A.N-Alright, I'm almost done with the index. Like I've said before, it's pretty lame, but I had the idea and I couldn't let it go. Anyway, here you are.

Major Jasper Whitlock Cullen 'Hale'-Physically twenty. 'Adoptive' son of Carisle and Esme, 'adoptive' brother to Edward, Emmett, 'adoptive' brother-in-law to Bella, and 'twin' to Rosalie. Mate and husband to Alice. 'Adoptive' uncle to Renesmee. Has the ability to feel and manipulate the emotions around him Jasper was the newest to the Cullens' vegetarian lifestyle when Bella came into their lives and usually stayed away from her, so as not to put her in danger. But he did attack her at her eighteenth birthday party, thrown by Alice, when she cut her finger on a gift wrapper. Before he was changed, Jasper was in the army during the Civil War on the side of the South. He was changed by a vampire named Maria, who wanted newborns for the vampire war that was going on at the same time as the Civil War. For a long time, Jasper was prized by Maria, and she liked him even more when she found out he had a gift. But one time he and a friend, Peter, were destroying vampires that were no longer useful to Maria, Peter fell in love with one of the vampires they were supposed to destroy, Charlotte. Peter and Charlotte left the newborn army, and after a little while, so did Jasper. He found Alice in a bar and then the two of them found the Cullens. Jasper lives with Alice and his family in Forks, Washington with some of the La Push pack.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen-Physically eighteen, really nineteen. Biological daughter of Charlie Swan and Rene Dwyer, stepdaughter of Phil Dwyer. 'Adoptive' daughter-in-law to Carisle and Esme and 'adotive' sister-in-law to Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie. Biological mother to Renesmee and mate and wife to Edward. Has the ability to shield her and others from gifts that affect the mind, such as Edward, Aro, Jane, and Alec and can remove it. Best friend to Jacob Black. Bella moved in with her father in Forks to give her mother time with her new husband. Bella fell in love with Edward and was, as Edward likes to call her, a danger magnet. Edward saving her on many occasions and her klutziness is prove of that. Bella became closer to Jacob when Edward left, but still loved him, no matter what. Bella lives with her daughter, husband, second family, her real father, and half the wolf pack in Forks, Washington.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen (Black)-Physically still growing, really one month old. Biological daughter of Edward and Bell, biological granddaughter of Charile Swan and Rene Dwyer, step-granddaughter of Phil Dwyer. 'Adoptive' granddaughter of Carisle and Esme, and 'adoptive' niece to Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. Imprint of Jacob. Has the ability to show her thoughts to anyone, even her mother, by touch. Renesme is proof of Edward and Bella's love. She was only in her mother's womb for a month before ripping her way out. She was very eager to see her mother, despite what her family thought. Renesme developed quite quickly and has the mind of an, oh, ten-year-old and grows very quickly. She loves her biological grandfather and her first word/sentence was 'Momma, when is Grandpa coming again?' She lives with her very big family and half the La Push wolves in Forks, Washington, where it began with her parents and ended with her.