of Carisle and Esme. He is also the son-in-law of Charlie Swan and Rene Swan Dwyer, step-son-in-law to Phil Dwyer. Has the ability to read any one's mind except his wife's, only when she lets him. In 1918, he and his parents were stricken by the Spanish Influenza, with Carisle attending them. His father had already died, and his mother's dying wish was for Carisle to do everything in his power to save her son. Carisle consented. During some time of his immortal life, Edward rebelled against his parents, and, using his mind reading ability, took to killing rapists and serial killers. After some time he realized that, though justified as he might think it was, he was no better then those serial killers, so he returned to Carisle and Esme, who welcomed him back with open arms. Later in 2006 he fell in love with a human, Bella Swan, but he felt he put her in danger every time she was near him and her family, so he left. After thinking Bella was dead and going to the Volturri to request death, he and his family returned to Forks and Edward proposed to Bella, (but not before having some love triangle with Jacob Black) the two had Renesme, as Bella wanted to do it when she was human, and changed her. They now live where it all began, in Forks, Washington with their daughter, parents, brothers and sisters, and half of the La Push pack.

Esme Ann Platt Evanson Cullen-Physically twenty-six, really in her hundreds. Was once the abused wife of Charles Evanson, biological mother of a soon dead son, whose death caused her to throw herself from a cliff were Carisle found and changed her, because she miraculously survived and he loved her. Mate and wife of Carisle, 'adoptive' mother of Edward, Roselie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, 'adoptive' mother-in-law to Bella, and 'adoptive' grandmother of Renesme. Has the ability to love unconditionally. It is not known whether or not Esme has tasted or drank human blood, but it is believed that she has no. She lives with her family and half the La Push pack in Forks, Washington.

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