Hey guys,

No, this isn't another chapter but I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to read this short Author's Note.

First I would like to that everyone that has read it. It is truely inspiring to have reviews from people saying something taht you wrote is good. I am thankful to all of you that took a few moments of your time to write a review and also to those of you that just read the story. Being 15(in 29 days at least) it is surprising when people actually like something you wrote and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you guys.

Also I would like to say that this story, after the letter, was based off the song "I Can Wait Forever" by Simple Plan. This song expresses that being away from someone you truely love is painful but if you really love them you will wait for them as long as it takes.

I'm curently working on the second chapter of "We'll Be Together" so look out for that and thanks again for the reviews.