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"And they lived happily (aside from a few normal disagreements, misunderstandings, pouts, silent treatments, and unexpected calamities) ever after."
— Jean Ferris (Twice Upon a Marigold)

Edward Pov

Eight Years Later—August 18th, 2010

Every day of last eight years has been filled with joy and happiness. Each day spent with my family is a blessing. But there are certain days that stand out to me. Days that I will never forget. Days that I cherish in my memories. Days that I will tell my grandkids all about.

This is my Favorite Day List. (In Chronological Order)

**The day I met the love of my life, Bella—April 9th, 2000.

**The day Bella and I went on our first date—April 24th, 2000.

**The day Bella and I went on our 8th date and Bella agreed to be my girlfriend—June 12th, 2000

**The day Bella whispered she loved me for the first time in her sleep—Sept 25th, 2000

**The day Bella told me she loved me while she was awake—February 20th, 2000

**The day Bella and I went on our 50th date and Bella agreed to marry me—April 9th, 2001

**The day Bella and I got back together after two months of pure hell. Added bonus—it was also the day I found out that Bella sorta remembers me—June 10th, 2001

**The day Bella agreed to be my fiancé…again—June 17th, 2001

**The day Bella told me that she wanted to have kids with me—August 25th, 2001

**The day my mom and dad moved to Forks. They now live in a two-story house that is a fifteen minute drive from where I live—October 25th, 2001.

**The day Bella and I got married. Miraculously, it ended up being a sunny day and we held the ceremony as planned in Esme and Carlisle's backyard. Everything went perfectly. I will never forget the image of Bella blushing as she walked down the aisle in a stunning bridal dress. Bella and I wrote our own vows and said 'I do' to each other. The reception was wonderful and everyone seemed to have fun. For the honeymoon, I took Bella to Paris for three weeks. Oh, and our first night as man and wife is also included in this day even though we stayed up way past twelve A.M…doing stuff…-January 1st, 2002

**The day Bella moved into my house—January 22nd, 2002.


"We have a surprise for you," Alice sings as Bella and I walk up to her.

"Surprise?" Bella groans. "I hate surprises."

"Really?" Alice raises an eyebrow. "So you hated your surprise honeymoon location?"

"Well, yes I did dislike the fact that it was a surprise. I don't understand why no one could have told me that we were going to Paris. But I didn't hate the actual honeymoon," Bella blushes.

I chuckled as I put an arm around her. Yes, we went to Paris for three weeks for our honeymoon. We got the newlywed suite at an expensive French hotel. Bella and I both took French in high school so I thought it would be the perfect place to spend our first weeks as man and wife. Honestly, those three weeks were the best weeks of my life. Though it was difficult at certain times. In the morning, for instance, I had to wake up at five to get up and leave the bedroom so that Bella wouldn't wake up to a complete stranger in bed with her. Trust me, I did not want to get hit by a lacrosse stick again. Of course, Bella still had to wake up in an unfamiliar room, but she had to do that when she lived in the Facilities also. The Video was placed where she could not miss it and I made sure that there was a T.V. in the bedroom with a VCR attached. We edited the Video to make sure that everything would be explained. After the Video, Bella then came into the kitchen where I had a plate of breakfast ready for her. It was always a bit awkward at first because it took a while for Bella to be comfortable with the fact that she was married and on her honeymoon. But by the afternoon, we were out sightseeing and having a wonderful time together.

"Anyway, Alice, what is this surprise?" I question. Bella and I had just flown back to Forks and drove from the airport to my house. The next step for us was to pack up Bella's stuff from Charlie's house and move everything to my house. But when we got here, we found Alice sitting on my front porch waiting anxiously for us.

Alice smiles. "You'll see," she says cryptically as she leads us to my front door. She opens it with ease and steps inside.

"Uh Alice? When I left for Paris I locked my door. How exactly did you get in?" I question as I drop all the luggage I am carrying on the floor.

Alice waves a hand dismissively. "It was easy peesy. I mean, hiding the key under a flower pot is so overdone. Really, Edward, a little creativity would be appreciated."

I roll my eyes. "I'm sorry I couldn't meet your standards, Alice. I'll do better next time," I say sarcastically.

Alice nods in approval. She obviously doesn't register the less than sincere response. "That's all I ask."

I roll my eyes again, but smile nonetheless. "I missed you, shortie." I ruffle her short, black hair.

Alice mock-glares at me as she pats down her hair. "Not the hair, Masen."

I laugh. "Whatever."

"The surprise, Alice?" Bella prompts.

"Hold your horses, Sw—I mean, Masen." Alice smiles brightly.

I grin hugely at the fact that Bella is now Bella Masen as I kiss Bella's forehead.

Bella smiles sweetly at me before turning back to face Alice. "We don't have all day, Alice. I was on a ten hour airplane ride and I just want to sleep."

"Fine." Alice stops in front of the entrance to the kitchen. "Well, while you guys were getting to know each other a little better," Bella blushes, "Elizabeth, Esme, Rose, and I—since we love you guys so darn much—took it upon ourselves to do a little something for you guys. So we decided to make your lives easier by moving Bella's stuff into this house. Emmett, Jasper, Mike, Charlie, Carlisle, and Ed helped with the heavy stuff of course. And while we were here we decided to do some redecorating and well, see for your selves." She gestures for us to go into the kitchen. After sharing a nervous, excited look with Bella we both step forward. I look around the kitchen in shock. A month of ago my kitchen consisted of black tile, white walls, a plain white refrigerator, and white counters and cupboards. It was really small and bland looking. I never minded, though, because I rarely used the kitchen—I'm not that good of a cook. I had a simple oven, stove, sink, and microwave. But now, now it is a kitchen straight from a home magazine. There was bright lighting installed, a new silver refrigerator, a high-tech looking oven, a new microwave, a new set of sharp knives, a new electric stove to replace my old gas one, and new blue-tiled counters that have tons of silver gadgets on top of them.

"I uh know you're not much of a chef, Edward, but Bella loves to cook and she always wanted to redo Charlie's kitchen so we thought we would go all out on it," Alice rambles.

I turn to look at Alice in surprise. Confidant Alice actually looks nervous. I smile hurriedly to reassure her. "I love it, Alice. Really, it's perfect. Thank you," I say honestly.

Alice grins in relief before turning to face Bella who still hasn't said anything yet. "Bella? Do you like it?"

"I mean, I don't remember what it looked like before, but it looks wonderful, Alice. I can't wait to cook in here," Bella says as she continued to look around in awe.

"Well, come on, here is my favorite part." Alice leads us across the kitchen to the refrigerator. I smile as I realize what she is showing us. On the surface of the refrigerator are pictures of Bella and I and the rest of our family. And written in different colored magnets is 'Welcome Home Mr. and Mrs. Masen, Love Your Favorite Family.'

"Wow, Alice. This is awesome," I comment as I study each picture.

"But you do know we only have one family?" Bella asks. "So of course you're our favorite family."

I laugh and Alice rolls her eyes. "Whatever. Now come on, come see the rest of the house."

The rest of the first floor is pretty much the same. There are tons of small things that warmed my heart like pictures of our family that I didn't have before on shelves and on end tables, Bella's books mingled with my own on our new bookshelf, and lots of feminine touches that clearly said that a female lived here. In the bathrooms there is make-up, pink and baby blue towels, a pink brush, strawberry shampoo, etc. My heart just about burst when I saw Bella's purple toothbrush next to my black one.

"Okay," Alice says when we go up the stairs. "I left the three guest rooms empty, but we would all love to help you guys decorate them into nurseries later," she winked at us, "so come to the bedroom." She leads us through the hallway until we stop in front of my—Bella's and I's—bedroom. Alice opens the door and ushers us in. I gasp. It is completely different. The walls are now painted a light-blue color and the carpet is white.

Bella widens her eyes. "This is my room," she says in awe. I nod, realizing that she is right. This is almost an exact replica of Bella's old room. Her black dresser, her tan night table, her purple alarm clock, her desk, and her bookshelf were in the same position as previously. The only differences are that the window and closet are in different places and instead of the bed being a single, it was a king-sized one.

"We thought that the mornings would be slightly easier if Bella woke up in a familiar room," Alice explains.

I nod. "That's a brilliant idea."

"Yeah," Bella agrees. "Thanks, Alice."

Alice grins, pleased with our happy reaction. "It wasn't just me. Everyone else helped a lot. It was no problem really. And I think that's everything. I'll leave you two lovebirds alone now," Alice hugs us both tightly and after Bella and I say our goodbyes, she is gone.

"We are really lucky to have such a great family, huh?" Bella smiles.

"Yup," I agree as I wrap my arms around her as I stand behind her. "And can you believe it? You live here now."

Bella shifts around so that we were facing each other. "And there's no place I'll rather be than here with you," she states, her brown eyes warm. "I love our home, don't you?"

"Well, a year ago I would have told you that this house is too big and empty. But now that you live here? Now that your clothes, books, and furniture are here with my stuff? For the first time this house feels like home," I tell her sincerely as I nuzzle her nose with mine.

Bella smiles. "I guess it's true, then. Home is where the heart is, huh?" I nod in agreement and kiss her soft cheek. "I can't wait to start a life with you in this house, Edward."

"I can't wait either, Bella. I love you." I murmur as I move on to kiss her other cheek.

"I love you, too." She interlaces our hands. I am just about to kiss her sweet lips when she pulls away. "Now come on, I'm hungry. I want to try out that kitchen."

I groan and laugh at the same time before following her down the stairs. I would follow her anywhere.

-Flashback End—

**The day I got Bella a chocolate lab puppy for Valentine's day—February 14th, 2002


"Close your eyes," I order softly as we walk up the stairs and enter the second floor of our house.

Bella sighs. "Why can't you just tell me what you got me?" she asks.

"Where's the fun in that? Come on, close those beautiful eyes." Bella purses her lips but complies. "No peeking," I chide as I see her try to open her eyelids slightly.

Bella pouts and I can't resist bending down to give her a quick kiss on her pouting lips. Bella hums contently when I pull away and she opens her eyes. "Was that my present?" she asks hopefully.

I laugh loudly. "Honestly, Bella, sometimes you are so absurd. You don't really expect your Valentine's gift to be a kiss? And a small kiss at that."

Bella grumbles something under her breath that I don't catch before closing her eyes again.

Once I make sure that they are really closed, I grab her warm hand and lead her down the hallway to our bedroom.

I open the door slowly and guide Bella inside. And it isn't long until the puppy is scratching excitedly at both of our legs.

"Open your eyes, Bella," I say softly.

Bella follows my command and gasps when she lays eyes on the puppy. It is a small chocolate lab with a big, red ribbon around her neck.

"Happy Valentine's Day, love," I say, smiling at her shocked expression.

"Oh my god! It's a puppy!" Bella gets down on her knees so that she is eye-level with the excited dog. "Oh, hey sweetie. Who's a good doggie? Who's a good doggie? You are. Oh, yes you are. Good puppy," Bella coos in a sweet voice as she pets the dog's soft, brown fur. The puppy wags its tail happily at the attention. But before I know it, the dog lunges. Bella squeals happily as the dog licks her face with her big, pink tongue. I'll never forget Bella's pleased face as she made friends with the dog.

"Do you like it?" I ask unnecessarily. "I promised you on one of our dates that once we moved in together I would get you a dog," I add as I also bend down and give the little pup an ear rub.

"Oh, Edward, I love her—is it a her?" Bella asks as she runs her fingers through the brown pelt.

I nod. "Yup. I already checked." I wink one green eye at her and Bella laughs. "Go on, give her a name."

Bella purses her lips in thought as she studies the dog. "Liz," she says finally. "Liz Masen." I raise an eyebrow in question. "After you're mom."

I laugh. Bella had just 'met' my mom earlier today and already she is naming a dog after her. "I'm sure my mom will love to hear that a dog was named after her."

Bella blushes and shakes her head. "Not like that. It's just that they have the same eyes." Bella gestures towards Liz's green eyes.

I nod. "So you like her? She seems friendly and nice, but if you want a different dog—"

Bella shakes her head vigorously. "No, she's adorable," she assures me before turning back to Liz who is rolling on her back with her brown paws in the air. "Yes, you are adorable. Yes, you are," Bella gives Liz a much wanted belly rub.

I chuckle. "Not as adorable as you," I respond truthfully as I put an arm around her.

Bella smiles and blushes a deep red. "She's perfect, Edward. Thank you so much," she whispers as she pecks my cheek in appreciation. I grin hugely, pleased that she liked her gift.

"It was no problem. Anything for you," I reply, my green eyes burning with sincerity.

Bella blushes. "Now I feel bad. All I got you was a leather journal filled with blank music sheets so you can write down your compositions. That's not nearly as exciting as a new puppy."

I widen my eyes. "Are you kidding me? It's a perfect gift, Bella. I have so many notes and ideas floating around my head that I've been scribbling down on napkins. Now I have an actual music sheet to write them down on and all the compositions will be in one place. Thank you," I say sincerely. I shift around so that I am sitting in front of her. I lean in and am just about to kiss her delectable lips, but right before I could, Liz shoves herself in between Bella and I. She wags her long tail as she alternates between licking my face and Bella's.

"Ugh," I groan as I move away from her wet licks.

Bella just laughs her musical laugh as she kisses the top of Liz's head. "Welcome to the Masen Family, Liz."

Liz wags her tail in approval.

**The day Bella told me she was pregnant with our first child—February 17th, 2002.


"Liz, sit," I order. Liz's big, green eyes blinked blankly at me. I sigh. "Sit," I say more firmly, this time pointing towards the ground. She tilts her head to one side in confusion before sniffing at the place I am pointing to. I roll my eyes. "Dumb dog," I mutter. In the three days we've had her, the dog has singlehandedly wreaked chaos throughout the house. No pair of shoes was not chewed on, no piece of furniture was not scratched, and no piece of floor was not pied or pooped on. It's ridiculous. Yet I can't regret my decision to buy Liz only for the simple reason that she causes Bella to smile beautifully every day. If Bella wants Liz to stay, Liz shall stay. It is that simple. And if having to endure stepping in poop in the morning just to see my girl smile at the puppy doesn't show my undying love for my wife I don't what will. But this morning, when Liz chewed my favorite pair of Nikes, broke the $20 leash, and peed on the kitchen floor I decided that this dog had to be trained. Unfortunately, though, I have no patience. Bella would be a better teacher, but she is currently out with Rose and Alice.

"Okay, Liz, let's try something different," I turn away from her and walk across the kitchen. "Come, Liz. Come here," I make kissy noises and whistle, but Liz stays put. "Come, Liz. Come to Edward." She sits down. I throw my hands up in exasperation. "Oh, now you sit! Come on, it's not that hard. Come. Come. Come over here," I snap my fingers and clap my hands but she just looks bored. Finally, after a while she stands up. But instead of coming towards me, she runs out of the room. Grumbling under my breath, I hurry to follow her to make sure she doesn't chew on anything that is not meant to be chewed on. As I turn the corner, I hear Liz start barking. I roll my eyes. She barks at anything. I'm serious. Yesterday, I found her barking at a tree.

As I follow her barks I end up at the front of the house. Liz is sitting next to the front door and barking her head off. I shake my head. What? Is she barking at the door knob now? But before I can quiet her down, the door opens and Bella steps in. There she goes. Smiling at the damn dog like it's the cutest thing she's ever seen. I sigh as Bella bends down to converse with the enemy.

"Good girl. Good girl. Look at you. Being a guard dog, huh? Good girl. You heard my car come into the driveway, didn't you? What a good girl," Bella coos as she pets Liz. Liz wags her tail and eats up the attention. I roll my eyes. It will take a long time for me to forgive her for chewing up my shoes.

"Hey, Bella," I greet softly as I walk to her.

Bella blanches when she hears my voice and turns towards me. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. She is paler than usual and she looks extremely nervous.

"Is there something wrong, Bella?" I ask, my green eyes growing concerned.

"I uh I…can we go sit down or something?" Bella asks. She doesn't wait for an answer and takes off towards the living room with Liz trailing behind her.

Panic sweeps through me. Those are the exact words that Bella said the day she broke up with me. My breathing picks up. She can't break up with me. I can't go through that again. But no, she can't break up with me, I reason. We are married now. She can't possibly want a divorce, right? I didn't do anything wrong. I've been a good husband…I think. But why does she look so nervous and frantic?

"Edward? Are you coming?" Bella calls from a different room.

I walk slowly towards her voice, all the while getting more worried and scared. When I find her in the living room she is sitting on the couch with Liz at her feet.

"You're not breaking up with me, right?" I blurt out.

Bella's eyes widen. "No!" she exclaims. "Why? Are you breaking up with me?"

I shake my head vigorously and feel a wave of relief wash through me. "No, no. Never," I reply as I walk towards her and sit next her. I take her hand in mine and regard her nervous expression seriously. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I mean, I hope nothing is wrong. It all depends on how you look at it I guess," Bella rambles.

"Bella, just tell me. I'm not going to be mad or anything if that's what you're worried about."

Bella studies the wall. "Okay. Rose, Alice, and I were driving home from the mall. We were about five minutes away from Rose's and Emmett's house and we were talking and stuff. Then I tell them that I threw up this morning—"

"You threw up this morning?" I ask, shocked and immediately concerned for her health.

Bella blushes. "Well, yeah," she admits.

"Why didn't you tell me, Bella? Are you sick? Do you feel better now? Should I call Carlisle? Why don't you lay down and I'll call him. You should have told me sooner, I—"

"Edward," Bella holds up a hand to stop me. "I didn't tell you because I thought it was nothing. I read in my diary that you cooked last night so I assumed that…"

"Hey," I frown. "I'm getting better at cooking. The food wasn't that bad."

"See? I didn't tell you because I thought it would hurt your feelings."

"My feelings are not hurt." I cross my arms across my chest defensively. Bella raises a skeptical eyebrow. I sigh. "Well, regardless, I'd like to know these things. I want to know anything that concerns your health, Bella," I say firmly.

"I know. I'm sorry. I should have told you as soon as it happened," Bella agrees.

"Is that all?" I question, confused. Is that what had her all frazzled?

Bella shakes her head slowly and once again looks at the wall instead of me. "No. I told them that I threw up and Alice said…Alice said that…" Bella sighs and doesn't finish the thought.

"Alice said what?" I furrow my eyebrows. "Did she say something mean to you? Because if she did I will—"

"No, Alice didn't say anything mean," Bella replies.

"Then what did she say?" I prompt, getting impatient.

"She said that…well I think she was joking at the time…but, she said that I could be experiencing…morning…sickness," Bella says as she fidgets nervously.

"Morning sickness," I repeat slowly before the words registered. "Morning sickness? As in you might be pregnant?" I ask hopefully. "I mean, have you've thrown up before?"

Bella shakes her head again and disappoint washes through me. "No, but I am late."

I wrinkle my forehead. "Late? Late for what?"

"For my period," she says. "I'm two weeks late."

I perk up. "So that means you might be pregnant, right? Okay, we need to get the pregnancy test. Wait right here and I'll go to the grocery store and—"

"I uh already went to the store," she says.

"You got the pregnancy test? Great. Well, go on, take it. Oh wait. Do you not need to pee? Let me get some lemonade." I stand up hurriedly.


"Yes? Oh am I being too eager? We can wait until you need to go." I sit back down.

"No, I um already took the test," she says quickly.

"Already took the test?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry. But we were right next to the grocery store so we stopped by to get the test and like I said we were five minutes away from Rose's house. So I just took the test there. I know I should have waited so that you could be there with me, but I couldn't wait—"

"I'm not mad about that," I dismiss. "What did the test say? Positive? Negative?" I question eagerly, leaning towards her. Silence. "Bella? Look at me, please," I plea.

Bella looks away from the wall and turns her gaze towards me. "It was positive," she whispers.

I widen my eyes, hope and joy building up inside of me. "Positive? As in I'm going to be a father?"

Bella hesitates before nodding in confirmation.

I waste no time in grabbing Bella and swinging her around in a circle. She squeals in surprise.

"I'm going to be a father!" I exclaim joyously once I set her down, smiling hugely.

Bella grins at the sight of my pleased state. "So you're happy?"

"Happy? I'm completely ecstatic!" I beam at her. I am going to be a father. Amazing. "Is that what you were worrying about? That I wouldn't be happy that you were pregnant?"

Bella nods. "Well, yeah. Only because Alice and Rose said that Emmett and Jasper didn't react in a positive way. Jasper was shocked into silence and Emmett fainted."

"Emmett fainted?" I say incredulously.

Bella covers her mouth with her hand. "Oops. I shouldn't have said that. Are you going to make fun of him?"

I shake my head. "Of course not. I would never poke fun at Emmett."

Bella rolls her eyes. "In his defense, he was only nineteen when he received the news."

I smile. "Well, I'm not going to faint. I'm so happy. This is…this is wonderful," I say sincerely. I kiss her forehead sweetly and look into her content, brown eyes. "Wait? You're fine with this? No 'I have amnesia, I can't be a mom' rant?"

Bella grins. "Nope. Rose and Alice went on like a ten minute lecture on how I definitely could be a mom and yada yada. Plus, I can't really do anything now. I'm going to be a mom whether I like it or not. And I do. I like the idea of having your kid, Edward."

I smile crookedly. "Great. Gah, I'm so happy. Thank you, Bella. Thank you for loving me and making me a father." Bella blushes. "Now come on, we should tell the rest of the family."

Bella nods. "Okay. Let me just feed Liz and then we can go." She turns towards Liz who is snoozing on the ground. Lazy dog. "Liz," Bella calls as she starts walking towards the kitchen. Liz immediately jumps up and trots after her.

"Good come, Liz. Good girl," Bella praises.

I scowl. Damn dog was playing favorites.

-Flashback End-

**The day my album filled with fourteen of my own compositions was released. I had originally made the C.D. for Bella, but she had encouraged me to try to make a record deal and sell the album —March 19th, 2002.

**The day Bella regained her memories—July 14th, 2002


"Edward?" Bella asks.

"Yes, my love?" I ask, squeezing her torso. Bella is currently sitting on my lap as I sat on the red loveseat. Both of us are reading What To Expect When You Are Expecting, a book that Rose gave Bella at the surprise Baby Shower she and Alice threw for Bella.

Bella puts the book on the ground and shifts awkwardly so that she can see me. I grin happily as I see her six and a half pregnant stomach. I don't know what I like better. The image of Bella smiling and blushing or Bella smiling and blushing with her hands on her pregnant belly.

"You love me, right?" Bella questions seriously.

I furrow my eyebrows. "Of course I do, Bella. You know that." I kiss her forehead in reassurance.

"And you want to spend the rest of your life with me?" she continues.

"I married you, didn't I?" Bella raises an eyebrow and I laugh. "Love, of course I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you,"

"Even with my amnesia? You still want to spend fifty, sixty years with me?"

I sigh. "What's this about, Bella? You know the answer is yes. I love you no matter what. Even if you were deaf, blind, and had amnesia, I would still want to spend the rest of my life with you. Even if you were blind, deaf, mute, had amnesia, had both your legs amputated, lost one of your arms, and—"

"Okay," Bella holds a hand up to stop my rambling. "I got it," she says, her brown eyes amused. "But what if I regained my memory?"

I bite my lip. "That would make me very happy," I admit, "but even if you never regain your memory, I would still—"

"—love me," Bella finishes for me. I smile at her and nod my head. "That's all I wanted to know." She took a deep breathe. "Yesterday, I was craving a taco and you went to get me one. You were wearing jeans and a black, collared shirt. You had on those chewed on Nikes that you love so much. I ate four tacos and you called me fat. Then we went for a walk around the park. It was raining, but we went with an umbrella. On the way back, my feet hurt so you carried me for ten minutes even though it hurt you're back and arms. When we got home we took a shower and we…you know…" she blushes as she trails off.

My mouth hangs open in shock. Last night, Bella had been exhausted so she didn't have time to write the day's events in her diary. So how does she remember what happened? Unless…my eyes widen in disbelief. "Do you…do you remember?" I ask urgently.

Bella nods. "Everything. Everything. Every day since the accident, including all the days before I met you,"

"H-How?" I whisper.

Bella shrugs. "I don't know. I was just reading in the book how a baby needs lots of love and attention to develop and grow fully and I was thinking that I could never give our kid the love it needs. That I would wake up every day not knowing that I even had a kid. And I wanted so badly to be able to remember everything. I want my baby to live a normal life where his or her mom and dad both love him or her. And you know those stories about how when their kid is under a car, the mom has the strength to lift the car off the child? Well, I guess the fierce determination to fully know my child and to give him or her the love she or he deserves gave me the strength to lift up that mental wall that was blocking the memories." Bella shrugs again.

I smile hugely. "So you remember? You remember everything?" I ask hurriedly, hope beginning to fill me.

Bella grins as she places her hand on my cheek. "Yes, Edward. I remember everything,"

I let the words sink in and when they do, we both smile happily at each other.

"Oh, Bella, this is wonderful. I would swing you around in delight, but you know." I gesture towards her overgrown belly. Bella's smile fades as she slumps against me. "Bella? Bella? What's wrong?" I question as she frowns.

"Besides the fact that you just called me fat?" She raises an eyebrow.

I sigh. We have this conversation every day. "I did not call you fat. I simply said that—"

"Whatever," Bella dismisses unhappily. "It's just that I have a massive migraine." She rubs her forehead as evidence.

I move her hands away and kiss her forehead. "I bet you do. The sudden onslaught of all those memories must be overwhelming," I say as I stand up and move Bella to the couch. I help her lie down and pull a blanket over her exhausted body. "Let me get you some Tylenol," I offer, already heading towards the kitchen.

"Wait, Edward," Bella pulls me back to her. "I just want you to know that yesterday and all the days before that, I loved you. But now? Now that I remember every little thing you've said to me and done for me? I really, really, really love you,"

I smile hugely and bend down to give her a lingering kiss. "And I really, really, really, love you, too," I say sincerely before walking to the kitchen. But by the time I came back, Bella is sound asleep.

She slept for the next sixteen hours and I was really worried, but Carlisle said a bunch of medical terms until I just told him to say it in English. Apparently, all her memories were turning to long-term memories while she slept. When she finally woke up, she had a huge headache, but she still remembered everything.

-Flashback End-

**The day Renee Esme Masen was brought into the world. After being in labor for seventeen hours, Bella finally gave birth to our baby girl on Sept 18th, 2002.

-Flashback (Earlier Today)—

"I hate when nothing good is on," I grumble to myself as I flip through T.V. channels. I settle for ESPN and lean back in the white couch to watch the highlights of yesterday's baseball game.

Seconds later, I see Liz trot into the room. I smile. "Hey, girl," I greet. I pat the seat next to me. "Come here, Lizzie," I coo. Liz is now eight years old. Poor dog is old and probably has only a couple years left. Her joints are really bothering her and sometimes she can't even walk. Over the years, once Bella had trained her, Liz and I have grown a lot closer. I have forgiven her for chewing my shoes and she has forgiven me for the mean words I said to her when I found her chewing on my precious Nikes.

Liz wags her tail, walks towards me, and jumps onto the couch. I pet her as she lays down on top of me. I smile and rub her ears. She is such a lap dog. "Good girl," I praise.

"Dad?" Renee enters the room. Renee is almost eight years old. She has my bronze-colored hair, but instead of her hair being straight like mine and my mom's hair, she inherited Bella's silky curls. She has deep, green eyes that always seem to have a sparkle in them. She also has her mom's pale, creamy skin and her cute, button nose. Renee inherited Bella's adorable clumsiness and love of books. I'm proud to say that at age the age of five she was able to read whole chapter books. And I cannot describe to you how incredibly happy I was the first time I saw Renee blush a deep red. Turns out, Renee is shy just like her mom. But once Renee gets close to you and lets down her walls, you quickly see that she is so kind and nurturing. She is currently wearing a simple white dress with spaghetti straps and her long, curly hair flows down to her chest.

"Yes, Angel?" I answer.

Renee grins. "You better be careful, Daddy. Mommy is upstairs."

I laugh. Ever since Liz left muddy paw prints on the white couch, Bella made a rule that Liz is not allowed on the furniture. "I can handle Mommy," I assure her.

She smiles beautifully and skips towards me. She bends down to pet Liz who has been wagging her tail ever since she saw Renee.

"Hey, good girl," Renee says sweetly. "You're so cute, puppy."

I smile at their interaction. At a very early age, we all discovered Renee's deep love for animals. Liz and Renee are inseparable. They are best friends. At night, I sit outside Renee's bedroom door and listen as she adorably rambles to Liz all about her day. Renee is already talking about being a vet when she grows up so she can 'cure all the sick animals in the whole wide world' as she puts it.

Renee sits down next to me and Liz immediately leaves my lap for Renee's. I laugh, unaffected. I would like to say that Liz loves everyone equally, but Renee would always have a special place in her heart.

"Daddy? I don't want to watch sports. Can we watch something else?" Renee asks sweetly.

I smile. "Of course, Angel. Watch anything you want." I hand her the remote control and ruffle her bronze curls.

Renee gives me an adorable toothy grin as she changes to the Disney Channel. I groan quietly once I realize that Hannah Montana is on. I sigh loudly but didn't say anything. Renee is my little angel and I love her so very dearly. If she wants to watch Hannah Montana, then she gets to watch Hannah Montana. I would do anything for her. She is a wonderful, beautiful girl and I know already that many boys will fall for her. Already, Jacob's and Nessie's nine-year soon, Kyle—or as I like to call him, The Mongrel—can't seem to keep his filthy paws off of her. Always hugging her and playing games with her. It makes me sick. And worse, Renee seems to like The Mongrel just as much as he likes her. Ugh. Bella says it's adorable. Psh. I'm just saying, if in five years, The Mongrel is still staring at my angel with his muddy brown eyes, I shall have a very serious talk with him. I'm sure Emmett and Jasper will have a few things to say to him also.

"You get the best of both worlds," Renee sings quietly along to the theme song as she pets Liz's brown fur. "Chillin' out, take it slow, then you rock out the show. You get the best of both worlds. Mix it all together and you know it's the best of both words…"

I grin hugely as I put my arm around Renee. Renee got her mom's sweet voice, but neither her nor Bella were good singers. I can't lie, though, I love it when my girls sing.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" I whisper as I kiss her forehead.

And just like her mom, Renee's pale cheeks turn a light pink. I love her blush. Of course, I hate it when The Mongrel makes her blush. I growl at the thought.

Renee, unaware of my murderous thoughts, lays her tiny head on my shoulder. I relax instantly and smile contently.

"I love you, Daddy," she whispers shyly, biting her lip. I grin. It still baffles me how one statement can cause someone so much happiness. But the words 'I love you' and 'Daddy' in the same sentence never fails to make me melt.

"I love you, too, my angel," I reply as I kiss the top of her head and we both go back to watching the show.

Minutes later, Bella silently enters the room. "What is this?" Bella says sharply as she walks to stand in front of the T.V.

Renee and I both blanch as we jump up. Liz cries at the unexpected movement as she tumbles to the ground.

"Oh, Lizzie, I'm so sorry," Renee bends down to help Liz up. "Are you okay, Lizzie?" she questions as she pets the dog gently as if afraid that if she presses down to hard, she'll hurt her even more.

"Renee, take Liz and go upstairs," Bella orders softly, her brown eyes glaring at me. I gulp.

Renee glances worriedly at me and I nod, silently telling her to listen to her mother.

"Come on, Lizzie, let's go," Renee calls as she makes her away towards the stairs. "Sorry, Mommy," she apologizes as she passes Bella.

"It's okay, sweetie." She tucks Renee's hair behind her ear. "Just let me talk to Daddy, okay?"

She nods and once she leaves the room, Bella turns to face me. "Did I or did I not say that Liz is not allowed on the furniture?" she questions.

"You did. I'm sorry. It's just that her paws weren't muddy this time so I thought…" I trail off guiltily.

Bella places her hands on her hips. "You thought what? That you could just completely disregard my rules?" I shake my head and I am about to protest, but Bella continues. "I mean, it's one thing to say 'yes, I agree that Liz should not be allowed on the furniture' and then the next day let Liz be on the couch, but, you are a role model to our kids, Edward. You let Renee see you ignore what I say and you teach her that it's okay to not listen to me. Do you want that, Edward? Do you want her to learn that she doesn't have to listen to what her parents say?"

I run a hand through my hair and bite my lip. "Jeez, I didn't even think about that. I'm sorry, love. I'll do better," I promise.

Bella sighs and visibly relaxes. "You think you can pout and say I'm sorry and I'll forgive you just like that." She snaps her fingers as she grins at me.

I laugh as I walk closer to her. I hug her to me. "No, I think that you will forgive me because you love me so very much," I murmur as I peck her quickly on her plump lips. "Do you forgive me, love?" I kiss her on both cheeks and on her eyelids.

"You're cheating," she accuses feebly as her breathing picks up.

I gave her one, two, three short, lingering kisses. "Is it working?" I ask as I move my kisses down her neck.

Bella laughs. "You know it is," she smiles at me before sliding her hands around my neck, pulling my head towards her, and capturing my lips with her own. Even after all these years, I have never gotten tired of kissing Bella's delectable lips. It is something I could do forever and never get bored of.

"I love you," I whisper sweetly against her lips. This is pure heaven. Having Bella in my arms, breathing in her freesia and strawberry scent, feeling her love for me pouring through in our kiss. There is no better feeling. I feel Bella smile against my lips as she responds by kissing me harder. I groan low in my throat as her tongue probes my bottom lip. But before I can part my lips for her, the doorbell rings loudly.

"Leave it," I say as I feel Bella start to pull away.

"Edward," she protests weakly.

"Maybe they will go away," I say as I continue moving my lips with hers

I make a loud protesting sound when Bella gently pushes me away from her. "It's Alice, Edward. We both know she will stand there all day until someone answers the door. She texted me before I came down saying that she was bringing Emma back and Grace was coming with them," she explains as she heads towards the door.

Once she left the room, I plop down on the couch. But once again, Renee enters the room, but this time there are tears spilling out of her green eyes.

-Flashback End-

**The day E.J. Masen was born. He came into this life on August 9th, 2003.


"What's wrong, Angel?" I jump off the sofa immediately and hurry towards her. Renee sobs even louder as I bend down and look at her distressed, green eyes. Her nose is red and running, her eyes puffy, and tears are spilling down her cheeks. It breaks my heart to see my angel in such pain. I reach out and wipe her tears away. "Tell me what's wrong, Angel. Let me fix it," I plea.

"E-E.J d-destroyed S-sunshine," she wails.

I sigh. Sunshine is her favorite stuff animal.

Bella and I, we should have known this would happen. We should have expected it. See, add my stubbornness to Bella's stubbornness and you create this completely obstinate child. Don't get me wrong, I love E.J. with my whole heart, but he is just such a troublemaker. He makes it habit to annoy his older sister every day and hates doing his chores. He's naturally intelligent, but he refuses to do his homework. He loves to talk back and gets in arguments just for the heck of it.

"Are you sure, Angel?" I ask gently. "Maybe Liz chewed on it or something."

Renee shakes her head, her bronze curls flailing about. "L-liz w-ouldn't do t-that to m-me." She heaves as another sob wracks her small frame.

My heart clenches at the sight and I pull her into my arms. "Oh, my angel, shh," I rock her back and forth and run my hands through her bronze curls. "It'll be alright," I murmur.

She sniffles. "I loved Sunshine, Daddy. S-She was my f-first s-tuff animal and she was s-so n-nice and n-now she's g-gone," she cries.

I continue to rub her back and soothe her as best as I could. I don't know what we are going to do when Liz passes. Renee would be a thousand times more devastated if that was the case.

"Are you okay now, Angel?" I ask as her sobs die down. She nods slightly and I kiss her forehead. "Go sit on the couch, sweetie," I suggest, letting go of her.

She nods again as she slowly walks to the couch, her head bent down in sadness.

I sigh again as I stand up. "E.J.!" I holler. "Get your butt down here!" I order.

It took a while but E.J. soon enters the room. E.J. has just turned seven a few days ago. His real name is Edward Jacob Masen. I tried, I really tried to get Bella to name him anything other than Edward, but she wouldn't budge. She said that she knew that my father was called Edward and his father was called Edward and his father was called Edward and so on and so forth and that she'll be damned if we were the ones to break the family tradition of naming the eldest son Edward. E.J. has Bella's brown hair except that it is completely unmanageable and disheveled as mine is. It annoys Bella to no end because she spends about thirty minutes each day trying to comb it down but an hour later it is all over the place again. E.J. also has Bella's deep, brown eyes and my nose and chin.

"E.J.," I greet as I pinch my nose, trying to control my anger. "Why does Renee say that you destroyed her stuffed animal?"

E.J. turns around to glare furiously at Renee with his brown eyes. "Tattletale," he spits.

Renee flinches and ducks her head.

I glare at E.J. "Don't accuse her. You're the one at fault here. Apologize to your sister now," I command firmly.

E.J. crosses his hands across his chest. "No."

I quirk an eyebrow. "No?" I repeat in disbelief.



"No, no I won't say sorry," he says defiantly.

"And why not?" I pinch my nose again in frustration.

"Because I didn't do anything wrong," he answers simply, shrugging.

I seethe. "Look at your sister and tell me that you did nothing wrong?" I growl.

E.J. glances at the couch and sees Renee slumped against the couch, crying softly into her hands. I see guilt immediately fill E.J.'s eyes, but just as quickly as it came, it is gone. "I didn't do anything!" he defends himself. "Why do you always take her side?"

"I do not!" I say defensively.

"Yes you do!" he exclaims, stepping forward. "You are always calling her your angel. She can do no wrong in your eyes! But me? You always think it's my fault!"

"I do not," I say, less sure now. I shake my head. "This isn't about me anyway. It's about you, Renee, and Sunshine."

"No, it's about—"

"What is all this yelling about?" Bella demands as she enters the living room with Alice, Grace, and Emma trialing behind her.

Grace is Alice's and Jasper's third and last child. Besides Tyler, who is almost fifteen now, and Grace, Jasper and Alice have Victor who is the same age as Renee—eight. Emmett and Rose also have more kids. In addition to Nikki who is now seventeen, they have Marisa (6 and a half years old) and twins Chase and Keith (3 years old).

There are only five people who have never been the receiver of E.J.'s sharp tongue—Bella, Esme, Elizabeth, and Alice. That should be obvious. No one can ever say a bad word to those naturally kind people. But the fifth girl is completely unexpected. Alice's five year-old daughter, Grace, seems to be the only one who can control him. I'm serious. The girl puts a hand on him and he absolutely melts.

"E.J.?" Grace asks in that sweet, musical voice she inherited from Alice.

E.J. involuntarily smiles when he hears Grace and visibly relaxes. It's really baffling to see his immediate change of demeanor when Grace enters the room. "Hey, Gracie," he greets happily.

I shake my head in disbelief as Grace actually walks up to him and hugs him. E.J.'s face softens as he puts his hands around her small frame.

With most others he is standoffish and argumentative, but with sweet Grace, he is unbelievably kind and gentle. Alice and Bella are ecstatic because they would really be sisters if E.J. and Grace marry someday. They go around singing Mary's Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift every time they see those two together. I'm not opposed to the idea of them marrying fifteen, twenty years from now. And no, it is not hypocritical of me to be comfortable with E.J. dating around and not Renee.

"I repeat, what is going on here?" Bella asks again.

I gesture towards Renee and Bella gasps as she sees her crying daughter. She rushes towards her and envelops Renee in her arms.

"What happened?" Alice questions as she and Emma go join Bella in comforting Renee.

I sigh but before I can respond, Renee blurts it out. "He destroyed Sunshine," she cries into Bella's chest as Alice runs her fingers through Renee's curls and Emma pats her back.

"E.J.?" Grace turns to look at E.J with her light blue eyes that contrast nicely with her straight, shiny black hair. "Did you really do that? I gave Sunshine to Renee two years ago." Even though there is a three year age difference, Grace and Renee are best friends and have a sisterly relationship. The only time I have ever seen them fight was when Renee told Grace that she thought E.J. was a complete jerk. Grace immediately went on this five minute rant where she actually defended E.J. Though she is sort of shy, Grace always speaks up when it comes to E.J.

E.J. eyes widen at the new. "I didn't know that. I'm sorry, Gracie." He runs a hand through his unruly brown hair, a trait he adopted from me. I roll my eyes. I ask for an apology and he refuses, but he'll quickly give Grace an apology even though she didn't ask for one. "I was just pulling a prank. I put Sunshine in the front yard so that Renee would think she lost her. I'll was going to tell her where Sunshine was after an hour or so, honest. But I didn't know that a dog would come around and chew it into pieces," he explains. "Jeez, I'm sorry, Reenie," E.J. says sincerely.

I chuckle silently. E.J. is the only one Renee tolerates calling her Reenie.

Renee sniffles as she glances at E.J. who actually does look apologetic. "It's o-okay. I-it was an a-accident,"

"Yeah, and I'll pay for a new stuff animal," E.J. offers.

Instead of making her smile, it just makes her cry all over again. E.J. winches at the sound as he realizes that that wasn't the right thing to say.

I sigh. "Can I talk to you in the kitchen, E.J.?" I ask him pointedly.

"I'm sorry," Alice speaks up as she stands. "But Grace and I should go. We just came to drop Emma off. I need to head home and help Tyler get ready for his recital."

I nod. Yes, I still taught Tyler. But only once a week now instead of every day. He is really phenomenal and he a lot of potential to be a really great musician. He has been composing his own music since he turned ten and I couldn't be prouder. Everybody in our huge, huge family is going to support his big day. I can just imagine the director's face when Tyler asked for over twenty tickets. So yes our family is still going strong. Even though over the last eight years our family has nearly doubled in size, we still get together once a month for Family Night which is always held at Carlisle's and Esme's house.

"Bye, Gacie," E.J. says, turning to face her.

Grace smiles. "See you later, E.J. Save me a seat?"

E.J. ruffles her black hair and smirks. "You know it."

They smile at each other as Bella and Alice share a happy glance. Alice and Grace say their goodbyes and they leave.

I turn around. "E.J." I call over my shoulder and walk to the kitchen without waiting to see if he is following me.

When we enter, E.J. studies the floor as he shuffles his feet. "So how long am I grounded this time?"

"You're not," I say simply.

E.J.'s head snaps up in shock as his brown eyes widen with surprise. "I'm not?"

I shake my head and smile at him. "You didn't mean for Sunshine to be ripped apart. You just wanted to play a prank on your sister, which is mean but understandable. You forget, son, that I was a kid once, too." E.J. grins. "But," I point a finger at him. "If you're mom asks, I was really firm on you," I wink a green eye at him.

E.J. grins even bigger. "Sure, Daddio."

I smile and I bend down so that I'm at his level. I put my hands on his shoulders and regard him seriously. "And you know that I love you just as much as I love your siblings, okay? I'm sorry that I made you think that I loved you any less or that I was being unfair to you."

E.J. nods. "You know that I wasn't being serious, Dad. I say things that I don't mean when I'm angry."

I smile as I straighten and slap his back. "I know. You got that temper of yours from me. I'm happy to say that my temper has died down a lot, but when I was a kid like you?" I whistle. "Your Grandma used to rub soap on my tongue daily whenever I acted out."

E.J. shakes his head. "She did not!"

"She did," I laugh. "Ask her tonight."

"I will," E.J. grins.

"You do that. But don't listen to any crazy stories she tells about me. They are all lies," E.J. laughs. "I love you, kiddo," I say sincerely as I watch my happy son.

E.J. shrugs and his brown eyes twinkle mischievously. "Eh, you're alright."

I roll my eyes. "My son thinks he's clever, huh?" I manage to give him a mini-noogie before he shoves my hand away.

I chuckle. "Go play video games or something, huh?" I suggest, already walking back to the living room to see how Renee was doing.

E.J. nods as he follows me. But right when we are about to enter, I stop as I hear Bella's quiet, comforting voice.

"You know, Renee, you're Uncle Emmy used to play all kinds of tricks on me when we were kids. One time, he messed up the model of the solar system for a science project and I cried because I was certain I was going to fail. In Emmett's defense, he didn't know it was for school. But you know what my mom said when she saw me crying? She said that in this world, men are going to try to beat us down and get the better of us every day. Sure, we can cry about it, but then we would be letting them win, you know? They will think we are weak and strike again. We have to show them that we are strong and not afraid to stand up for ourselves. I know you're sad, sweetie. I still remember my first stuffed animal. It feels like you lost a friend, but there's really nothing we can do but buy another stuff animal if you want us to. Come on, sweetheart, two years from now you will outgrow your toys. So smile because Sunshine would want you, too, right? You said Sunshine was nice. She wouldn't want you to cry. Be happy and show E.J. that it's going to take a lot more to break you down because my baby girl is strong and tough."

We hear Renee sniffle. "What did you do when Emmett destroyed your science project?" I smile. This is good, she has stopped stuttering. Bella is such a good mom.

Bella laughs. It is amazing how I've heard it thousands of times, but the sound of her beautiful laughter still makes me grin happily. "She gave Emmett a stern lecture and then she made him and Charlie stay up with me and her all night as we redid my science project. We all had a blast and the model ended up being better than the original."

"I was named after her, right? After your mom? My Grandma?"

"Yes," Bella confirms. "And sweetie, I've got to say that you do her name justice." And with that, E.J. and I decide to enter.

"Hey, you guys," Bella greets as she stands up. She leaves Emma and Renee on the couch as she walks up to us.

"What did Edward do to you?" Bella raises an eyebrow at E.J.

He smirks. "He was really firm with me, Mom. I've learned my lesson."

Bella rolls her eyes. "You didn't do anything, did you?" she accuses as she shoves me playfully.

I chuckle as I pull her into my arms and kiss the top of her head. "You know me so well, love," I murmur.

E.J. fake-gags which makes Bella turn her attention back to him.

"Listen, Mister, if I hear any of this nonsense of you making fun of your sisters or pulling any more pranks on them, I will ground you. Got it?" Bella says seriously.

E.J. nods. "Yes, Mommy. I love you so very much, Mommy."

Bella smiles at him. "I love you, too, sweetie." She ruffles his brown hair affectionately.

I roll my eyes. As soon as E.J. says 'Mommy' and 'I love you' she melts and forgets why she was mad in the first place.

"Now, come on, kids," Bella says. "'I'll make us some mac and cheese."

-Flashback Ends—

**The day Emily Rose Masen (called Emma, named after Emmett) was born. Born on October 6th, 2005,


Renee and E.J. eagerly follow Bella into the kitchen. I glance confusedly at Emma who is still sitting on the couch. I walk over and sit next to her.

Emma is almost five. She has brown, straight hair with cute little bangs and bright hazel eyes. She inherited her mom's heart-shaped face and my nose. If Renee is my little angel then Emma is my little princess. The two are quite different. Where Renee is shy, Emma is outgoing. Where Renee is normally quiet, Emma can't stop talking for more than five minutes. Where Renee is clumsy, Emma is already showing signs of being athletic. Where Renee keeps her nose in non-fiction books, specifically books about animals, Emma loves fantasy books. While Renee could care less about fashion, Emma loves to flip through magazines and marvel at the 'pretty' clothes and frequently wears sparkly outfits. Though they have different interests, they are extremely close.

"Hey, Princess, aren't you hungry?" I ask.

Emma shakes her head. "Nope, I ate at Auntie Ally's and Uncle Jazzy's house."

I nod. Emma had slept-over yesterday with Grace.

Another difference between Emma and Renee—if you ask Renee about her day, she'll say 'fine' or 'okay', but if you ask Emma, this is what you get…

"It was so fun, Daddy! Okay so I woke up before Grace and then I see I have something in my eye so I rub and rub…"

I grin as I place Emma on my lap so she is sitting sideways on it and wrap my arms around her. She swings her legs happily as she continues. "…but I didn't' know what it was. So I leave the bedroom and go to Auntie Ally's and Uncle Jazzy's room so they could tell me. I knock and Auntie Ally says 'one minute' and then I hear them run around and shove drawers like they were getting dressed. Anyway, Auntie Ally comes out and I tell her about how there was yucky stuff in my eye this morning. Uncle Jazzy told me that the Sandman put it there last night so that I would go to sleep. But I told him that I didn't want the Sandman to put stuff in my eyes…"

I smile as I listen to my second daughter ramble in her sweet voice.

"…and then Mommy let us in and she and Auntie talked while me and Gracie talked. But then we heard E.J. screaming so we walked here and then—"

"Okay," I chuckle. "I know what happens next. I was here, too, remember?"

Emma nods and smiles beautifully at me. Bella says that she has my crooked smile. She rests her head on the crook of my neck and plays with my fingers as she bites her lip in thought.

I kiss the top of her head contently.

"Oh!" Emma suddenly sits up and her dark, hazel eyes twinkle in excitement. "Daniel called earlier today!"

I force a smile. "That's great, Princess. What did he say?"

I hate to say this, I really do because it's just plain ridiculous in my opinion. Andy and Martha's son, five-year Daniel—or as I like to call him, The Mongrel Two—is attached to Emma's hip. Andy and Martha got married six years ago and moved out of the Facilities and into a house twenty minutes away from Bella and I's house. When they moved, Bella decided to stop teaching at the Facilites and go back to teaching 12th grade Literature at Forks High. Martha and Andy have only one kid so far, but Martha is six months pregnant with her second child. But their first kid, Mongrel Two, keeps staring at my innocent daughter. Why are both of my daughters so damn irresistible? You know what I have to do? Ten years from now, I have to convince Charlie to let me borrow his gun. Don't worry, I'm not planning on shooting anyone, I just want to intimidate any hormonal males who show interest in either Renee or Emma. I'm already practicing my death glare. Just the other day, seventeen year-old Nikki asked to be allowed to date some nineteen year-old scumbag down the street. No worries, Emmett, Jazz, and I took care of that little problem.

"He said that he was going to the zoo with his parents tomorrow and he wants me to go with him. Can I go, Daddy?"

I frown. "I don't know, Princess…" I trail off.

"Please, Daddy?" Emma's widens her hazel eyes and looks up at me through her brown bangs. " I'll love you forever and ever and ever!"

I smile and tap her cute nose with my pointer finger. "But you already love me forever, right?"

Emma nods. "But not forever and ever and ever," she corrects seriously.

I laugh in amusement. "Okay, then you can go," I relent. Andy and Martha are responsible and they'll look after her and plus Dani and Emma are five, they can't do anything, right?

"Yay!" she cheers as she hugs me. "I love you, Daddy."

My heart melts. "I love you, too, my princess."

Emma smiles as she pulls back. "How much?"

I hold my arms out wide and grin. "This much," I answer.

Emma stares at me at awe. "Wow. That's a lot"

I laugh and take her in my arms as I stand up. She squeals and clings to my neck as I carry her to the kitchen. I set her down when we enter, my arms tired. Emma is getting big. I used to be able to carry her all around the house when she was three.

"Hey," I kiss Bella as I walk up to her. "Smells good, love," I say, sniffing the mac and cheese contently that she was stirring.

"Thanks," she smiles at me before going back to cooking.

"Mommy? What are you doing?" Emma tugs on Bella's sleeve.

"I'm stirring the pasta," Bella answers.


"So it can cook properly."


"So Renee and E.J. can eat it and enjoy it."

"Okay," Emma grins. "What are you doing now?"

"I'm talking to you."


"Because I love you very much even though you are starting to annoy me with all your questions,"

"I love you, too, Mommy," Emma answers simply. "Why do you love me?"

"Because you are my daughter."


"Because you're father and I—"

"Bella!" I interrupt.

Bella smirks. "What?" she said innocently. "I was just going to say that because you're father and I love each other very much."

I smile and shake my head.

Emma tugs on Bella's sleeve again to regain her attention. "Why else do you love me?"

"Because you're sweet, beautiful, kind, and oh so adorable."


"Because you have your daddy's genes." Bella winks at me and I grin.


"Are you kidding me?" E.J. groans from the kitchen table. "Can you please shut-up now?"

Bella, Emma, and I glare at E.J.

"Ahh, he said the the s-word," Renee sings, sitting next to E.J.

"What?" E.J. looks confused. "Oh, shut-up? I can't say shut-up?"

I shake my head. "No, you can't."

"Hey, at least I said please," E.J. counters.

"He did." Renee nods.

"Regardless, in the future simply say 'please, be quiet'" Bella says sternly.

"Whatever," E.J. mumbles and he sticks his tongue out at Emma.

Emma grins as she sticks her tongue back at him. "Why are you so cranky today, E.J.?"

"Yeah, someone woke up in the wrong side of the bed," Renee adds, nudging E.J. playfully.

"Leave me alone," E.J. tells his sisters.

"Who woke up on the wrong side of the bed?" Emma sings as she skips over to where her siblings are sitting.

"E.J. did, E.J did." Renee answers, also in a sing-song voice.

E.J. rolls his eyes. "My sisters are such freaks," he mumbles.

Bella and I smile at their interaction as Renee and Emma continue to gain up on their brother.

"Okay, kids, I'm done," Bella calls after a few minutes and she turns off the stove. But before she can serve them, we all hear cries coming from upstairs.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

-Flashback Ends-

**The day Alexander Carlie Jasper Masen was born (called Al, named after Alice)—June 5th, 2007.


Bella sighs. "Looks like Al is up from his nap," she says. "I'll see what's up with him."

"I'll help," I offer.

Bella smiles at me. "Okay," she agrees, quickly kissing my cheek before turning to face Emma, Renee, and E.J. "We'll be right back and then we can eat."

They nod in acknowledgement before turning back to argue with each other. I intertwine our hands together as I lead Bella up the stairs and to the E.J.'s and Al's room. Bella opens the door and we both enter to see Al sucking his thumb on top of his Blue's Clues toddler bed.

"Mama! Daddy!" Al exclaims when he sees us. He holds his hands up and repeatedly closes his fists, indicating that he wants to be lifted up. Bella grins as he swings Al up and rests him on her hips. He smiles as he lays his head on her shoulder. "Mama," he coos softly.

I grin. Al is such a mama's boy. Al has a mop of brown, curly hair and Charlie frequently comments that Al looks exactly like Emmett did when he was a toddler. Al also has bright, brown eyes. Unlike E.J. who was a very loud and stubborn three year-old, Al is mostly quiet. He was the only kid who rarely cried when he was a baby. He is currently wearing his rocket pajamas that Carlisle and Esme gave him for his third birthday.

"Hey, baby boy," Bella greets softly. "How is Mommy's little boy." She tickles him lightly across his stomach. Al squeals as he covers his stomach with his small hands gleefully.

I smile. He is so cute. I place my arm around Bella as I kiss Al's forehead.

"Daddy!" Al grins as he reaches up to pat my head. I don't know why, but the little guy is obsessed with my hair. He loves to pull and yank at it. Bella says it's his favorite toy.

"Hey, little guy," I pat his own brown hair and he giggles adorably.

"Daddy, play," Al says as he hits the air with his fingers.

Bella and I both laugh. "I think he wants you to play the piano," Bella grins at me as her brown eyes twinkle happily.

I nod in agreement and fondly kiss her forehead. "Daddy, play what?" I prompt to Al.

"Daddy, play pretty, pretty, please. With cherry on pop," Al urges.

"With cherry on top," I correct lightly. "And of course, little guy. I'll play whenever you want me to."

"Now." I raise an eyebrow. "Please," he amends.

Al, out of all of my kids, seems to be the most interested in music. He loves to play with his mini, kid xylophone and when he was a baby, he would love to shake his rattle.

"Okay, bud, let's go." I hold hands with Bella as we leave the room and walk down the hall to where I have my piano. I sit down on the bench and Bella sits next to me and sets Al on her lap.

"What should I play?" I ask Bella.

She purses her lips in thought. "Why not his lullaby?" she suggests.

I nod and smile before I start playing. Al watches my fingers expertly move across the piano in awe and fascination. By the time the five minute composition was over, Emma, Renee, E.J., and Liz had entered the room and stood behind me and watched me play. Without hesitating, I switch to play Emma's lullaby, then E.J.'s, then Renee's, and yes even Liz has one, too. I finish with Bella's lullaby. Each person's tune was different but all of them were filled with love and devotion. As the last note lingers in the air, my family claps and hollers.

I grin happily and cherish the feeling of being surrounded by my family because I'm certain that that is one of the best feelings in the world.

-Flashback End—

And that's it. In between all my joyous days, these are the days that stand out.

I spend every day with the love of my life, with my love, Bella. I spend every day petting Liz's soft, brown fur. I spend every day holding Renee close to me. I spend every day listening to Emma's adorable rambles. I spend every day fighting and forgiving E.J. I spend every day holding Al in my arms. I spend every day conversing with my extended family. I spend every day with my family who love me despite my flaws and imperfections and who I love back just as dearly. This is my happily ever after, what's yours?

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