The Eyes of a Bat, a Jester, and a Two-Sided Coin

A Poem in Three Parts

Part One: The Night Flyer

In his eyes, I see the mark

Of something hidden; something dark

As shadows in the underground;

Intense as supersonic sound

That echoes in the empty night

Around the buildings; solemn sight

That marks a man of lonesome life,

Of vengeful needs and sorrow's strife;

Of haunted thought and tortured mind;

Of dual lives so intertwined

One can't untangle truths from lies

That show the anger in his eyes.


Part Two: The Man Who Laughs

In his eyes I dare not peer,

For therein lies the mocking sneer

Of some unholy thing within

That Madness surely delights in;

A demon-jester that requires

Chaos; an evil that desires

To see blood flowing dark and red

From the dying, from the dead.

His madman's laugh victims revile –

He mocks their terror with a smile;

As buildings burn and shrapnel flies,

They see the laughter in his eyes.


Part Three: The Dual-Edged Sword

In his eyes, there is divide,

A struggle taking place inside;

A war that tears his very soul

And in its place leaves a great hole;

A battle between light and dark

That anger in his heart does spark;

A sorrow black, twisted, and deep

That haunts the mind and troubles sleep;

A hated, split insanity

From which he struggles to break free;

A crushing burden as his heart dies

That manifests torment in his eyes.