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"Hey, Hikaru.." the younger brother knocked on their bedroom door. Hikaru had told him that he'd meet him down stairs for dinner, but the twin had yet to come. "Hikaru? w-?!" a pair of forceful hands yanked the boy back by his shirt collar. He grunted, and strangled for air. A warm, familiar hand met his neck. Holding it strong and tightly in his grip. "Hikaru..." he whispered.

"Kaoru, didn't I tell you..that I would be joining you for dinner?.." his voice deep, and sadistic. Kaoru's hazel eyes widened, feeling a hand snake up his shirt, and hearing the door close behind them. The older twin licked the shell of his ear. Earning a wispy gasp from his brother.

He tasted sweet. Like candy. Hikaru lifted his head high in his palm. Revealing the younger's neck and skin. Just inviting him to bite and suck. To pull the breathe out of his very body. He lead his tongue down the vein. Tracing it carefully, trying to find Kaoru's breaking point. The point in which he'd beg for more. Beg to be touched and fucked six feet under.

"Hikaru, w-what's wrong with you?...." no one was watching. There would be no need for the brotherly love act. Had Hikaru really fallen in love with his brother? Would it be like those incest stories in their favourite childhood mangas? Was this No. No it wasn't. It was some sort of twisted, sick lust that only a perverted mind out concoct. Something about the eldest twin's breathe, his voice, his face told him so. Hikaru didn't love him like that. He would be loved no more than a brother to him. The red haired teen laughed deep in his throat. Identical eyes closed in an evil pleasure. He turned quickly, and practically threw his younger brother to the wall. The loud thud echoing in the large room. Kaoru's eyes flew open. The breathe being stolen form him.

Hikaru's hands clasp and pinned him to the wall. One hand clenching both of Kaoru's wrist and pulling his arms down to the left side of his knees. The older's head dug into the younger's stomach, biting, nipping, and sucking on the revealed skin on his belly. The other hand cupping the area between his legs.

"Hikaru!!" He screamed. "Stop this! This isn't funny!!" he could feel his brother's teeth toy with his pant rim. A blush covered his face. There was no way in hell he'd enjoy this. No way in Hell! But, his body reacted. The feeling of hot breath pulling down his boxers aroused him, giving the boy an erection. Slowly, the pants and underwear fell to his ankles. Hikaru looked up at his face. An animalistic, hungry look blazing in his hazel eyes.

"oh, you're excited..."

"Hikaru, don't you d-!" He thrust his hips up violently with a scream. The elder had began to lick the tip. Tasting it like a new, strange flavour of candy or ice cream. It felt so good, so fuckin good. He was amazed he didn't loose it at that touch. It both sickened and pleasured him. It just felt so fuckin good. The brother grinned up at him.

This can get interesting... he pressed his whole tongue against the hard cock, and licked from base to tip.

Kaoru's fists clenched tightly to the other's fire coloured hair, as if for dear life. The rest of his body stood weakly. His fear grew, as he felt him dip his tongue into the slit.

"NO!" he moaned. Despite his words, his body pulled his head closer to his groin. "HIKARU! STOP IT NOW!!" but he wasn't heard by the animal like creature below him. This wasn't Hikaru. This wasn't his brother. The brown eyed being took in as much of the member and sucking as hard as he could. Earning a load moan from the younger. He felt him let go. Their eyes meeting. One with terror, the other with a sadistic grin. Like a set of twisted theater masks.

"So, blow jobs aren't your style.." The older scooped Kaoru into his arms, holding him tightly like iron bars. He dropped him on the the bed, and quickly straddled his hips. The teen removed his tie, and wrapped it tightly around Kaoru's thin wrists. Cutting off most of the circulation,bringing his veins up as the twin struggled below him.

"What th-?!"

"Shut up!" he ordered, undoing the tie around his brother's neck. "This'll only hurt if you don't like it."

"Hikaru! How could anyone like THIS?!?!" he screamed. The older had the tie in his mouth, and ripped it in two. Going down Kaoru's body, and tying the cloth around his ankles.

"Then I guess you'll be in a lot of pain."

"What?!" Hikaru reached over to the bed side table, and grasped the handle of a melting candle. A smile plastered his face. His pink lips pulled back to resemble a Cheshire Cat. "Hikaru?! What the Hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Oh! So the sweet little Kaoru can curse!" he said, a psychotic glint in his eyes shinned as he blew it out.

"No shit! Hikaru! Please! Don't do this!" HE screw his eyes shut, the tears spilling down his face; just like the red wax over his legs.

"Ya know, Kaoru, you're like a wax manikin. You look the same as another, and are programed to be a certain way. No different. We both are. I just chose to go another way. You, on the other hand, can't. Somethings you loose and somethings you just give away." He shrugged.


"You can't move," the wax on his knees... "You can't speak," more of the red, boiling liquid poured on to his lips. But the younger didn't fight. It hurt too much. Sure, physically, it was unbearable, but what was worse was the emotional and physiological pain. The knowledge of his brother doing this too him. " can't sleep.." he moved the candle over his face, just above his eyes. "you can never sleep. Not with these strawberry gashes. These sweet gashes..." The hot wax poured onto his eye lids.

"AHHHH!" he managed to choke out. It dripped down his cheeks. He was crying blood...

How could you do this to me?....