(A/N) Edward never comes back and Bella falls ill with an uncureable disease. Here is her last letter to him.

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Last Letter

My Dear Edward,

I haven't seen your face in so long but the memories of you are as fresh as they were the day they happened. My love for you has never faded all these years. If anything it has only grown stronger.

I write you this letter in hopes that one day you'll read it and know how much I cared for you. I'm dying so I will not see you again but whenever you think of me know I'm there watching over you.

No matter what you think of yourself, know that you are not and never will be a monster. You were my angel and the memories of when you were with me will always be the happiest of my life.

You are my one and only love. There is no one in this world who could compare with my affections for you. I could have never loved another.

You moved on but I never could. No matter if you wanted me to or not, it would have been a betrayal to my heart to love another when I am so in love with you. Your voice, your smile, and your eyes follow me through my memories.

You said that it would be as if you never existed but that promise was broken before you even made it. I could never forget you. All this time and you still own my every thought.

I will love you for all eternity Edward. Take care of yourself and know I'm watching over you. I will protect your sole. I will be guardian angel like you were mine. Be safe and I'll be with you.

Yours forever and every moment after that,


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I added to this so it's now a short story. This is just the letter so you have to read on to see what comes next. xD