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Summary: She lives in a golden temple; His eyes are blue.

If's & Maybe's: Golden Temple; Blue Eyes


She lives in a golden temple, it seems.

She is so far up above him and he spends his dreams dreaming of her and trying to find a way to climb up and reach her where she lives in her little tower – far away from the common man. In his dreams he sees princes with hair of onyx and eyes of emerald climb up, up, up her hair and sweep her off of her feet with romance and flowers and sex before placing her back in her tower for the next prince to come along and rescue her for a night.

Bad, wrong-doing, petty criminal pirates like him don't get to climb up that hair and save her from herself. Men like him don't get to romance her and give her flowers or feel her warm beneath them. Men like him get to argue with her and toss insults at her and feel the deep and stinging slash of the cuts they give each other because they don't know better.

Men like him can only sit outside the golden temple where she lives and hope to catch a glance.

Sometimes the glance hurts more than not seeing her at all.


His eyes are blue, she notices.

His eyes seem hollow and dark and sometimes lifeless as they take in the 'Verse that surrounds him. Other times they light up and life shines through and he seems to be completely whole.

But that only happens when they argue. It only happens when they both want to make the other hurt as much as possible.

Blue is supposed to be a calming and reflective color…only a man like him could take that kind of a color and turn it into something difficult and harsh. Only a man like him would be so difficult and ornery.

Blue is also how he makes her feel sometimes, when she weeps from his barbs and sits inside her little sanctuary pouring tea to soothe herself because his blue never seems to soothe her. She struggles to keep a hold on herself and keep her head held high and haughty and rise above the blue.

His eyes are blue and he is blue that is harsh and difficult and that's why she almost never wears blue herself…there's enough blue in his life already.

She wishes she could fix the blue in him and teach him other colors.


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