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Sesshomaru almost smiles.

Sesshomaru sat, staring blankly out at the passing traffic with a bored expression on his face, as he waited for his bus to finally arrive.

Cars honked, drivers swore and birds flew into buildings painted the same color as the sky. It was a typical Monday morning.

Well… Sesshomaru fought back a sigh, if only it hadn't been typical, then he wouldn't be having to ignore his brother Inuyasha as said little annoying pain in the arse waved his arms and did the hula; because Inuyasha wouldn't have been there, he would have been flying to the moon in his milk glass rocket ship.

If only…

That's when Inuyasha started talking…

"Ohh… ig…nore… me…!!" In a supposed to be creepy ghost-like voice.


Inuyasha started flapping his hands in Sesshomaru's face.

"I'm not here… you can't see me…!!"

This time Sesshomaru didn't hold back the sigh that was forced to his throat. He lifted his hand, shaping it into a fist. And still without looking anywhere but in front of him… He punched Inuyasha in the face.

Inuyasha fell down comically, twitching.

Sesshomaru almost, almost let himself smile.

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