Silently, he crawled into a ball on the bathroom floor. The porcelain chilling his already dead cold skin.

"I'm a wreck.." he looked up through the room's window, at the moon, shining full and ripe, like a white apple. "no, worse than that..." he stood up and looked in the mirror again. "...i'm an animal..."

he pulled out the drawers, throwing aside the toothbrushes and dental floss, until he found the object he had been looking for:

A packet of shaving razor blades. "I'm an animal, I'm an animal, nothing but an animal.."

With a wicked smile, he ripped open the package.

"Animal animal animal animal animal animal animal FUCKIN ANIMAL!" he laughed, carving the word multiple times into the wall. "animal animal animal animal animal animal animal!" one after the other, he continued to write the words on the wall, rapidly filling one after the other.

Then he raised the blade to his face.

"Animal animal animal animal" those four words carved a cat like whiskers into his cheeks. "Nothing but a fuckin animal!" one side of his lips had been torn. "Animal animal.." the top and the remaining side of his lips had been cut, completing the cat like mouth he had formed on himself.

A knock hit the door.

"Hikaru?...w-what's going on in th-here?" the nervousness in his twin's voice turned his attention away from the blade, leaving once corner of his eye in a flick like appearance, like a girl with half finished make-up.

The blood dripped down his face and down his neck, staining his once beautiful, flawless ivory skin.

Slowly, he turned the gold coloured handle, and the door opened with an ominous creek. Silence was the only thing that graced Kaoru's ears. But one by one, he could hear the drops of blood hit the ground, and the sight of his brother, face dripping with the crimson liquid sent a frozen spasm up his spine.

The two brothers, now stood no longer mirrored in any way at all. One was scared, confused, while the other was raging mad, but also the victim to an unknown force.

"animal animal animal animal animal animal animal.." his murmuring continued.

"Hikaru?..." the younger asked softly.

"SHUT UP!" he slashed his brother with the blade across his neck, sending Kaoru's hands to grip his throat. It stung like a bitch, and the pain only grew worse as he fell to his knees.

"Now!" from behind the open bathroom door, Mori grabbed the deranged twin from behind, restricting his use of arms, though the teen kicked in anger. Tamaki wrapped Kaoru's neck wound in a piece of his torn shirt. "Haruhi, go get the nurse, or their parents, we need to stop this bleeding.."

"Yes." She responded, and ran out of the dark room.

"animal animal animal animal animal animal animal animal..." Hikaru didn't fight now, just continued to murmur the same word, over and over. Tamaki looked up at Mori, seeing the senpi shake his head slowly. Then he returned his gaze to Kaoru.

He was loosing a lot of blood, and fast. His copper eyes blinked slowly, as he drifted in and out of consciousness...

All the while, his brother stood there, chanting: