Oookaaay..... First story up on here and I hope you like it.. This didn't take me long and I'm very sorry for how short it is...

I laughed at my twin brother as he and the teapot he'd been carrying crashed on the floor. "Hikaru... That hurt..." I stopped laughing and lifted my brother up into my arms, setting my forehead against his and staring into his golden eyes.

"Oh, Koaru... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to laugh, but you just looked so cute... Forgive me?" His cheeks turned pink as he nodded. Screams of young women echoed from behind us as we embraced and smiled at one another.

"Whoa!" Tamaki tripped over Honey's doll that laid on the floor--for some odd reason--and almost fell into my brother and I, causing us to seperate. He hit the floor. "Ow..." He sat up and glared at us. We leaned over, arms crossing our chests.

"Way to ruin the moment." We spoke in sync.

"You could have caught me..." He rubbed the back of his head as Koaru looked at me the same time I looked at him and laughed.

"Ooh! There you are, Usa-chan!" Honey leaped over to his pink bunny and scooped it up into his arms.

"Can't you guys be a little more careful..?" Haruhi sighed, picking up pieces of the broken teapot and setting them on a yellow table. "Why do I always have to clean after you..?" She held out her hand to Tamaki.

"That would be because you are the only one willing to do so." Kyouya stated, recieving a glare from Haruhi when she helped Tamaki stand.

I sat up, the bed sheet sliding off my bare chest, and looked down at my twin brother. Running my fingers through his short, orange-brown hair, I sighed as I thought about him. "Hikaru?" His eyes opened slowly and he pushed himself up on one hand, rubbing his eyes with the other. I smiled. "Are you okay?"

"Of course."

"Why are you up so early?" He laid back down, glancing at the alarm clock. "It's 3:34..." I shrugged.

"I didn't mean to wake up." I laid down and pulled the blanket over myself again.

"It's really cold this morning..."

"I'm sorry, Koaru... Here..." I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him to me. "Any better?"

"A little..." He rolled to his other side and pressed his back against my chest. I reajusted the blanket to cover both of us. "You're very warm, Hikaru..."

"Good." I laid my head on his shoulder.


"Yes?" I looked down at him.

"Are you cold?" I shook my head. "Oh okay..." I fell asleep about five minutes after that... I wasn't sure if I had fallen asleep first or last...

"Hikaru!" I opened my eyes and smiled as my brother looked at me, tightening my grip around him. "Come on, time for school!" Koaru laughed his beautiful laugh...

"Okay, okay..." We got out of bed and started getting ready.

"Welcome!" The Host Club, including my brother and I, greeted as the women walked through the door.

I fixed my blue uniform jacket and we sat on the red couch across from the two women we were to host. "Hello, Hikaru-kun. Hello, Koaru-kun." They smiled.

"Good Morning, Bijin Tokei!" We smiled together and the girls giggled.

"How are you doing, Hitachiin-kun?" The short blonde on asked, twirling her long hair with her fingers.

"I'm very tired... I barley got any sleep..." I stretched my arms and laid against my brother's chest.

"Hikaru..." Koaru used his index finger to tilt my chin up, our faces close. "You must get sleep..." My cheeks turned red as I nodded.

"I know, Koaru... I just can't get comfortable without your arms around me at night..." The girls squeeled.

"So, you two sleep in the same bed together?" The girl with short, dark brown hair asked, cupping her face.

"Of course... I wouldn't be able to sleep without him..." I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

"Kowaii! Kowaii!" They repeated as they embraced and jumped up and down.

I had to have fallen asleep 'cause when I opened my eyes, it was already noon and time for lunch. "Gomen..." I apologized to the girls, sitting up off of my brother.

"No, no! We didn't mind! Really!" The blonde held up her hands and smiled.

"Hikaru! I was comfortable..." Koaru pouted.

"Oh?" I pushed him over and leaned over him, my right hand holding his on his stomach and my other holding his above his head. His face immediately went red. "Are you comfortable now?" The girls gasped and squeeled even louder than before and I was sure I heard more than two squeels.

"Only a little bit..." He bit his lip and I lowered my face, our lips almost touching.

"And now?"

"Hikaru-kun..." Kun? He's never called me that before... I hesitated for a second. Did he really love me like I loved him? Or was this just show? It didn't matter... I was going to kiss him and that's it. I don't care if it's just for show or not. "H-Hikaru-kun?"

"Koaru..." I pressed my lips to his gently, closing my eyes and tuning out all the screams that surrounded us.