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"Kaoru?" I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "Kaoru?" I was alone. I felt around the bed sheets, searching for my brother. Why was it so dark? Where is my brother? I stood up and walked toward the window, which wasn't there anymore. "What the..."

"Hikaru." Someone whispered, sending chills down my back.

"K-Kaoru..?" I looked over my shoulder but there was nothing but a mocking pitch black. "Kaoru, this isn't funny!" My heart thumped against my chest.

"Hikaru." I felt a cold rush of air against my neck. I held my breath. What was going on?

"Kaoru! Where are you?!" Tears slipped from my eyes as I searched through the dark.

"I'm right here." Out of nowhere Kaoru appeared in front of me.

"Kaoru!" I ran toward him, tears streaming down my face. I couldn't reach him. It seemed the closer I got, the farther he was. He held out his hand for me to take, but I couldn't reach. What was going on?!

"Hikaru..." Kaoru disappeared.

"Kaoru!" I sat up in bed, breathing hard. "Chikusho!" I slammed my fists against the bed. "Another dream?!" This was the third night I've had this dream since I met Misaki and Suzu.

"Hikaru..? What's wrong..?" Kaoru sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Nothing. Bad dream." I laid on my side, facing him, and pulled the covers over me with much unnecessary force.


"I hate this. I'm just not going to sleep anymore."

"Hikaru, stop. You need rest."

"I keep having this recurring dream... and I don't want to go back to it..."

"What is it?"

"It's dark and I'm alone... then someone calls my name and I see you, but if I run to you, you get farther away... You reach out to me and I still can't reach you... and you get further away each night... What does it mean..?"

"I have no idea... but I'm always here... at your side..." He laid on his side and wrapped an arm around me, pulling me close. "And no where else..." I nodded and closed my eyes, burying my face in his neck. "Now sleep..." He ran his fingers through my hair... and that's the last thing I remember...


I smiled as Misaki walked through the door. "Welcome." She smiled back, blushing. "How are you, koibito."

"I'm fine. How about yourself?" We sat at a table near a window.

"I'm well..." I looked out the window, laying my ankle on my other knee.

"What's bothering you?" I felt her small, soft hand touch mine, causing me too look down at it. I then realized how pale she was. "And where is Kaoru..?"

"He's sick..." Which was very weird, 'cause I remember him being very well when I woke him last night...

"Why didn't you stay with him?"

"He didn't want me to..."

"Is that what is bothering you, Hika-kun?" Her thumb brushed back and forth over the back of my hand. I looked up at her soft, loving, brown eyes, unable to lie to their beauty.

"No..." I sighed.

"What is?"

"It's my brother... and your friend..."



"She's not my friend... In fact, she annoys me..." She sat back in her chair, folding her arms and looking away. "You think she's trying to take you awaay from your brother?" I nodded once, staring down at my hand. "I see... You know, you could always... make him jealous... just to get him back..." I looked up at her, not knowing how to respond. I really wanted Suzu to be gone... but will it be worth it to hurt him? Well, if he cares, that is... What if it was a joke? What if he was just doing this for fun? Playing with my emotions like that... Ugh! I feel like a girl! "Hika-kun?"

"Huh?" I shook my head and looked up at her.

"Do you want to get him back?" My heart sped up. If he cares, he'd understand...

"I'll think of it..."

"Seems like you have..."

"Are you a devious type or a shy type? I'm confused." She giggled. At least I can get away from this subject...

"I can be either. Which do you prefer?"

"How about... shy..?" I leaned on my forearms over the table. She blushed and bit her bottom lip, staring into my eyes.


"Hikaru-chan!" I looked up at Honey, who was on Mori's shoulder, and smiled.


I sighed and grabbed my book bag, tossing it over my shoulder. I stared at the empty seat next to me and stood up, walking toward the door. "Um, Hika-kun..?" Someone laid their hand on my shoulder, stoping me from leaving the classroom. I turned to look down at Misaki. She was in this class?


"Would you walk me home today..?"

"Sure." I smiled and let her walk out the door before me.

She lived further than I thought and I started getting tired of walking. I felt bad for her--having to walk all this way just to get an education... "Um... Hika-kun..?" I looked down at her, but she was watching her feet. "I wanted to ask you something..." She stopped at a huge black fence, still staring at the ground.

"Is this your house?" She nodded and looked up at me.

"I wanted to know... if... you liked me..."

"Of course, I do."

"No... I mean..." She slowly took my hand and held it, looking down at her hand against mine. "Like me..."

"Oh..." I guess I sort of did... But not as much as my brother... Then again... it didn't seem like he loved me back...

"I'm sorry..." She dropped my hand and turned away. "I have to go inside..." The gate opened and she started walking in.

"Misaki..." I grabbed her hand and pulled her back with way too much force, pulling her onto my chest. "Sorry..." I pulled away but she wouldn't let go of my hand. "I... I don't know what's going on with my brother... but I think I might..." I swallowed the lump in my throat. "like you..." What was I saying?!


"Ah! Don't!" I looked over my shoulder when I heard a familiar voice near the park area. Suzu, maybe? That's when I saw my brother sitting on a bench, laughing and trying to push ice cream into Suzu's face. Rage overcame me and I found myself walking toward them.

"You lied to me?!" My brother jolted up and stared at me. "How could you, Kaoru!"

"I-I... Um..." He glanced at Suzu and back at me. "Hikaru..."

"Why?!" I fought back tears as my heart broke into billions of tiny pieces. It wasn't him to lie to me and ditch school for... a girl!

"Hikaru, I--"

"It was my fault... I wanted to spend a day with him before I went to my mother's for the weekend..." Suzu stood up and stared at me.

"I don't care! Why didn't you just tell me?!"

"I didn't want you to feel jealous..." He looked down at the ground.

"You don't care about me, do you? You don't care about how much I love you, do you?" Tears spilled out and I couldn't stop them.

"Hikaru..." He gently grabbed my forearm, pulling me closer to him but I pulled away quickly.

"You're horrible... I hate you..." It hurt to say these words... I wiped my face with the sleeve of my jacket, walking backwards.

"Hikaru!" I turned around to look at Misaki. "Are you okay?" She ran over to me and pulled out a handkerchief, wiping my face. Why was she doing this? She didn't have to care... "Hikaru..."

"I'm fine. Please stop." I pushed her hand away.

"Hikaru. I'm sorry..." Kaoru placed his hand on my shoulder and I pulled away again, closing my eyes and keeping my head down.

"How could you, brother..?"

"I don't know, Hikaru..."

"I'm going home..." I turned away from everyone and started heading back the way I came.